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Can You Put Mascara on False Eyelashes?

Sep 09, 2020
Can You Put Mascara on False Eyelashes?

Nothing makes you feel more gorgeous than a freshly painted face and a set of lengthy, voluminous eyelashes.  Since medieval times we’ve been clamoring for “eye-catching” eyelashes that turn heads and polish off our beautifully created look perfectly.  Since most of us weren’t born with this type of lashes, we turn to gorgeous strip lashes to provide the full, flirty effect  we love. 

Lashes aren’t the only products that go into a great looking eye.  Primers, shadows, liners, and of course mascara, all work congruently to create looks that draw attention and create the only type of drama we like-a dramatic looking eye.  Although most users of false eyelashes don’t ever feel the need to use mascara, many have  asked; can you put mascara on false eyelashes?  What about other beauty products?  We don’t want to sacrifice our entire makeup game for great lashes! 

Here at Doe Lashes are consummate lash professionals; we deliver only the highest quality, Korean silk lashes with 100% comfortable cotton bands to our users.  Our lashes feel like wearing a cloud and create doe-like eyes that last all day or all night.  At Doe, we know the lash industry well, and can help you decide whether or not false lashes are right for you (hint: they totally are). 

We’re also here to offer answers to any questions you may have about not only false eyelash strips but also other eyelash enhancing techniques.  As such, we can help guide you through your use of false eyelashes, including what makeup products are safe for use with them, and which ones can be damaging:  don’t worry, you won’t have to give up your favorite makeup tools while wearing your gorgeous falsies.   We’ll also help you decide how to clean your lashes if you inadvertently coat them with a product you shouldn’t.  Here’s your complete guide to makeup products that work (and some that don’t) with your false eyelashes. 


Can You Put Mascara on False Eyelashes


 First things first, can you put mascara on false eyelashes?  Technically you can, but we do not typically recommend it..  For starters, we find most of our users don’t need it.  Our lash styles already offer the desired length and volume, with our newest  lashes toting  dual layered lash fibers.  Our fibers are hand crafted from the finest Korean silk and are dyed dark so they naturally stand out without the need for a coat of mascara.  Think of it this way; you use mascara to darken and lengthen your lashes.  If you’re already lengthening your lashes with dark, volume-filled lash fibers, there’s really no need to use mascara along with them. 

Additionally, if you do use mascara on your false lashes, it will significantly decrease their lifespan.  Doe Lashes are as light as air and  durable enough to withstand up to fifteen uses, if they are properly cared for and stored.  You can’t properly care for your false eyelashes by applying mascara to the fibers. 

You can, however, wear mascara on your natural lashes along with your false eyelashes, provided you know the formulas that won’t damage your false lashes.  You can wear mascara on your natural lashes in any formula, as long as it is not waterproof.  Anytime you wear mascara on your natural lashes, you will likely end up getting at least a smidge of the product on your false eyelashes.  As such, you will need to clean your false lashes.  Waterproof mascaras do not remove easily from false lash strips and can damage them, so it’s best to stick to mascaras that are easy to remove. 


Can I Wear Shadows and Primers on my Eyes With My False Lashes?


Absolutely!  In fact, we encourage it!  There’s really just one big rule:  all your products should be oil free.  Oil can dissolve the lash adhesive; not only the glue adhesive that attaches your lash band to your lash line, but even the adhesive that attaches the lash fibers to the lash band.  If you’re using false eyelashes, it really is best to just shelve all your oil containing products until you’re done using them. 

Some eyelid primers can have  oil in them, but many oil-free options are available if you search for them.  A great primer can still be super creamy and crease resistant without containing oil. 

The same goes for shadows.  While some formulas contain oil and might be your favorites for ease of application, they don’t play well with false eyelashes.  It’s natural for some of your shadow to slip onto your lash band while you’re wearing your lashes, and if that happens and the product contains oil, the oil can start to break down the adhesive.  This could turn into an embarrassing situation if the oil interferes with the lash band adhesive and causes one (or both) of your lash strips to come unattached! 

Cream based shadows, in fact, are almost always a no-go.  While the majority of them contain some type of oil, even ones that don’t have the tendency to slide onto your lash band, which can weigh it down and make it uncomfortable for you to wear.  Stick to your favorite powdered pallet when wearing your false lash strips. 


What About Eyeliner?


You can wear eyeliner with your false eyelashes, and often it adds to the overall look!   You’ll want to touch up  your eyeliner after you apply your false lashes, as applying lashes can mess up the line.  You normally apply eyeliner in the area where you plan to glue your lash band on.  

Once you’ve applied your false eyelashes, you can proceed with applying a small amount of eyeliner just above the lash band.  Be sure to avoid crayons and pencils if you use this method, as these can create drag and pull your lash strip away from your lid while you are applying them.  The best options for eyeliners that work well with false lashes are non-waterproof liquid and gel eyeliners.  Just double check the formulas to make sure they are oil free. 


What Other Products Should I Avoid While Wearing False Eyelashes?


You can wear practically any type of makeup product you love, provided they are formulated to work with your lashes and not against them.  As aforementioned, oil-laden products are a huge no-no.  Even wearing an oil based foundation can sometimes interfere with your lashes. 

Another product you’ll want to avoid altogether is makeup remover that contains oil.  Almost all eye makeup removers contain oil unless they specifically state they are oil-free.  This is because “like dissolves like” and oil has the ability to dissolve other oils, making it an excellent cleanser for oil-based eye products. 

If you get some unwanted product on your false eyelash fibers, all hope is not lost.  Your false lashes can be cleaned, shaped and reused if they haven’t been too terribly damaged.  To clean your false lashes, you need only use a mild soap (like hand soap) and warm water.  Gently use your fingertips to rub the lash fibers to remove any product buildup. 

If this method doesn’t work and your false eyelashes still have signs of product buildup, you can try soaking them in warm, soapy water for a  minute or two.  This should break down the molecules of the unwanted product clinging to your lash strips enough for them to easily dissolve. 

Once you have cleaned your lash strips, you’ll need to reshape them.  This is easily done by simply reattaching them to the half-moon packaging in which they arrived.  Allowing your lash strips to dry in their original tray  will ensure they retain their original shape and are ready for their next use.  It’s also important to remember to store your lashes in a safe, dry place away from hazards like sinks or near bottles of product that could spill onto them.  You want to get the most usage and as many wears out of your false eyelash sets as you possibly can, and you can do this best by protecting your lash sets properly.

False eyelashes are a great way to add volume and drama to your look without a huge investment of time and money.  You don’t have to sacrifice your other favorite eye makeup products simply because you are using false eyelashes.  Finding your favorite products in formulas that are false eyelash safe is not only doable, it’s easy with as many options as we have available today. 

While we don’t think you’ll ever feel the need to add mascara with your false eyelash strips, you can definitely wear a non-waterproof, oil-free mascara on your natural lashes before applying your false eyelash strips.  False eyelashes last longer and retain their natural shape and brilliance better when they do not have product directly applied to them.