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Beauty Essentials For Your Horoscope: Taurus 

Sep 12, 2022
Beauty Essentials For Your Horoscope: Taurus 

As someone who's obsessed with horoscopes, I love seeing what to get as my horoscope type. Whether that be an Aries who loves bold/adventurous makeup, or a Cancer that just wants a relaxing spa night, all signs love different things. 

That’s why I’ve created a dedicated guide *inspired by doe* to see what Tauruses love! 

Tauruses are stubborn, sensible, and loyal people. When shopping for a Taurus, make sure to get them a pair of lashes that embody this. 

Morning Dew are the perfect pair of wispy lashes. They aren’t super dramatic, but they aren’t super natural. They are amazing for the everyday Taurus that wants to look sensible/cute.

If there’s anything that Tauruses loves - its their 2pm naps. They either like their afternoon naps or Netflix and Chill. 

Luckily, doe’s got you covered with their eyemask.

Finally, Taurus loves to be cozy. They love anything that makes them cute and comfy.  

So why don’t you gift them a doe hoodie?

Feel free to check in doe daily as I’ll be publishing a lot more adorable/relatable blogs.