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Behind the Curtains: Why We Launched doe 2.0

Jan 25, 2022
Behind the Curtains: Why We Launched doe 2.0

3 minute read

When you think of doe, we hope you think of a few things: the soft lash fibers that feel weightless on your lashes, the adorable packaging that stands out in your makeup pouch, our wonderful team that will text you back, and our affordable prices that we’ve worked so hard to maintain.

We recently rang in the new year by launching doe 2.0. As you may have noticed, the launch of our 2.0 lashes came with a slight price increase; our lashes are now $14.50 USD. We value transparency especially between brands and their communities, so we thought that it was important to unpack this with you all. 

When companies are faced with rising costs across the board, the easy way out is to cut corners by using cheaper materials or offering less for the same price. This wasn’t an option for us because it goes against everything we built this company on. To continue creating the signature lashes that doe is known for and loved by hundreds of thousands of people around the world, we thought maybe there was a middle-ground. What if we made something drastically better and just raised the price enough to cover what we needed?

After careful consideration and a multitude of feedback from our community, we made the decision to upgrade our lashes. These are higher quality, softer and more comfortable than ever. We switched to a more durable, lighter raw material for our lash band. The lash fibers are wispier and thinner to mimic natural lashes. 

We understand how difficult these past few years have been, so we held on to our $12.50 price point for as long as we could manage. As a small business that has never raised outside capital, the inflating cost of manufacturing, labor, transportation, and advertising eventually got to us, and we had to make the decision for these changes; changes that we think will allow us to meet happily in the middle. 

This new price point allows our brand to continue pursuing comfort in eye beauty and care, pay our team and workers respectable, livable wages, while giving us enough fuel to keep the business running. 

The same lash styles you know and love but more durable, softer, and lighter for an elevated experience of our signature cloud-like comfort. With just a $2 difference, we are able to give you an even better lash experience than ever before and keep developing the brand you know and love (we like to see that as a win-win, I hope you can agree).

In order to properly introduce, and commemorate the hard work and effort that has gone into doe 2.0, our first batch of packaging is limited edition and available on our site right now. Grab your favorites, and experience comfort like you’ve never known before. We hope you love the 2.0 experience. As always, we’re constantly improving because you deserve the best.