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Are Fake Eyelashes Waterproof?

Sep 09, 2020
Are Fake Eyelashes Waterproof?

The best part about wearing fake eyelashes is that you can easily apply and remove them on a whim.  Unlike other eyelash enhancement methods, you can literally have the lashes you want, when you want them, and take them off for when they’d get in the way.  You can change your lash style as many times as you change your clothes.  Many of us love the look of long, voluminous lashes by day but don’t want to deal with them at the gym or in the pool.  For those of us who like versatility, there’s no better option for eyelash enhancement than fake eyelash sets. 

At Doe Lashes, we distribute the highest quality fake eyelashes in the industry, known for their cloud-like comfort and ability to transform any eye into a vision of doe-like beauty.  We realize you love our lashes and want to wear them as frequently as possible, but there are some caveats to full-time fake eyelash usage.

For starters, you don’t want to wear them overnight.  This can lead to some really bad issues, like potential eye irritation and damage of your false eyelashes.  Additionally, you always want to store them properly so they’re always ready for their next application, don’t get lost, and retain their shape as perfectly as the day you received them in their little blue box.  And lastly, you should never wear your fake eyelashes in the water over an extended period of time. 

As summer wanes on, you’re likely just finishing off the rest of your pool parties and beach days (socially distanced, of course).  While you definitely want to look amazing at these end of summer soirees, wearing your fake eyelash sets to these events might not be the best idea if you plan on taking a dip.  Not only can water damage to your lashes, the glue adhesive isn’t made to resist the chemicals in a pool, nor the saltwater in the sea.  In short, fake eyelashes are not waterproof or water resistant, so wearing them in the water is a bad idea. 

There are a lot of reasons why fake eyelashes aren’t waterproof, and definitely the best way to protect your eyes and your lashes is by not wearing them when you plan to be in an environment where you’ll be around or in water.  

Although you may find some articles about how to make your false eyelashes waterproof, this usually involves coating them with a waterproof mascara, but this is  not the best  idea.  

There are different options for you if you want to have a great pool-side look, they just don’t include the use of fake eyelashes.  Unless you want to risk having one detach and not be able to reuse that set, it’s best to just leave them at home.  If you’ve got more questions about summer fake lash care, we’ve got your complete guide. 


Are Fake Eyelashes Water Resistant?


There’s a big difference between water resistant and waterproof.  When we say that something is waterproof, it means that it is coated in a material that allows it to completely block the permeation of water.  It also means that it is able to function and perform its task in a completely or partially submerged setting.  This means, for fake eyelashes to be waterproof, they would have to be able to withstand continual exposure to water (by submersion or partial submerging) and remain intact and exactly as they were before you applied them. 

On the other hand, water resistant means that something is partially able to block permeation of water.  This usually means that the item in question can handle some interference from water, but cannot prevent some water from permeating.  It also means it may be able to perform its tasks or hold up under some water exposure, but not complete submersion. 

Fake eyelashes could be considered partially water resistant.  Because they are made from fine Korean silk and attached to an untreated 100% cotton band, they will not hold up under full submersion.  Additionally, Doe Lashes uses only high quality, hypoallergenic eyelash glue adhesive to attach lash fibers to the band.  While this adhesive is strong enough to bond the lash fibers to the band, it is not strong enough to withstand continual water exposure, pool chemicals like chlorine (which isn’t great for skin anyhow), or salt water. 

The dangers of using adhesive that is waterproof include eye infections and irritations and permanent damage to the lash band of your fake eyelashes.  That’s not something we at Doe Lashes want to promote, so therefore, our family of lashes is best for non-swimming  events.

If you decide to wear your lashes in water, you could be in for a lash-tastrophy.  This is a situation where your fake eyelash decides to slide off your natural lash line, come unattached, or fall off completely.  You’ll find Doe Lashes are almost never at risk of causing this type of embarrassing situation, but if you try wearing them in water, you can guarantee this will be a risk. 


Can I Wear My Fake Eyelashes to the Gym?


Knowing that your fake eyelashes are not waterproof can lead you to wonder about other situations when they’d be exposed to moisture, such as sweating at the gym.  Sweat can weaken the lash glue adhesive bond, but you are probably safe wearing your fake eyelashes to the gym for a low impact workout.  Nevertheless, it’s definitely good to take some precautions. 

  • Ensure your lashes are intact.  If you haven’t freshly applied them, it’s a good idea to give them a small tug and a close inspection in the mirror to make sure they are intact.  If not, you may want to reapply them.
  • Wear a headband.  If you tend to sweat a lot from your brow and hairline, a great cotton headband can keep the sweat from trickling down into your eyes, and keep it away from your lashes. 
  • Don’t rub your eyes.  The biggest reason why lashes detach is because we can’t seem to keep our hands away from our eyes.  Not only is this bad news for fake lashes, it’s also not a healthy habit to keep for the delicate skin surrounding your eyes.  This skin is very thin and delicate, and rubbing and pulling the area can cause it to weaken, sag, and form wrinkles.


What to Do if You Have a Lash-tastrophe


Even though you’re super careful with your lash application, wear, and removal, a lash-tastrophy (an incident where you lashes suddenly slide, detach, or fall off completely) can happen to any of us.  Maybe it was improper application.  Maybe we unexpectedly got thrown in the pool at a party.  Maybe we forgot about our lashes and rubbed our eyes during a yawn.  Whatever the case, if you’re in lash crisis mode, you just want to remedy the situation as soon as possible. 

If you’ve accidentally exposed your fake eyelashes to water or moisture that has caused the lash glue to weaken and your lash strip to begin to come unattached, here’s what you can do. 

  • If you feel the lash come unattached, you can gently press the band back onto your lash line with your index finger and thumb for a few seconds.  This can reattach the lash band long enough for you to get to a restroom to fix your lashes. 
  • Grab your lash adhesive (which you should carry in your bag) and gently remove your lash band from your eyelid.  Apply a small extra amount of adhesive to the lash band and gently reattach it to your lid.  Give it time to dry before you reemerge into the scene, so that it doesn’t happen again. 
  • If you don’t have glue with you, and can’t get the lash to reattach, it’s best to just remove it and place it somewhere safe until you can properly clean and store it. 

Wearing fake eyelashes is a quick, easy, and commitment-free way to enhance your natural lashes when and where you want to.  Being able to easily apply, wear, and remove your fake eyelashes makes this particular process of eyelash enhancement the most appealing.  Trying to wear your fake eyelash strips to the pool or beach, however, is never a good idea.  Your fake eyelashes are not waterproof or water resistant. 

Any amount of water can damage them, or at the very least cause them to detach from your natural lash line.  The best bet is to shelve them for events like swimming, beaching, or excessive heavy sweating.  You’ll be glad you took the time to care for your lashes by leaving them at home while you enjoy your water events.