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Best False Eyelash Looks

Sep 29, 2020
Best False Eyelash Looks


The holiday season and cooler weather are rapidly approaching, and even with recent changes in the way we meet and socialize, that’s cause for excitement.  If you’re already planning your favorite festive cool-weather looks, you know there’s going to be a lot to offer this season.  From slouchy cream-colored boots to brightly colored suits and tan PU leather coats, we’re totally excited for the temperature to drop.  

Along with wardrobe changes come makeup style changes, and that means different looks you can create with seasonal makeup shades and new eye accessories.  Even though a new eyeshadow palette can make you feel like a new person, nothing can give you a more polished, complete look than a great set of lashes.  We know mascara is the holy grail of cosmetic products, but loosen up your grip on the mascara tube and let us inspire you with some of this season’s best false eyelash looks. 

You already know the team at Doe Lashes is on top of their game and is creating lashes that will make you drool.  From lashes that create approachable length and fluttery softness to dramatic, luxe lashes with over-the-top volume, we’ve got all the lashes you need to build the perfect lash wardrobe to last all season.  Our lashes are famous for their cloud-like comfort because we only use 100% cotton lash bands and the finest Korean silk fibers that feel and look just like your lashes.  Our lashes are also affordable because we know our best babes are ballin’ on a budget for holiday gifts and planning special events.  Doe Lashes will never break the bank while making sure you look your absolute best.  

Without further ado, here are our best false eyelash looks for fall and winter.  

Everyday Babe


Sometimes you like drama, sometimes you don’t.  If you want a look that will leave people wondering whether or not you’ve changed something in your makeup routine, then the Really Really Lowkey lashes are your jam.  With fewer and shorter lash fibers than a glamorous set of lashes, understated and refined is the look these lashes will give you.  

Really Really Lowkey lashes are single layered with just enough volume to be noticeable.  These everyday lashes fit like your favorite jeans or your boyfriend’s sweater.  If you have plans to kick back for the weekend, or like to keep your work look a little more under the radar, Really Really Lowkey will take you there in perfect style.  

The lash length of this great pair of everyday lashes is between 3mm to 7mm ranging from shortest lash to longest lash.  To ensure our lashes always look as close to the real thing as possible (without actually being the real thing) all lash sets come in varied lengths, just like your own natural lashes.  

These lashes are:

  • Perfect for work, school, and kicking back on the weekends.
  • Easy to wear with any casual look.
  • Great as a “first pair” of false eyelashes for anyone who’s never used false lashes before and wants to give them a try.  
  • Super lightweight and easy to wear; you’ll never feel them once they’re attached.  

Let Really Really lowkey lashes be your homebase for gorgeous lashes that are easy to wear and create just enough impact.  

Dinner and a Movie


You aren’t getting married, but after your personality shines on this dinner and movie date, they might just be popping the question sooner than you think.  First dates, dinner parties, movies with friendsthe fun never stops when you’re around.  These lashes are “it” girl material.  Featuring a multi-layered lash look and lash fiber lengths that range from 3mm-10mm, Cloud 9 lashes are a step up from the ordinary, day to day falsies you normally wear.  

These lashes are a great match with red lipstick and a little black dress, but they’re also right at home with skinny jeans and stilettos.  No matter what kind of fun evening out you have planned, Cloud 9 will take you there in complete comfort.  

These lashes are:

  • Slightly more voluminous than the Really Really Lowkey lashes.
  • Perfect for creating a more noticeable, date-worthy look.
  • Crafted from the finest Korean silk available, meaning you’ll never feel the weight of these mink-like lashes when they’re on.  

If you’ve gotta move fast from day to night, these lashes can definitely hold their own during the day without causing too much distraction.  

Feeling Dramatic?


You’re expressive to a fault.  Your heart is always on your sleeve, and crying (happy or sad) tears is a daily expression of your emotions.  We’ve got you, boo.  For lashes that are as dramatic as you are, you need Morning Dew.  These lashes create that everyday drama whether you need it or not, while still looking like your own natural lash fibers.  

