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Best Mascara for Asian Lashes

Oct 01, 2020
Best Mascara for Asian Lashes


Few people have long, voluminous lashes like their favorite Hollywood glamour girl or IG influencer, but many of us can mimic the looks we love by simply using a great mascara to plump up the volume and length of our lashes.  Unfortunately, sometimes it can seem like our genetics are in a constant battle against our best efforts to get lengthy, voluminous lashes.  This can be especially true for people of East Asian descent.  Our lashes are naturally shorter, thinner, and straighter than the lashes of our Latinx, European, and African American brothers and sisters.  In fact, sometimes our lashes can even curve downward, instead of just simply being straight!  

Sure, eyelash extensions are an option, but those cost a fortune and can be damaging to your natural lashes; they may even permanently damage your natural lash follicles! That’s a big “no thanks” from us.  A more viable option is to consider using false eyelash strips, like the ones available from Doe Lashes.  Our eyelash strips are fully customizable, so you can apply them easily and comfortably, even if you have monolids.  In fact, our tutorial for application has a specific section dedicated to application on monolids.   

If you’re still unsure about false eyelashes, you can definitely give some mascaras a try.  Here are our top 5 choices for mascara formulas that are the best for Asian lashes.

Top 5 Mascara Formulas for Asian Lashes

When deciding on your favorite miracle mascara, you should try to find a formula that both lengthens, thickens, and curls, all in one tube.  We all know the struggle of applying two to three coats of different mascaras or lash primers, and ultimately, the result is usually a big old mess. Too much product can make your lashes feel heavy, and unless the formula is really sweat and oil resistant, you’re just going to end up wearing it under your eyes the rest of the day.  

Here are the ingredients/formulas we think are most important for lengthening, plumping, and even curling straight  Asian lashes.  

  1. Specialized brushes/wands.  The wand you use to apply your mascara really does make a huge difference.  We found some mascaras with wands that have three separate curves to ensure all your lashes are adequately coated.  The more curved your wand, the better chance you have at getting your natural lashes to curl along with the product.  Obviously, a great way to prep your lashes for mascara is to curl them with a curling wand (avoid heating your wand as it can get too hot and damage your lashes).  

A great mascara wand should have some curl and be clump resistant so that you can use the end of the wand to coat the tiniest areas of lashes in the corners of your eyes.  

  1. Waterproof.  We can’t stress this enough; because Asian lashes are shorter in length, the chance of your lower lashes resting heavier on the area of skin just under your lower lid is higher.  As such, the oil from your skin can break down the mascara on your lashes, which takes the mascara off your lashes and leaves it under your eyes.  This is not a good look, we promise.  

You’ll want a formula that isn’t just waterproof, but also smudge-proof, sweat-proof, cry-proof, all the proofs!  Seriously, some waterproof mascara may be able to sustain you through a rainstorm but can’t resist your own sweat. 

  1. Thickening formulas.  This is a given, but be careful.  Some of the thickening mascaras we tried were too thick for our fragile lashes, weighed them down, and looked clumpy.  To avoid this, try opting for formulas that are thickening and lengthening.  If you look for a formula that promises both, the formula will have to be thinner to allow the lengthening agent to work.  

  1. Lengthening.  Lengthening formula mascaras sometimes get a bad rep  because although they do lengthen, they usually don’t offer much in the way of thickening.  It can be incredibly hard to find a formula that does both jobs well, but for East Asian lashes, we would recommend a dual formula mascara.  

  1. Curl-up wax.  This is a relatively new ingredient that can be added to mascara formulas and is said to cause your natural lashes to curl up on their own.  While this isn’t going to make your lashes curl up as much as you probably want them to, it will allow your lashes to stay curled even after you apply multiple coats of product, which is sometimes a major issue for East Asian lashes.  Once we apply several coats of mascara, our lashes are straight again, even if we have previously curled them.  Curl-up wax will allow your lashes to stay curled, and if you do a post-mascara lash curl, it may help the curl to stay put even longer.

Can I Get Longer, Thicker Lashes Without Mascara?

So glad you asked! Yes, you absolutely can get thicker, longer, more voluminous lashes simply by using false eyelash strips.  If you’ve never tried them, they can seem intimidating, and you may even wonder if you can ever successfully use false eyelash strips and have them look natural.  You definitely can, and with just a little bit of practice, you can apply false eyelashes successfully and quickly.  Using false eyelash strips to enhance your natural lashes has many benefits.  Here are some of our favorites.  

  • False eyelash strips are comfortable.  Our false lashes may even be more comfortable and feel lighter on your lid than wearing two coats of heavy mascara.  Our Korean silk fibers are feather-light, and we attach them to a 100% cotton band that never feels hot or uncomfortable on the lid.  Our lashes are so delicate you will likely forget them after you’ve placed them, until someone notices your wispy lashes and tells you how amazing you look.
  • Falsies are affordable.  Mascara can be expensive; the pricier the line, the pricier the product, and mascara is no exception.  While there are definitely some great drug store brand mascaras that won’t cost you a fortune, using false eyelash strips is even less expensive than using a pricey mascara.  Doe Lashes lash sets are usually less than $13 and reusable for over fifteen wears, making them less than $1 per use.  

False eyelash strips are definitely less expensive than eyelash extensions, which can cost upwards of $500 for an initial set.  Other lash-enhancing methods, like serums, are also expensive and take a long time to take effect.  

  • False eyelash strips are reusable.  Lash sets are reusable if you take good care of them, and it’s very easy to do.  All you need to do is make sure you place your lashes in a clean and dry place where they are protected from environmental harm once you remove them for the day.  You can simply keep the original plastic packaging and use it as a place to safely store them when you remove them after wearing.
  • False lashes are interchangeable.  When you wear Doe Lashes, you can build an entire lash wardrobe.  You are never locked into one particular style.  This means if you want to wear a more understated pair of lashes to work and a dramatic, super voluminous pair for evenings, you can do it.  Mascara can’t give you options like false strip eyelashes can.  
  • Falsies are easy to use.  You don’t have to be a professional or have any experience at all to apply false eyelashes.  In fact, the first time you give it a go, you may need a little extra time, but after that, you can confidently apply lashes in less than five minutes.  Doe Lashes are super high quality, and our cotton lash band makes application easy as it works great with practically any lash glue you use.  

Removing your false eyelashes is also extremely easy .  In fact, you can remove your lashes in less than thirty seconds by gently pulling them off, starting in the center and working to the edges.  

  • False eyelash strips are always gorgeous.  Mascara may make your lashes look a little longer and thicker, but for the lashes you really want, false eyelash strips are the way to go.  Nothing opens your eyes more, provides you with super curly, wispy lashes, like a great set of falsies.  Our style options are numerous, so there’s definitely a pair that will speak to you and say, “pick me!”  

If you’re still unsure, just read our reviews.  Our deers love our lashes, and they’re happy to talk about it.  



East Asian lashes are generally very thin, short, and board straight.  As such, it can be frustrating to try to create the lengthy, full lash looks we so desperately desire.  Mascara is definitely an option that can help us get longer lashes, but for a real change, false eyelash strips are the best method of lash lengthening.  False eyelash strips are affordable, beautiful, easy to use, and reusable.  You are also never limited to one specific style; you’re really only limited to your imagination!  You can apply, remove and reapply numerous different styles in the same day if that’s what you want.  Doe Lashes can help you find the lashes that are right for you and help you build and customize your very own lash collection.