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Best Lashes for Your Eye Shape

Oct 02, 2020
Best Lashes for Your Eye Shape


We’re all on a quest for longer, thicker, wispier lashes, but if you really want the lashes of your dreams, you can’t simply buy a pair of falsies and call it a day.  Sure, they’ll look good and give you flirtier lashes, but to really get the best possible eyelashes— the kind that look like they were given to you straight from Mother Nature herself— you have to consider your eye shape.  Not all lashes are shaped the same; some are tapered on the ends, some have even fiber distribution throughout, and some are heavier or longer in certain spots.  The reason there are so many options in the world of fake eyelashes is that there are so many different kinds of eyes.  Eyelash companies know that different shapes of eyes look better with different types and styles of lashes, and they design false eyelash sets to meet the needs of these different shapes.

The team at Doe Lashes is always hard at work creating new, unique lashes for our users and designing new styles that work with many different shapes of eyes.  In fact, we’re kind of like eye shape experts, and since we’re your lash besties, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about eye shape and the lashes that are most perfect for them.

The Seven Eye Shapes and Types

There are essentially seven different types of eye shapes and types.  Chances are, your eyes will be a combination of two or three of these, which is why you’ll have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to selecting the best lashes for your individual eye shape.  To figure out exactly what kind of eyes you have, read the descriptions of the lash shapes below.

  1. Monolid eyes.  Monolid eyes describe eyes where the lid has no crease.  You can tell if you have monolid eyes by looking in the mirror directly at your eyes.  If you do not see a crease in your eyelid, you have monolid eyes.  Monolid eyes are gorgeous and a great full canvas for playing up eyeshadow pallets and different makeup techniques.  Monolids are often thought of as difficult to work with when applying false eyelash strips, but you shouldn’t worry; we totally have your back.  With this simple tutorial, you can learn to successfully apply false eyelash strips to your monolids with zero hassle.  

  1. Double eyelids.  Double eyelids refer to eyes that have a crease in them where a monolid does not.  As such, if you can look in the mirror and see a crease across the middle of your eyelid, you have double eyelids.  Double eyelids are great for layering shadows and creating depth, and users typically do not experience much trouble when applying false eyelash strips to their eyes.  However, the crease in the eyelids does make keeping your shadow from creasing an issue, so using an eyelid primer is almost always necessary.  

  1. Hooded eyelids.  If you have a crease in your eyelid, but it is not visible when you are looking directly at yourself in the mirror, then you have hooded eyes.  Hooded eyes refer to excess skin that hangs from the brow bone onto the eyelid.  You can be born with hooded eyes, or you can develop them as a result of aging.  Keeping a hooded eye looking wider and more open can be achieved by using the perfect set of false eyelashes.  

  1. Upturned eyes.  If the outer corners of your eyes naturally point upward, toward your eyebrows, you have upturned eyes.  The upturn in your eye shape may only be slight, and the best way to determine if your eyes are upturned can be to hold a pencil across the middle of your eyes.  If the outer edges of your eyes fall above the pencil, your eyes are upturned.

  1. Downturned eyes.  The opposite of upturned eyes, downturned eyes have outer corners that tilt downward, toward your cheekbone.  Again, if you were to hold a pencil across the middle of your eye, the outer corner would fall below the pencil if your eyes were downturned.  

  1. Round eyes.  This refers to the overall shape of your eye.  While there can be many different variations, if your eyes are round you will be able to see more of the whites of your eyes below your iris when you look directly in the mirror.  In other words, when you look in the mirror, you should be able to see white below the colored part of your eyes if your eye shape is round.

  1. Almond eyes.  If your eye shape is almond, the colored portion of your eye (the iris) will look as though it extends past the bottom part of your upper eyelid and below the upper part of your lower eyelid.  To put it more simply, you will not be able to see any portion of the whites of your eyes below your iris.  

Best Eyelashes for Your Eye Shape

Now that you know which shape categories your eyes fall into, it’s time to get busy selecting the lashes that are the absolute best for your eyes.  Here’s our complete guide to the best kinds of lashes for each shape.  Keep in mind that your eyes will fall into multiple categories, which makes it easy to combine lash styles and use more than one style. 

  1. Monolids.  You can create more depth by simply using a great pair of false eyelashes!  It’s best to avoid super dense lashes, which can be heavy and look artificial against your lids.  A great option for monolids is a lash pattern that mimics natural lash growth, like a cross-over design.  This set of criss-cross glam lashes will create depth and add volume and drama to your lids.  

  1. Double eyelids.  Lucky you, you’re a great candidate for practically any kind of lash set.  Our best advice is to go to your secondary eye feature (like upturned or downturned eyes) and select the lash sets that work best for those shapes.  

  1. Hooded eyelids.  Hooded eyelids can look heavy with thick lashes, and more voluminous lashes typically hide all your beautiful eyeshadow.  Additionally, lash sets that are all one length from end to end can give the appearance of an even heavier lid.  Instead, opt for lashes that provide additional length in the middle of your eye and taper into smaller lash fibers at each end.  With hooded lids, a little goes a long way.  Our really really lowkey lashes create all the length and volume you need for every day looks.

  1. Upturned eyes.  Upturned eyes are eyes that “smile.”  If you’ve been gifted upturned eyes, why not play up that coveted beauty feature by choosing lashes that accentuate it?  Look for lash sets that feature fibers that are shorter at the inner corners of your eyes and flare out towards the outer ends.  These lashes are excellent at creating even more of a dramatic upturned angle and giving your eyes a little extra flare. 

  1. Downturned eyes. If anyone has ever told you that you have puppy dog eyes, they’re probably referring to your downturned eye shape.  These eye shapes are moody and sultry and practically beg for a smokey eyeshadow look.  Accentuate your appeal by using lashes that are double layered but not incredibly dense, with the focus being on lashes that are longer in the middle and taper out toward the edges like these available from Doe. 

  1. Round eyes.  Round eyes can be incredibly penetrating and intense.  Play around this intensity by softening your lash look.  Adding too much drama with dark, thick lash sets can make round eyes look too severe.  A great lash product for round eyes is incredibly wispy and flared at the ends.  

  1. Almond eyes.  The most versatile of eye shapes, there are basically no rules for almond eyes.  You can use virtually any false eyelash set you want to get a different look.  If you really want to play up the almond shape of your eyes, you can opt for lashes that wing out on the ends and create a cat-eye look.  



When choosing the best lashes for your eye shape, our advice is always to go with what feels right to you.  Sure, we may recommend lashes that will enhance your natural eye shape or make them look a certain way, but if you’ve got your heart set on the boldest, most daring lashes around, we say go for them.  With the gorgeous false eyelash sets available from Doe, you can create any kind of look you want in a matter of minutes.  When you’re ready to change up your style, you can simply remove them and apply a different set.  You can build an entire lash wardrobe to suit your event, your day, or even your mood.  If you still need help choosing a lash style, take our lash quiz for a more personalized recommendation. 

False eyelash sets look best on people who wear them with complete confidence.  No matter what kind of lashes you love, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and know that you look amazing. Doe Lashes are guaranteed to give you a cloud-like comfort experience so you can rock the best lashes for your eye shape, outfit, or personal style.