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Best Full Volume Lashes

Sep 24, 2020
Best Full Volume Lashes


The eyelash industry uses really broad terms to describe lashes and how they should look, or what a user might want to achieve in terms of lash enhancement. For instance, the word “volume” when applied to lash fashion, means several different things. When we try to create more voluminous lashes, we are trying to create lashes that are fuller and somewhat “fluffier.” This means we want the appearance of more lash fibers extending from the lash line, and those fibers should look soft and natural like our own lashes. 

When we see products like “volumizing mascara,” we automatically assume that the formula will contain ingredients that coat our natural lash fibers, which will make them appear thicker and create a more voluminous look for our lashes. The problem, however, with a volumizing mascara, is that the ingredients used to coat our lashes may be ingredients we are not comfortable with. Mascaras may be made with chemical agents that irritate our eyes or are not safe for us or the environment. Additionally, volumizing mascaras are notorious for creating “spider lashes.“ Spider lashes occur when too much product collects on the lashes and creates a thick “spider leg“ look.

A better alternative for creating full volume lashes, is to use a method of lash enhancement that does not involve mascara. There are numerous different types of lash enhancement methods available, and they vary in intensity and price. Here is a quick look at some of the most popular ways to create full volume lashes without, or along with, the use of mascara.

Most Popular Methods for Full Volume Lashes

  • Eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions are individual false eyelash fibers, which are professionally applied at a salon. This method of eyelash enhancement is extremely popular and also extremely expensive. You can expect to pay anywhere from $100-$500 for your first set of eyelash extensions. You will need to have your eyelash extensions “filled“ every 2 to 3 weeks, depending on how quickly your natural lashes shed. 

Eyelash extensions are glued to your natural lashes and therefore remain on your lash line until your natural lash falls out, taking with it the eyelash extension. Eyelash extensions are wrought with safety hazards. In fact, many eye doctors do not recommend eyelash extensions because the glue used to adhere the fibers to your natural lashes can be irritating to your eye and possibly cause infection. Additionally, there is mounting evidence that eyelash extensions could negatively impact your eyelash follicle and affect the way your natural lash grows.

  • Eyelash serums. Another option for creating full volume lashes is to use an eyelash growth serum. These serums are typically applied at the base of your eyelashes, directly on your natural lash line. Whether or not the product will actually work and deliver longer, thicker lashes is debatable. Many of these serums contain ingredients that are considered drugs by the FDA and are therefore only available by prescription. The serums can cost $100-$150 per vial, and usually last about one month. Once you stop using the product, the enhanced eyelash growth also discontinues. These products also have safety concerns that can be alarming. Some of the side effects include permanent discoloration of the skin on the eyelid, discoloration of the iris, and risk of eye infections. Ultimately, these serums really only promise lengthier lashes, not increased volume. If it is a more voluminous look you are looking for, eyelash serum may not be the best option.

  • False eyelash strips. False eyelash strips, like the ones available from Doe Lashes, are the industry standard for full volume lash enhancement in the least amount of time possible. The use of false eyelash strips does not require a significant investment of time or money, does not interfere with the growth or follicle of your natural eyelash, and is considerably less expensive than other eyelash enhancement options. You can apply false eyelash strips in the comfort of your own home in less than five minutes, with no prior experience. False eyelash strips are able to deliver a completely full and voluminous look without the use of strange chemicals, harsh glues, or half your paycheck. 

If you are concerned that you can’t get a full volume eyelash look that is also natural and easy to apply by using false eyelash strips, we can help. Our users often comment on the ease of application, natural look of our lashes, and weightless comfort.

The Doe Lashes Difference

Doe Lashes are unlike any other falsies you may have used in the past. If you ever experimented with false eyelashes and felt that they immediately came off, didn’t adhere properly in the first place, or looked “fake,” we are with you. We’ve felt the same way about false eyelashes too. That’s why we created a better way for you to use false eyelashes and create the full volume lash look you love without having to spend a fortune in the process. Here are some of the things we at Doe Lashes did to improve on the classic false eyelash and create a product that delivers better results, creates incredible length and volume, and looks natural.

  • Korean silk fibers. Our lash sets are designed to mimic the eyelashes of female deer. Inspired by these beautiful creatures and their naturally long and wispy lashes, we sat out to find the perfect material to create lash fibers that would be comfortable, lightweight, and the most natural-looking. What we discovered was that Korean vegan silk most closely resembled the texture and feel of natural lashes.  Because we are a completely cruelty-free company, we never use any kind of animal fibers in our lashes.

  • Cotton lash bands. While it is definitely cheaper to manufacture lash bands that are made from synthetic fibers, these fibers are usually heavier and hotter than cotton. As such, these types of lash bands can feel uncomfortable on the user's lid. We decided to create all of our lash bands with 100% cotton. We feel that it creates even lighter weight and feel on the user's lid, and the flexibility of the band allows for a better fit.

  • Reusability. While some false eyelashes may claim to be reusable, Doe Lashes truly are. Our lash strips are reusable for over 15 wears when you take proper care of them. Taking proper care of your false lashes is super easy. You simply need to ensure that you apply and remove them properly and place them in a safe and dry container when you are done wearing them. You can simply use the packaging that your Doe Lashes came in as the container for storage.

  • Affordable. Even though we use extremely high-quality materials in our lashes, we don’t charge an exorbitant price. In fact, all of our lash strips are priced under $13 per pair. This means you could wear a pair of full volume Doe Lashes for less than one dollar per usage. There is simply no comparison in terms of value.

  • Durability. Even though our lashes are some of the lightest in the industry, they are also extremely durable. You won’t have to worry about lash fibers ripping out, or losing their shape, as long as you care for them properly. 

  • Volume. Our lash sets all feature styles that create a full volume lash look. Not only do our lashes give your natural lashes extra length, but they also create the illusion of full volume from end to end. You simply cannot find a more voluminous yet natural pair of lashes than the styles available from Doe.

  • Safety. Other forms of lash enhancement come with some pretty scary potential side effects, some of which we are just not willing to risk. Using Doe Lashes false eyelash strips is completely safe and harmless to your natural lash line and your eyelid. In fact, if you have sensitive skin or eyes and are afraid that the lash glue may irritate them, you can always opt for a hypoallergenic lash glue that will be gentle and effective.

  • World-class customer support. If you aren’t happy with your Doe Lashes, we want to know about it! We stand by our lashes and want to make sure you are completely satisfied with every purchase you make. Most of our customers are repeat clients, which says a lot about how we operate and the quality of our products.

In Summary


For lashes that are completely full volume and longer than life, the choice is clear. False eyelashes can deliver the volume and length that you want without scary side effects and without too much time or money. 

Doe Lashes specializes in providing our customers with top-quality, full volume lash sets that can be reused over 15 times with proper care. In fact, if you are tired of trying to get voluminous lashes simply by using a thickening mascara, which can clump your lashes, give false eyelashes a try. We guarantee you will be happier with the end result, and you will never want to use your mascara again.