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Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

Oct 03, 2020
Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

Realizing you’re losing eyelashes is pretty unsettling, especially if you started out with lashes that weren’t exactly “long and voluminous.”  Chances are, some of the methods of lash lengthening and thickening you’ve been using could be to blame for your current lack of lashes.  It can seem like a slap in the face!  

Eyelashes naturally fall out and renew about every three weeks.  This is your natural lash growth cycle.  This time frame differs for every person, but on average, this is the time it takes for a lash to grow from start to finish.  The problem is, we aren’t always kind to our lashes.  Much like the hair on our head, we can use products that are harmful to our lashes and this can result in the loss of the overall amount of lashes.  

If you’re concerned your lashes are gone for good, don’t worry; eyelashes do grow back!  Let’s look at some of the reasons why you might currently be lashless, and what you can do to prevent this from happening again.  

Why Did I Lose My Lashes?


Most of the time, the reason why our lashes have said adios is because of our own improper treatment of them.  Ironically, some of the methods we use to make our lashes look longer can have the opposite effect on them in the long term.  Here are some of the most common reasons lashes may have fallen out.

  • Eyelash Extensions.  Professional eyelash extensions are applied in a salon setting by a lash technician.  During the process, individual false eyelash fibers are glued to your individual natural lashes with what is essentially a safer super glue.  Because the extensions are glued to your natural lash, they can cause the natural lash to rip or fall out more quickly, and can potentially damage the natural lash’s ability to regrow as quickly.  
  • Alopecia.  Alopecia is a condition which causes your hair to fall out in patches or in total.  Alopecia is most likely caused by a rare immune disorder, so it’s not very likely your lack of lashes is caused by this disorder.  If you suspect it is, you should definitely seek the advice of your healthcare professional.  While there’s currently no cure for alopecia, there are treatments available that can help.
  • Accidental damage.  Accidents like burns or rips can cause your lashes to come out.  Using eyelash curlers that have been heated or removing a set of false lashes that were improperly placed on top of your lash line can be culprits of accidental lash loss.  In these cases, the lash will normally grow back, but it takes time for that growth to happen.  
  • Trichotillomania.  This condition is a psychological disorder that is characterized by the compulsory need to pull out one’s own hair.  Oftentimes people who suffer from this problem focus on eyelashes.  If you think you could be suffering from this disorder, seek the advice of a healthcare professional.
  • Health and medical conditions.  There are some health and medical conditions that can cause hair loss.  For instance, if you’re undergoing chemotherapy, a known side effect is hair loss, and that can include your lashes.  

Issues with your thyroid can also cause hair loss.  Your thyroid produces hormones that can control hair growth and loss.  A simple blood test can confirm whether or not your thyroid is functioning properly.

If you’ve lost a majority or all of your eyelashes it’s best to speak to a medical professional to rule out any underlying medical causes and make sure you don’t need treatment.  If your doctor has determined your eyelash loss is from unhealthy lash care, we can help, and we can also give you some tips on how to have gorgeous, voluminous lashes without damaging the natural ones.  

Do Eyelashes Grow Back?


Yes.  Your eyelashes will grow back if you aren’t suffering from a medical condition that prevents this from happening (like alopecia).  You’re going to have to be pretty patient, because  although the normal cycle of eyelash growth happens every three weeks, each of your individual eyelashes is on its own growth cycle, meaning every eyelash on your lid doesn’t magically fall out and get replaced with a new one at the exact same time every month. 

It can take up to four months for you to grow a completely new, full set of eyelashes.  While this may seem like an eternity, you can definitely have great lashes while you’re waiting on your natural ones to grow out.  Using easy to apply, eyelash friendly false lashes can give you the look of long, gorgeous lashes whether you’re currently lashless or just dealing with lashes that aren’t as full or as long as you’d like them to be.  

Fake Eyelashes:  What Are My Options?


You definitely have some options when it comes to fake eyelashes.  The great thing about adhesive lashes is that you aren’t committed to them for any length of time and you aren’t locked in to one particular style. With eyelash extensions (which can be damaging and potentially hazardous to your natural lashes) the style you initially  applied is the style you have until they fall out.  That might be okay for some users, but we here at Doe Lashes like to have the ability to change our minds.  

Fake lashes are available in a few different application styles: 

  • Full strip.  A full strip set of false eyelashes means that you’ll be applying an entire strip of lashes to your natural lash line; the lashes will stretch from one corner of your eye to the other.  This is the preferred method of many users, as they are super easy to apply, stay in place well, and give the most dramatic look.  
  • Partial strip.  A partial strip of lashes is usually a small grouping of lash fibers (about 3-5) that are grouped together and can be applied to the lash line or to your own individual lashes.  These can be really hard to get placed, are famous for falling out, and may not give you the dramatic look you want.  Additionally, if you’re missing a lot of lashes, this will probably not be a good option for you.
  • Individual lash fibers.  Individual lash fibers are just what they sound like.  They are tiny, individual fibers which you attempt to glue to your own natural lashes.  Essentially, this is like attempting to do professional lash extensions at home.  You need a lot of experience to be able to do these correctly, and even then they often don’t work, as you won’t have access to salon grade glue without a license.  

If you’re missing a lot of lashes, Individual lash fibers aren’t an option.  They have to be attached to a natural lash for placement, and keep in mind that use of these types of lashes (even at home) can damage your natural lashes’ growth.  

How to Safely Use False Eyelashes


When you’re ready to start using false eyelashes, we’re here to walk you through the entire process.  At Doe Lashes, we create beautiful, handcrafted lashes from Korean silk to give you the look and feel of baby soft, natural lashes.  Our lash bands are made from 100% cotton, so you never have to worry about feeling weighed down or irritated by a heavy lash band.  

Wearing a set of false eyelashes is super simple.  You can apply them in just five easy steps.

  1. Trim your lash strips to fit.  Once you remove them from their package, hold them up to your eyes so you can trim them to fit perfectly.  Our lashes are fully customizable, but remember, you can always trim more, so start off small.
  2. Apply your makeup (except for mascara and eyeliner).  
  3. Apply a thin strip of eyelash glue to the lash band.  You will only need a small amount of glue.  Too much can get stuck to the band or to your remaining eyelashes.  
  4. Gently attach the lash strip just above your natural lash line.  The lash band should sit just above where your natural lashes grow.  You don’t want to place them directly on the lash line, even if you are missing your natural lashes.  This can interfere with lash growth. 
  5. Press the lash band from corner to corner to ensure it is securely in place.  

Your lashes are now secure and will last all day or all night.  No need to worry about them coming unattached; Doe Lashes lash strips famously hold tight so you don’t have to stress.  

If your eyelashes have hit the road, there’s no need to despair.  Your natural lashes will eventually grow back, and while you wait you can sport super-comfortable, weightless lashes that you may decide to continue using even once you’ve gotten some solid eyelash growth.  

Doe Lashes are great for any occasion and can be changed to match any event or style.  You can wear them safely every day without worrying they will damage your real lashes.  Because false eyelash strips sit just above your natural lash line, they don’t interfere with your natural eyelash growth.  


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