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About Us

Our Story Our Core Purpose Our Culture Our Process
Our Story
Our Story Our Core Purpose Our Culture Our Process

doe was created when we realized we had a problem to solve. Lashes can be beautiful, and are one of the best ways to complete a look, but they can be heavy and difficult to apply. We wanted to create soft, comfortable lashes that were not only stylish, but also easy to use and affordable for all eye shapes.

At doe, we take pride in our hand-crafted luxurious feeling lashes that set industry standards in softness, fluffiness and comfort.

These are rare qualities when it comes to affordable lashes, but are made possible by combining the softness of ultra-fine vegan silk imported from Korea with the delicateness of fresh cotton.

Today, our goal is to share the message of inclusivity when it comes to lashes and have created a lightweight solution to a long-term problem - a flawless set of lashes that completely eliminates the sensation of heaviness on the eyes. Our team is dedicated to crafting high-quality products that deliver the best results for everyone - because we believe that comfort shouldn’t have to be sacrificed at the expense of beauty.

As doe continues to learn, grow and expand within the beauty industry, we want to keep sending out the same message and deliver unique, high quality products, with a playful twist for all eye shapes.

We are a brand that is inspired by and rooted in our AAPI heritage, a group that is notoriously left out of the beauty conversation, until now! Taking what we’ve learned from our community we want to inspire those around us, regardless of eye or lid shape, to express themselves, how they want and in whatever way they want! We stand by this purpose and hope our customers feel that doe is “for my eyes only”.

doe is founded by and rooted in AAPI culture. Inspired by the community that built us, we work hard to listen to, talk to and understand our customers. We have a four brand pillars that we use to guide us in everything we do:

Pursue product innovation

Create products for everyone

Ethically sourced and produced

Celebrate and uplift our community

At doe, our process starts at an idea and ends with YOU!

We work hard to ensure that everything we do has a purpose and is well thought out which is why we care about what we put into our products and what you put on your eyes.

We commit to being cruelty free, source materials & ingredients with care and are socially conscious to bring you the best of the best when it comes to eye beauty.