From 5mm-10mm, these lash fibers are more voluminous at the outer edges of your eyes, highlighting your eyes and making them appear larger than life.  Extra spacing between lashes creates a refreshed, wide awake look.  

These lashes are:

  • Everyday dramatic; they’re the perfect amount of drama for everyday wear. .
  • Easy to apply.  Even the flared, voluminous corner is easy to place and comfortable to wear.
  • Perfect for events like weddings and birthdays, but also perfect for everyday wear.  

If you’re ready to step up your lash game and create some real waves, these are the lashes to pick.  

Everyday Gorgeous


If you love the look of false eyelashes every day, but prefer something a bit edgier and more noticeable than Really Really Lowkey, Fairy Dust lashes are for you.  With lash lengths between 5mm and 12mm, this lash has the most variation available from Doe Lashes.  The multi-layer design of fibers on the band creates a subtly voluminous look that gives the illusion of natural lashes, but better.  

These lashes are:

  • Complimentary for an everyday style.
  • Awesome for everyday use and reusable up to fifteen times with proper care.
  • High-maintenance glam gal approved.

If you’re never without a full beat, these are the lashes you need on hand.

Game On


If you don’t want to get noticed, these lashes are not for you.  When you need lashes that will show up in a picture and look red carpet ready, Starry Night lashes are our top pick.  These lashes are anything but ordinary.  Dual-layered with lash fibers that extend from 8mm-12mm, Starry Night lashes came to party hard.  Absolutely no other lash set will create a more dramatic, eye-catching look.  

These lashes are:

  • Full on, out of this world striking and noticeable.
  • Perfect paired with your best looks, most festive outfits, or outrageous styles.
  • Dramatic and noticeable on camera; they photograph beautifully.

If you’ve tried other super-glam lashes only to find they weigh your eyes down and feel uncomfortable, we can promise you’ll love these lashes.  Featuring the exact same cotton band and lighter than air Korean silk fibers as our other lashes, Starry Night lash sets are able to create stunning looks without the heavy weight.  

The Best Lash Fibers for Fake Eyelashes


Because you’ll be wearing a lot of falsies this season, it’s important to think about your overall comfort.  Even though we sometimes put ourselves through a little pain for the price of beauty, looking gorgeous and glamorous should never feel uncomfortable.  If you don’t feel like “you”, it isn’t worth it.  

Fake eyelash fibers are available in many different materials such as real mink fur, synthetic plastic fibers, and silk.  Synthetic plastic fibers are usually much thicker than natural lash fibers and as such, can feel heavy and look very artificial.  

Mink fibers are gorgeous, but come at a cost higher than their price tag.  No real mink fur eyelashes are ever “cruelty-free,” because minks are wild animals that should never be held in captivity for the purpose of harvesting their fur.  

Silk lashes are a great option because they not only feel soft like mink, they are as delicate and wispy as mink fibers, too.  At Doe Lashes, we use only high quality vegan Korean silk, and our artisans handcraft our lash sets to mimic the lashes of female deer, meaning your lashes will always look as close to natural as possible.

You have tons of choices when it comes to your lash game this season, so it’s important to make sure you pick a lash lineup that works for your style and for all the events you have planned.  No matter where you go or what you do, Doe Lashes can outfit your eyes in the most stunning, natural lashes possible.  Using Doe Lashes means you never have to settle for one false eyelash look— you can change up your lash look as often as you want.  If you’d rather not have to change your lashes once applied, that’s okay too.  Our lashes can go from day to night without needing any kind of reapplication.  When cared for properly (that means no hanging out in the bottom of your handbag) they can last up to fifteen wears.  

If you’re not sure which lashes are best for you, you can take our lash quiz and get a professional recommendation.  You don’t have to spend a fortune on salon lashes or use a crazy serum to get the lashes you want.  False eyelash looks are amazing and super on trend this season, and Doe Lashes can give you an option for every style.