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Behind the Scenes w/ Chiara - fairy shoot

Aug 23, 2022
Behind the Scenes w/ Chiara - fairy shoot

As a plus size model who has Alopecia [a hair loss disease], I’ve definitely had some unique experiences on set. Some are good, some are bad, but without hesitation, I can definitely say that my time on the doe beauty set was one of my favorites. But what made this day so perfect? Let’s break it down. 

1) The Team

The team is comprised of predominantly Asian individuals and Asian-owned by entrepreneur, Jason Wong. As a mixed Asian woman myself, I immediately felt so comfortable and at home on set. I’ve been on nearly 100 sets and have never once worked with a primarily Asian-run business. What made it even better was the fact that some team members were also Singaporean! This was unheard of. To find fellow Singaporeans in Los Angeles, CA is not a simple feat. The fact that I got to work with individuals who I relate to on such a deep and personal level was such a heart warming experience that I’ll never forget.

2) TikToks

I’m not sure which one I liked more - Shooting with world-renowned photographers, France Duque and Jesse Rambis, or filming tiktoks with the other models for doe’s account directed by their incredible Social Media Manager, Ish. But really, shooting a bunch of tiktoks was genuinely so fun. I still look back on the videos we all got in and LAUGH MY A$$ OFF. Working on a set that is so lively and fun is always a vibe. It makes you actually enjoy what you’re doing! 

3) Inclusivity

I can’t stress the importance of feeling comfortable and confident on set. The doe beauty team made that a priority every second of the day. As the only plus size model on set, I never once felt judged for my body. I felt supported and hyped up the entire time. When I was shooting the entire team came around the set and shared words of encouragement, which created such a positive and uplifting attitude. 10/10 experience with a 10/10 team.


Written by Chiara - @baldiechi