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Best Way to Remove Makeup: 4 Tips

Oct 03, 2020
Best Way to Remove Makeup: 4 Tips

We’ve been wearing makeup since Junior High, so we’re basically professionals when it comes to creating a gorgeous smokey eye or highlighting our cheekbones with the perfect amount of glowy product. We can create practically any look we want with the right makeup brush and the right palette of colors and products.  

Unfortunately, some of us are still stuck in Junior High when it comes to makeup removal; in fact, some of us aren’t even removing our makeup at all (yikes).  Just like when we were adolescents, we’re still sleeping in layers of makeup, giving those products the opportunity to clog our pores, stain our pillows, and prevent our skin from being able to do the important job of healing it should be doing overnight.  

It can also be tempting to leave our false eyelashes on our lids overnight, which is definitely not the way to properly care for them and keep them reusable for as many times as possible.  Wearing your false lashes to bed can harm the fibers and the band, allow makeup to break down the adhesive, and expose them to environmental dangers that can make them less durable than they’re designed to be.  The best option is always to remove them.  

It’s time to level up, y’all.  We can do better.  

Removing your makeup properly is important because:

  • It leaves your skin clean.  Your skin needs a break from makeup, and if you’re applying it first thing in the morning and not removing it at night, you’re not giving your face an adequate break in the routine.  

  • It gives the skin time to heal.  Skin does most of its reparative work overnight.  If you go to sleep with your makeup on your face, your skin can’t fully perform that restoration and healing properly.  

  • It prepares skin for overnight beauty products.  If you aren’t using a good moisturizer or anti-aging serum (you are never too young to start) overnight, you should start ASAP!  It can even help encourage you to remove your makeup because you’ll remember you need to apply your night creams and serums.  

  • It’s sanitary.  The buildup of makeup, dirt, and oil on our bed pillows can create a bacteria-ridden, unsanitary situation that can not only promote breakouts; it can also encourage tiny mites to collect on your sheets!  

Removing your makeup is the right thing to do, but you should also make sure you’re doing it correctly.  Simply splashing your face with water won’t get the job done, but you also want to avoid harsh, chemically-laden cleansers that can strip your skin of all moisture and leave it feeling parched.  

If you’ve been not-so-slaying the game with your makeup removal routine, we can help.  The team at Doe Lashes scoured the internet and did some heavy research to come up with a fool-proof makeup removal guide that will help you keep your skin clean, your false lashes safe, and your makeup off your pillow.  

You can practice safe makeup removal tips daily in less than five minutes.  Let’s first look at how to properly remove your false eyelashes before removing your makeup.  

How to Remove False Eyelashes

The first step in removing your makeup is to remove your false eyelashes.  Removing your lashes first protects them from any type of makeup remover you need to use, keeps them safe, and ensures they don’t get wet.  You also don’t want to start a bad habit of sleeping in your false eyelashes.  You can remove your eyelashes in just five simple steps.  

  1. Start by gently pulling the lashes off your lid.  You’ll want to grasp your lashes as close to the natural lash line as possible so that you don’t accidentally pull out any lash fibers along with them.  

  1. Continue pulling the lashes from your lid until you have removed them.  Start at the middle of your lid and work outward.

  1. Once you have removed your lashes, you need to remove any remaining glue adhesive that remains on the lash band.  You can do this easily by gently rolling your thumb and forefinger over the lash band to roll the glue off on both sides of the band.

  1. Place your lashes on their original half-moon packaging, so that they retain their original, naturally curved shape.  

  1. Place your lashes back in the original box, so they are protected from external hazards like water, spills, makeup, etc. 

You can also soak your lashes in lukewarm water for a short time if they have any makeup or buildup on them.  You will likely find you don’t need to do this until maybe the eighth time you’ve worn your lashes.  

Once you’ve removed your lashes, you can begin to remove your makeup.  We’ve got four tips to help you remove your makeup effectively and efficiently so you can get on with your life!

Best Way to Remove Makeup:  4 Tips

Depending on what kind of makeup you wear, you’ll need more than just soap and water to remove it properly.  If you’re in the habit of wearing false eyelashes, you likely are not wearing any makeup that is oil-based or waterproof, as those formulas can seriously inhibit your lash glue’s ability to adhere to your lashes and can even break down the adhesive that keeps your lashes attached to the band.  

As such, you won’t need to worry about looking for makeup remover formulas designed to remove waterproof or oil-based makeups, which is a good thing.  Those types of makeup removers can be harsh on your skin.  Instead, opt for a gentle, all-natural cleanser, or simply make one at home using natural ingredients like apple cider vinegar and baking soda.  

When you’re ready to remove your makeup, follow these four tips to ensure you not only remove your makeup, you do it in the proper order and get it all off completely.  

  1. Invest in a gentle cleanser.  If you want to give your skin the best cleansing routine you can, look for gentle cleansers. These cleansers can remove your makeup and clean your pores deeply, removing dead skin cells to keep your pores open and ready for the products you will apply.

An exfoliating cleanser is also helpful  for your skin, but you’ll definitely want to avoid contact with your eyes. You’ll only want to use an exfoliator every couple days, so your skin is not overly dry.  Getting an exfoliator in your eyes can be very harmful, so make sure you only remove the makeup on your skin, avoiding your eyes.  

  1. Find an oil-free eye-makeup remover.  You’ll want to continue your oil-free eye product usage even when you remove your eye makeup.  This is just a good habit to ensure that you don’t get any oily products near your lashes.  

Using an oil-free makeup remover and a cotton pad, gently remove your eye makeup in a circular motion, being sure to remove eyeliner from the upper and lower lash line if you’ve applied it there.  Even if you don’t use eyeliner, you will still want to clean the skin below your eyes to remove any foundation or concealer that may be on your skin.

  1. Don’t forget your lips!  It’s very easy to suck your lips in and forget to cleanse them when washing your face, but your lips need attention too!  They’ve been covered in liner, primer, lipstick, and gloss all day.  

A great way to clean your lips is by using a dedicated lip scrub.  These scrubs are specially formulated with a much milder exfoliant than a typical facial exfoliant, so they are gentle on the delicate membranes of your lips.  These scrubs also include ingredients that can effectively break down your lip products and gently remove them.  

  1. Don’t scrub or rub.  Especially if you are using an exfoliating cleanser, it’s important you don’t scrub or rub abrasive cloths over your face.  This can damage your skin, create micro-tears, and leave your skin feeling raw and irritated.  Instead, simply use your hands and gently massage the cleansing products in a circular motion and splash with water to rinse.

Pat your face dry with a towel, do not rub.  When dealing with your skin, you essentially want to treat it like a fine piece of silk.  

Removing your makeup isn’t a hard task, and once you accept it as part of your nightly routine, you won’t even have to think about it; you’ll just do it automatically.  Creating a solid makeup removal routine is key in taking care of your skin.

If you still find yourself bailing on your makeup removal routine in the evenings, a great idea is to keep a package of makeup remover wipes on your nightstand.  If you’re too tired or simply forget to wash your face, you can use a makeup remover wipe as a last resort.  

Likewise, keep your Doe Lashes lash package on your table so you’ll always remember to remove your lashes before bed.  It’s super important to take good care of your lashes so they last as many times as possible.  If you don’t properly care for your lashes, you won’t get as many uses out of them, and Doe Lashes are so high-quality and long-lasting they can be reworn over fifteen times.