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How to Wear Falsies for Double and Monolid Eyes

Prepare your supplies by having your lash glue, applicator, scissors, and favorite pair of lashes ready on hand. After applying your makeup, it’s time to finish everything off with a pair of beautiful lashes.

Step 1

Begin by curling your lashes to better blend with falsies and to add a little extra volume. Next remove the false lashes from its tray by lifting the outer edge and gently pull the lash band along the curve.

Step 2

Place the false lash on top of your lashes to measure the strip against your lash line. Trim off any excess length from the outer edge for a perfect fit. For monolids/hooded eyes, proper lash placement and fit is key! Rather than cutting the lash band to the same length as your eyes, trim the outer edge to a length that is flattering and flows with your hooded/monolid. Having too long of a lash band would overwhelmingly carry into the inner and outer corners of your eye and overpower your eye shape.

Pro tip:

Go easy on the trimming to ensure that you don’t cut off too much

Step 3

Grab your favorite lash glue and apply it along the band. Make sure to really get the outer and inner corners because that’s where the lash tends to lift. Wait 15-20 seconds for the glue to get tacky.

Step 4

Using a tweezer or lash applicator, place the lash strip to the center and adjust to where the majority of your natural lashes are. Adhere the lash and secure the inner and outer edges. Using an applicator or your fingers, pinch your natural lashes and false lashes together at the roots to seamlessly blend the two.