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Can You Sleep With False Eyelashes?

Sep 09, 2020
Can You Sleep With False Eyelashes?

We’re all looking for long, voluminous lashes that turn heads and look dramatic, yet natural at the same time.  We also want lashes that are hassle free, easy to apply, wear, and remove, and so comfortable we forget we’re wearing them.  Doe Lashes specializes in the most comfortable, wearable lashes available.  Our key to success is the cloud-like comfort our lashes provide; once you apply them, you’ll literally forget they’re there until someone compliments your look. 

Because Doe Lashes are so comfortable, we’ve been  asked if it’s okay to sleep in them.  We get it; you’ve had a long day (or night) and you just want to hit the sack!  The last thing you feel like doing is removing your makeup and lashes--you just want your pillow.  And because our lashes are so comfortable, you may forget you’re wearing them.

While we’re all about self-care and getting in a few extra winks, those winks should definitely be taken after your false eyelashes have been removed.  We understand that sometimes removing them might be difficult in some situations, or sometimes you may just forget, but removing them on a nightly basis is the best habit to form now. 

There are numerous reasons why it’s best to remove your false eyelashes before your head hits the pillow.  We’ll look at why it’s important to remove your false lashes, what can happen if you don’t remove them, and what to do if you absolutely have to sleep in them. 

Before we start, it might be helpful to review just how quick and easy it is to remove a set of Doe Lashes.  It can literally be done in less than two minutes, and the benefits of removing your lashes in that tiny, two minute time frame far outweigh any potential risks you face by leaving those lashes on overnight.


How to Remove False Eyelashes


To remove your false eyelashes, follow these simple steps:

  1.     Grasp the lashes as close to the 100% cotton lash band as possible, starting in the middle of the lash band.  If you feel any pain, you’ve likely grasped your natural lashes.  Let go and move a little further down the false eyelash fibers. 
  2.     Once you’ve pulled your lash strip from the middle of your natural lash line, you can grasp the ends of the lash band and gently pull outward, removing the lash strip completely. 
  3.     Clean the lash band.  Using your forefinger and thumb, gently roll off the excess lash adhesive from the lash band.  If you’re exhausted or pushed for time, you can skip this step once every now and then. 
  4.     Store.  Place your lashes back on their original half-moon packaging so they don’t get lost and retain their shape.

That’s it.  In four (sometimes three) easy steps you’ve successfully removed your false eyelashes and can trust that they’ll retain their shape and look great the next time you need to wear them. 


Why Shouldn’t I Wear False Eyelashes Overnight?


There are a lot of reasons, and it really comes down to hygiene and safety.  Wearing your false lashes overnight creates an opportunity for your lashes to become damaged, collect dirt, and cause your eyes problems.  This isn’t something you want to deal with, we promise.  Here are some of the problems that can result from continually wearing your false lashes overnight.

  • Traction alopecia.  This is really rare, so don’t freak out, but if you continually wear your false eyelashes overnight, you put your natural lashes at risk for traction alopecia.  This is a condition that occurs when the hair follicles of your lashes have been pulled upon for so long, the natural lash falls out and does not grow back.  The real risk here is sleeping in your lashes night after night on your side or stomach, in a position that allows your face (and eyes) to rub against your pillow or bedding. 

This rubbing and pulling can cause the glue adhesive to slide and pull your natural lashes, causing them to come out.  After time and continual traction on your natural lashes, they are at risk of not growing back.  Even if you don’t develop actual traction alopecia, there is a real risk that the glue adhesive can attach to your natural lashes if your lash band slides onto your lash line while you sleep.  If this happens, you can expect some natural lash shedding, which you likely don’t want to happen.  While this is again, very rare, it’s not something we’d be willing to risk, so it’s a good idea to make sure those lashes come off every night before bed. 

  • Germs.  You’ve probably read about all the gross stuff hiding out in your bed pillows and linens.  From dead skin cells to tiny mites that eat them, your bed isn’t really the most hygienic place in your home, although it’s obviously safe for you to sleep there.  The problem, however, is when we introduce things into our bed that can collect germs.  One such thing is a set of false eyelashes. 

Think of it this way: Your false eyelashes have been attached to your eyes all day and exposed to new environments and any drainage (tears, etc.) coming from your eye.  If you go to bed with your lashes still attached, any germs lingering in those lashes have a prime opportunity to grow around your eyes and cause an infection.  Additionally, if you aren’t sleeping on your back your lashes will rub against your bed pillow and pick up dead skin cells, dirt, oil, dust, and anything else hanging out on your pillow.  This can be a huge risk of eye infection, and no one has time for that.  When you wake up, your lashes will be dirty, which makes them difficult to wear again without a thorough, deep cleaning. 

Instead of exposing your eyes and your lashes to that kind of damage, just remove them and put them back in their box.  You’ll feel better, and your lashes will retain their shape and look amazing. 

  • Damage to false eyelashes.  If you aren’t concerned with the potential health risks of keeping your lashes on overnight, perhaps you can be persuaded to take those lash bands off to keep them in prime condition. 

Your Doe Lashes are handcrafted from Korean silk, and made to last up to fifteen uses.  Our lashes are durable and can handle practically anything you throw at them, but sleeping with them on can really lead to lash band damage.  You already know that pulling and tugging at the lash band can harm your falsies.  As such, you should always be diligent about being gentle in your application and removal.  If you go to sleep with your lashes on, the potential for your face to drag across your pillow, and thereby drag your lash band along with it, is really high. 

False eyelashes  aren’t meant for that amount of pulling and scraping.  In addition to stretching and damaging the lash band, the actual lash fibers can be pulled from the lash band, causing spaces in your lashes that you don’t want.  Sleep with your lashes on too many times and you will basically render them useless.  This is a real tragedy if you’ve only used your lashes once or twice! 


What if I Have to Wear My Lashes Overnight?


Sometimes it might just be unavoidable.  You’ve had a late night, you aren’t at home, you simply forget; whatever the reason, if you happen  to wear your lashes overnight, try to sleep on your back to avoid having your lashes rub against your pillow or bedding.  Additionally, make sure you clean your lash band as soon as you are able to remove them.  This will ensure that any germs or bacteria that have attached to the lashes are removed before storage. 

Wearing false eyelashes is the best way to get the voluminous, lengthy lashes you want without a lot of hassle.  They are simple to apply, easy to wear, and quick to remove.  Because they’re so quick to remove, you’ll want to make sure you actually do remove them every day before going to bed.  Sleeping in your false eyelashes is never a good idea.  The risk for potential natural eyelash loss, eye infection, build-up of dirt and germs in the false eyelash set, and damage to the lash set itself makes sleeping with your lashes on an altogether bad idea.