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I don’t know how to use it properly

Alright so you want to try wearing falsies but struggle to put it on. Don’t worry, we got you covered!

“The material that is used for the lashes is so lightweight that it almost makes you feel as if it isn't there at all. The best thing about this product is that if you apply it correctly, you won't ever need to touch up or reapply it again throughout the day. It's actually so perfect that I never had to reapply it at all. Whenever I need lashes, this is the one I reach for."

— Levi L.

Exclusive Offer

don't have the proper tools?

You've found the ultimate kit that will turn you into a lash maestro.

Lash Survival Kit



With these essentials at your disposal, you're unstoppable. This set equips you with everything you need for trimming, applying, and preserving your lashes, all housed in a chic travel bag that you'll never want to leave behind.

Bundle Info

Doe Pink Applicator

Doe Pink Tweezer

Doe Pink Lash Fluffer

Doe Pink Scissors

Doe Pink Travel Bag

The Most Innovative Box I've Ever Seen!

the bag is amazing quality, can be used for any purpose not just makeup/lashes, etc. and the tools are great quality as well i use them for my everyday lashes

alanna t.

Verified Buyer

Super high quality material and for a great price! The applicators work great and the lash Fluffer is amazing. The bag is large enough to carry my makeup on the road to reapply.

Sena J.

Verified Buyer

As a falsie newbie, these tools have been AMAZING for practicing lash applications!

Asuka T.

Verified Buyer