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4 False Eyelashes That Look Completely Natural

Sep 27, 2020
4 False Eyelashes That Look Completely Natural


It’s normal to feel left out when you’re surrounded by people with gorgeous lashes, especially if you weren’t naturally blessed with long, voluminous lashes.  It might surprise you to know, however, that most everyone you see with seemingly gorgeous, “natural” lashes aren’t sporting their real lashes at all; they’re almost always wearing a set of high-quality false eyelashes.  Even though more and more people are turning to false eyelashes to get the look they want rather than spending a ton of money and time on salon lash extensions or risking scary side effects with lash serums, there’s still the fear floating around that false eyelash sets will look unnatural.  

It probably all harkens back to the early days of false eyelashes when one brand reigned supreme in the beauty aisle of the drug store.  Not only did these one-size-fits-no one false lashes look unnatural, but they also were uncomfortable, never stayed on, contained fibers that weren’t safe for your eyes, and just overall made a mess.  If you’ve experienced those types of lashes, we don’t blame you for never wanting to try false eyelashes again.  

Today, we have a myriad of lash sets available to us, including lash sets that are made from super natural looking fibers set on supremely comfortable bands.  These lash sets are made so they can be custom-fit to your own eyes, so you don’t have to worry about lash bands that hang out past the corners of your eyes and look ridiculous.  

If you think that salon-applied eyelash extensions are the only way to go to get an easy natural look, think again.  More and more users are turning to false eyelash strips and giving up on their expensive salon extensions.  Here are just a few reasons why.

  • Eyelash extensions are expensive.  Like really, really expensive.  You can expect to spend up to $300 for your initial application (referred to as a “full set”), and about half that per fill.  You’ll need a fill every two to three weeks depending on how quickly your natural eyelashes grow.  

These prices also don’t include gratuity, and you should expect to spend about 20% of your total service tipping your stylist.  

  • Eyelash extensions can be damaging to your natural lashes.  If your lashes are already shorter and thinner than you would prefer; the last thing you want is a lash upgrade that leaves your natural lashes even more non-existent. Many users claim this is exactly what lash extensions do since eyelash extensions are glued directly to your natural eyelashes, they can weigh them down and cause them to fall out prematurely.  This can even cause a potential issue with your lashes’ natural ability to grow.

  • Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent.  This means you’re locked into whatever style, length, and fiber you have applied until the extensions fall out.  If you want something more dramatic for an evening out or something more lowkey for work, you’re out of luck.  You have one style of lashes no matter what.  

Besides extensions, eyelash serums promise to make your natural lashes longer, fuller, and darker.  While some eyelash serums may make them longer, they come with pretty risky side effects, like iris discoloration, skin discoloration, and infection.  Additionally, serums are also pretty expensive themselves, with some versions costing well over $100 and lasting for only thirty days.  

The clear alternative for natural-looking, super glamorous lashes are false eyelash strips.  These have been the beauty industry standard for decades, and most makeup artists (including those who cater to celebrities) prefer the ease and convenience of a great set of false eyelash strips to any other method of eyelash enhancement.  

When you’re ready to take the plunge, we’ve got you covered.  Doe Lashes creates the best false eyelash strips available, created with Korean silk lash fibers that feel and look like your own lashes but better.  Our 100% cotton bands are absolutely weightless, so once you apply our lashes, you’ll forget they’re even there until someone compliments your gorgeous eyes.  

Because we’re true to the lash game, we know how to create false eyelashes that look (and feel) completely natural.  We start by using only Korean silk, because no other material feels as close to your own natural lash fibers as this one.  While some users may love mink, we care too much about ensuring our lashes are 100% cruelty-free to ever produce them.  These Korean silk fibers are weightless, wispy, and super dark.  

Our artisans handcraft each set of Doe Lashes so that each pair is unique, just like your own natural lashes.  This means you never have to worry about a set of lashes looking “too perfect” or overly uniform.  In fact, many of our lash sets feature multi-layer crafting, which means the volume is completely natural in appearance instead of looking thick or heavy.  

If you’re looking for a completely natural lash look, we’ve got four false eyelash choices that look beautiful, natural, and feel lighter than air.  

Natural? Most Def.


If this is your first foray into false eyelashes, or if you’re not even sold on wearing them, you want a set of false eyelashes that are as close to your natural lashes as possible, but with just a little extra volume and length.  

The best length for false eyelashes that look so natural you’ll have people guessing if you’re wearing anything is between 3mm-7mm, like our Really Really Lowkey set.  Doe Lashes are varied; they’re never the same.  You’ll never find a lash band full of fibers all the same lengthafter all, your natural eyelashes don’t look that way!  When we talk about lash length, we give a range of the length of the lashes you’ll find in one band.  

Eyelashes that contain lash fibers with lengths between 3mm-7mm are just a bit longer than your normal lashes; long enough to be noticed, but not long enough for anyone to know you’re wearing falsies.  If you want to wear false eyelashes and remain completely incognito, try this length first. 

You should also look for a set of lashes that only contain one layer of fibers.  Multilayered fibers in a lash are gorgeous, but they create a more dramatic look than single layers, which look more natural.  

Are They Falsies, or Not?


Sometimes you want lashes that stand out from your own lashes, but still natural enough that you don’t look like you’re an on-stage performer.  When you need an extra boost of volume and a definite increase in length, you need lashes that are between 7mm and 12mm in length and single layered in style, like our Silver Lining lashes.  These are still super natural, but slightly longer than 3mm-7mm length lashes for a bit of a more dramatic look that’s perfect for a night out or everyday wear if you’re feeling adventurous (or have naturally longer lashes).  

These lashes will have people wondering if you’re sporting falsies or are just naturally blessed with amazing eyelashes.  The look of lashes that range in length from 7mm to 12mm are natural looking but create enough extra lift and volume to really pull your entire look together.  

Fall in Formation


Another great way to get a natural looking lash with false eyelash sets is by opting for lash sets that are created to mimic natural lash formation.  These lashes sets usually follow a criss-cross style pattern that can mimic the way some users’ natural eyelashes grow.  This creates an insane amount of volume that looks completely natural, never uniform.  The best length for these styles of lashes are 8mm-12mm, like Crazy in Love.  

These types of super glamorous lashes are extremely popular with celebrity makeup artists who need to create beautiful, natural looks for their clients’ most important events.  The criss-cross pattern of these lashes look beautifully natural and feel lighter than air when applied. 

Happiest Lashes


The best false lashes make your eyes smile, and no other lash set can do that like a set of Uwu lashes.  These lashes measure 6mm-15mm, which make their difference in length some of the most dramatic available.  What’s great about these lashes is their ability to create extreme drama without being too over the top.  The volume isn’t so full that it looks questionable, and the differentiation in length keeps even a professional false eyelash spotter guessing.  

False eyelashes are your go-to for creating natural looking lashes that draw attention and create a beautiful look without spending a ton of money and time.  Unlike salon lashes or lash serums, the lash looks you can create with false eyelashes are totally non-committal; you can change your lash style daily or hourly, depending on your outfit or even your mood.  False eyelashes that are hand-crafted from high quality materials will never weigh down your lids or look artificial, and they’ll offer you a longer, fuller upgrade to your natural lashes that you can wear with confidence.  Pick the right set of lashes and we promise you’ll be the only one that knows they aren’t your own.  


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