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7 Tips for Eyelash Growth

Sep 25, 2020
7 Tips for Eyelash Growth


Long, full lashes are something celebrities and influencers seem to have naturally.  It seems unfair that we have such sparse eyelashes, but the truth is most celebrities, influencers, and anyone else you know with super lengthy lashes is probably doing something to lengthen their lashes.  Whether they’ve decided to use a product that promises to promote their natural eyelashes to grow or if they’re using some type of eyelash enhancing falsie, most of these lengthy-lash ladies and lads aren’t as natural as we want to believe.  That’s a good thing, though, because it means whatever they’re using or doing is something we can use or do, too. 

At Doe Lashes, we know lashes, and how to make them look and feel longer, fuller, and more voluminous by simply using some of the most comfortable eyelash enhancements available, Doe Lashes falsies.  Our eyelash strips are made from 100% Korean vegan silk fibers and handcrafted with cotton eyelash strip bands, so our lash strips are always:

  • Super comfy.  You really won’t even notice they’re on because they are incredibly lightweight and easy wearing.
  • Reusable. Our lashes are durable, so even though they look and feel just like normal, wispy eyelashes, these babies will last for over fifteen uses with proper care. 
  • A great value.  Our lash sets are usually no more than $12.50 per pair, making them less than $1.00 per wear.  That’s incredibly cheaper than some other eyelash enhancement methods that can cost hundreds of dollars every month!
  • Easy to use.  You don’t have to be an expert to apply and remove a set of Doe Lashes.  Our lashes are very user friendly and can be applied and removed in just a few minutes, no special training required. 

We also understand that even though you love rocking a great pair of falsies, you’d also really love your natural eyelashes to grow.  Unfortunately, some of the things we do to enhance our lashes can actually harm them in the end.  That’s why it is so important to make sure we are caring for our lashes properly and doing our best to preserve them and be gentle with them. 

7 Tips for Eyelash Growth


We’ve all been there.  We’ve Googled “how to make lashes grow” a million times.  Besides snake-oil type remedies, it can be hard to find something that really works and helps our lashes grow.  Unfortunately, genetics play a big role in how long and thick our lashes will grow.  If our parents and grandparents have shorter, thinner lashes, the chances that we will have the same misfortune are pretty likely.  

However, there are definitely some ways you can do the best with what you have and encourage your lashes to grow as long as they possibly can.  Here are our favorite 7 tips for getting longer, fuller, darker eyelashes. 

  1. Oil them up.  Coating your lashes with a thin layer of olive oil or castor oil can give them the vitamins and nutrients they need to keep them healthy and keep your eyelash follicles operating properly.  Think of dousing them in oil as similar to using a conditioner on your hair.  Oiling those lashes up before you hit the sack is a great way to hydrate and nourish them so they can work overtime while you rest.  
  2. Petroleum jelly.  This natural moisturizer is a great way to replenish dehydrated hair follicles, which can help them maintain optimal health.  When your eyelashes are properly hydrated and in proper health, they can grow to their full potential.
  3. A well-balanced diet.  Just like the hair on your head can look dull and become brittle when you aren’t eating properly, your eyelashes can suffer the same fate.  It’s important you eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, which will give your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs to grow new, healthy, stronger, and longer hair (even the hair on your eyelids)!  
  4. Vitamin E Oil.  Just like vitamin-rich oil can be beneficial in hydrating and strengthening your nails and the hair on your head, vitamin E oil can be excellent for your eyelashes.  Your eyelashes need this vitamin to help them maintain optimal moisturization and health.  You can even add this oil to your castor or olive oil mix and hit your lashes and their follicles with extra hydration.
  5. Biotin.  Biotin is a B-vitamin that your body needs to grow hair (including eyelashes) as effectively and efficiently as possible.  If you aren’t getting enough biotin in your diet (refer back to tip #3), you can take a quality biotin supplement, which will support your body’s eyelash growing ability and help it function properly.  
  6. Green Tea.  We know green tea is packed with antioxidants, and we know antioxidants help support a healthy immune system and boost our overall health and wellness.  Green tea can also be applied to your lash line to deliver benefits to your lashes as well.  To apply green tea to your lash line, dab a cotton swab in a cup of cold, steeped green tea, and sweep it across your lash line.  
  7. Use eyelash enhancements that are natural-lash safe.  This is a big one.  While you’re waiting on your natural lashes to grow, you’ll probably want to use some eyelash enhancement methods to give yourself the confidence and beautiful lashes you love.  This is totally acceptable, but depending on which kind of lash enhancement you use, you could be hurting your natural lashes’ ability to grow!  Read on to find out which eyelash enhancements are best for using if you want to grow out your natural eyelashes.

What Eyelash Enhancements Are Safe to Use While Growing Out My Natural Eyelashes?


While our natural lashes are replenishing and growing, we don’t have to wait to have gorgeous lashes.  You can absolutely use eyelash enhancement methods to give yourself beautiful, long, voluminous lashes while your natural lashes are hard at work getting longer and stronger in the background.  Unfortunately, some methods of enhancement can be damaging to natural lashes, so these are methods you’d want to avoid.  Here are some of the ways you can safely enhance your lashes while they are growing.

  1. Mascara.  The tried and true ultimate eye product.  Mascara can make your natural lashes look longer and thicker in a safe and gentle manner.  It’s important that you always apply and remove it safely, never scrubbing or rubbing, which can cause your natural lashes to fall out.  You can also look for specific types of mascara that are specially formulated to help your natural eyelashes grow.
  2. Lash conditioners.  Eyelash conditioners are full of vitamins and moisturizers that can help keep your lashes hydrated and healthy, and also make them appear darker.  Darker lashes are overall more noticeable, which gives the illusion of thicker lashes.  Lash conditioners can help keep your lashes moisturized, which can help them function properly.  
  3. False Eyelash strips.  There are numerous ways to apply false eyelash fibers to your lashes, but the only one that we feel good about recommending for people who are attempting to grow out their natural lashes are false eyelash strips.  These strips, like the ones offered by Doe Lashes, are designed to adhere just above your natural lash line with a little bit of lash glue.  

Because strip lashes sit just above your natural lash line and not directly on it, strip lashes won’t interfere with your natural lashes’ growth.  Other lash enhancement methods, like salon applied eyelash extensions, are glued directly to your own natural eyelash fibers which can weigh them down and cause them to fall out sooner than they normally would.  Additionally, if you attempt to pull out your eyelash extensions, you’ll almost assuredly pull out the natural lash fibers with them.  Some users believe that eyelash extensions have prevented their natural lashes from growing back as quickly or as thick as they originally were before getting the extensions.  

In Summary


Your natural lashes are probably not as long or as thick as you would want them to be, and that’s normal.  Most of us aren’t walking around with lashes that extend past our glasses.  While genetics play the biggest role in whether or not our lashes will ever grow longer, thicker, or darker, we can definitely be proactive in how we care for our natural lashes to ensure we’re giving them every fighting chance to show up in a bigger (and hopefully longer) way.  

We can also make sure we don’t do anything to enhance our lashes that could be damaging to our natural lashes, including things like using harsh eyelash extensions that attach to our natural lashes and cause them to fall out.  The best way to enhance your eyelashes while they are in the process of growing out is by using false strip eyelashes.  These lashes are super easy to apply, weightless on the eye and don’t interfere with your natural lashes or their growth.  You can have beautiful, long lashes while you wait for your own to grow by simply using strip lashes instead of another method that could be harmful.