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Are False Eyelashes Reusable?

Sep 29, 2020
Are False Eyelashes Reusable?

Hey y’all, we’re back with even more great news about false eyelashes!  We know when it comes to eyelash enhancement, you’ve got some serious options.  Here are some of the most popular:

  • Eyelash extensions
  • Eyelash serums
  • Fiber Mascaras
  • False eyelashes
  • Lash tinting and lifts

It can be incredibly hard to decide which method of eyelash enhancement is best for you, your time, and your wallet.  In the end, you really just want your lashes to look amazing, make you feel amazing, and look as close to the real thing as possible.  

At Doe Lashes, we’ve got your back.  Not only do we create the most cloud-like comfortable false eyelash strips that give your lashes the natural-looking voluminous length you love, we are your number one source for lash enhancement info.  You can trust us to give you the scoop on all types of lash enhancement, even methods we don’t carry.  That’s why we’re so excited to talk to you about false eyelash reusability.

We get asked this question all the time:  “Are your false eyelash strips really reusable?”  

We get it; we’ve definitely used some false eyelash strips that claimed to be reusable and totally weren’t.  These types of strip lashes are usually really cheaply made from low-end materials that just aren’t designed to last past one usage.  

Doe Lashes lash strips are all made with high-quality materials that are built to last.  You might think this makes our lashes heavier, but our lashes are the lightest feeling in the industry.  We use only 100% Korean silk fibers to handcraft our lashes and attach them to a 100% cotton lash band.  You won’t feel our lashes once you place them on your lash line, and that’s the way it should be.  

Before we get into the details about lash reusability, let’s look at other methods of lash enhancement and how false eyelashes compare.

Lash Enhancement:  What Are My Options?

Lash enhancement is a thriving industry, and it’s no surprise.  We’ve been on the lookout for better ways to enhance our lashes for decades.  Long, full lashes are universally accepted as a beauty standard, and we’re all basically chasing the long lash look.  Here are the descriptions of some of the most popular options for lash enhancement.

  • Lash extensions.  For this method, a salon professional will spend hours meticulously gluing individual lash fibers to your natural lashes with professional-grade glue.  The lashes last until your natural lashes fall out, taking the extension with them.  This method is really pricey, time-consuming, and potentially hazardous for your natural lash health.

  • Eyelash serums.  Serums are special liquid lash enhancement formulas applied directly to your upper lash line which are said to cause your natural lashes to grow longer.  Only one serum has been approved by the FDA for use and you need a prescription to get it.  A vial of lash serum will cost you approximately $150 and has some potentially risky side effects like iris and skin discoloration.   

  • Fiber mascaras.  These mascaras contain tiny fibers (typically made from nylon, rayon, or silk) that adhere to your natural lashes when applied and create additional length.  These mascaras are notorious for leaving tiny “fibers” on your cheeks and under your eyes and falling in your eyes, which can cause irritation and infection.  

  • Eyelash tints and lifts.  Think of these forms of eyelash enhancement as being similar to getting your hair done.  Eyelash tinting is a method of darkening your existing eyelash hairs (similar to coloring your hair), which can make your lashes more noticeable.  Lifts are similar to getting your hair permed; a special serum is applied to your natural lashes and they are then molded into a curl and “set.”  These treatments last only until your natural lashes fall out.

  • False eyelashes.  False eyelash strips are entire strips of lash fibers securely fastened to a band.  A user places a small amount of eyelash glue on the band and attaches the band to their upper lash line.  This method does not interfere with your own natural lashes’ growth, is cost-effective, easy to do, and best of all, reusable.  

Here’s an easy way to compare eyelash enhancement methods.



Saves Time


Do it Yourself


Voluminous, long lashes

Lash Extension

Lash Serums


Fiber Mascaras


Tinting and Lifts

False Eyelashes

*Reusable daily until product runs out.

When you look at the chart comparison, false eyelash strips just make more sense.  Lash sets from Doe are:

  • Affordable.  Our lash sets all cost under $13 per set.  With our current rate of reusability that means you’ll end up paying less than $1 per wear. 

  • Time-saving.  You can apply a set of false eyelashes in less than five minutes, and removing them takes literally seconds.

  • Safe.  Because our false eyelash strips sit just above your natural lash line, they won’t interfere with your natural lashes or their follicles.  You don’t have to worry about them harming your natural lashes. 

  • Do it yourself.  Professionals need not apply.  Any novice can apply a great set of lashes with complete ease; you don’t even need that much practice. 

  • Reusable.  Doe Lashes can be used over fifteen times if properly cared for; in fact we’ve had users tell us their Does last even longer.  That’s some serious reusability. 

  • Voluminous, long lashes.  Serums can create length, and fiber mascaras can give you a bit of length and volume initially, but the only long-lasting way to get the most volume and length safely, cost-effectively, and in less than five minutes, is to use a false eyelash strip.

How Can I Reuse False Eyelashes?

Getting as many wears as possible out of your Doe Lashes is really simple.  Proper care of your Doe Lashes includes applying them properly, removing them properly, and above all, storing them in a place that is safe and dry.  Here’s how it’s done.

  1. Apply.  Applying your Doe Lashes doesn’t take a lot of skill, it just takes a little bit of practice.  You can apply your Doe Lashes in five easy steps.

  • Size.  Our lashes are customizable to fit your eyes.  When you remove the lashes from the package, gently press them against your lid to measure how much you will need to trim off, if any.  Remember, you can always cut more, so go easy.

  • Apply glue.  You want to squeeze a small line of glue onto the lash band, making sure you get it in both corners.

  • Wait.  Wait about 15-30 seconds for the glue to begin to try and become a little tacky.  If you apply your lashes too quickly, they will slide and not stick where you want them to.

  • Apply your lashes.  You can use a handy lash applicator to make this easier.  Begin by attaching the false eyelash strip to the center of your eye and then pressing the corners in.  

  • Press.  Press your natural lashes together with the false lashes to blend them and make sure the bond on your natural lash line is tight. 

  1. Remove.  Removal is even easier than application.  When you’re ready to remove your Doe Lashes (or change to a different set), you can easily do this by gently tugging on the middle part of the lashes, as close to the lash band as possible.  If you feel pain, you’ve gathered some of your natural lashes with the false lashes, so just release and try again.  Once you’ve released the false eyelashes from the middle of your eyes, you can continue to gently pull until they’ve come completely off your natural lash line.

  1. Clean.  You won’t really need to clean your false eyelashes unless they’ve gotten some heavy makeup on them or otherwise become soiled.  Once you’ve removed your false eyelash strip, you’ll just want to inspect the band and remove any remaining glue adhesive.  You can do this by gently rubbing the band between your thumb and index finger until the glue rolls off.

  1. Store.  This is the most important part to ensure your lashes are reusable as many times as possible.  Your lashes are super durable, but they’re also very delicate and lightweight to keep them looking natural and keep you feeling comfortable.  As such, you should always store them somewhere safe.  A great way to store your Doe Lashes is to simply place them back on the half-moon packaging inserts you pulled them from prior to applying.  This package keeps your lashes safe and helps them retain their curved shape, which will help them adhere better use after use, time after time.



False Eyelashes are the only truly reusable form of lash enhancement available today.  You can get great lashes that are voluminous and long simply by using false lashes.  False eyelashes are the most affordable of all eyelash enhancement options, with high-quality sets like the ones from Doe costing less than $1 per use.  Using false eyelashes is also a safe way to enhance your eyelashes as they do not interfere with your natural lashes or their follicles.  False eyelashes are reusable for over fifteen times with proper care.  


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