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2022 doe Gift Guide

Nov 15, 2022
2022 doe Gift Guide

We all know and love Thanksgiving. It’s a day filled with delicious mashed potatoes, friends and family coming over, and a huge stuffed turkey in the middle.

Personally for me, I”m not as big of a fan of Thanksgiving as I am the day after it - Black Friday!

Honestly, I would argue that Black Friday is an even better holiday than Thanksgiving. I know that’s an unpopular opinion but for the people out there who agree, I’ve decided to create a gift guide you will not want to miss!


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, doe has created contact lenses in collaboration with LINE FRIENDS. Although everything about the packaging is flawless *thank you to our creative team* we can also talk more about the product itself. The contact lenses come in 3 different colors ranging from a soft brown all the way to a grey. They are perfect for those that want comfortable and natural wear all day long. *Prescription required*


Honestly, any time I look at these I’m super obsessed. I know that these are typically used during Christmas time, but I absolutely love it. You can put your mini doe products in these to later give to your friends or use it as decoration!


This is one of my personal favorites as the fairy starter pack is super simple and cute. The fairy starter pack comes with holiday packaging for a limited time. If you are someone that likes to wear mascara and super natural falsies, these are the PERFECT lashes for you. 


Wanna look like a true doe stan? You gotta check out this hoodie. doe’s hoodie is super comfortable and oh so soft. This is amazing to throw on during cold weather. Personally I’m someone that even if it drops a few degrees, I have to grab a warm blanket. 


The lash survival kit is for those that need it all. It includes a lash applicator, tweezer, lash fluffer, scissors, and the travel bag. If you are a girlie that wears falsies daily - you need to grab this. This is especially perfect for baddies on a budget.

That’s all from me - I hope you enjoy your Holiday season. Don’t forget to #doe if you buy any of these cute items and tag us on IG!

Love you all -

Xoxo, Kara