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doe x Nina Lu - learn more about Nina!

Sep 30, 2022
doe x Nina Lu - learn more about Nina!

Nina Lu, an actress that has worked on Disney’s Bunk’d, Disney Monstober, and Our Last Summer has recently done an exciting collab with doe. The Nina Lu Starter pack features different and cute lash styles. Ranging from the famous Allure-winning-lash (Cloud 9) to the comfortable Fairy Dust, Nina decided to customize these lashes to her own liking. 

When asking Nina what attracted her to doe, she first states how adorable the packaging is. Another key component that really drew her in is, “doe really prioritizes on different eye shapes”. Unlike other brands and companies, where the falsies might look too glam (or even too subtle for your eyes) doe really has a strong emphasis on matching your perfect eye shape to the perfect lash. Nina really appreciates how doe is able to provide this variety of lashes because she has monolids. Nina states, “I have monolid eyes and I feel like I have to do my makeup different… lashes is a whole thing…and it never worked out well…but I love your guys’ lashes” 

When diving deeper into the styles of the lashes from the starter pack (Siren Call, Cloud 9, Really Really Lowkey, Fuccboi Repellent, Fairy Dust) and why Nina chose specific ones she said the following: 

  1. Fairy Dust is extremely feathery and light. “It's like a chicken’s soft feathers!” Nina says laughing. 
  2. “Cloud 9 is one of my favorites…I feel like if I became a lash girl I would wear this every day.” She also mentions that Cloud 9 is short which makes it not super dramatic. 
  3. “Really Really Lowkey is a little smaller than the last lash (Cloud 9) and it's super feathery.” 
  4. “There are multiple reasons why I love this lash (Fuccboi Repellent), the packaging is pink, it’s pretty dense compared to the other wispier lashes.”
  5. Finally, to top it all off, Nina says that Fairy Dust packaging color is super cuter and perfect for clubbing (lol!). 

As someone who has not always been heavily focused on lashes, after working with doe, Nina smiles happily and says, “I think I’m going to start becoming a lash girl.” 

We love you Nina!