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Free Lash Glue
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Free Soothing Eye Mask
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Holiday Gift Guide for All the Deer Ones in Your Life

Dec 08, 2020
Holiday Gift Guide for All the Deer Ones in Your Life

Holiday Gift Guide for All the Deer Ones in Your Life

🎵 It’s the most wonderful time of the year 🎶

Although being home for the holidays is going to hit differently this year, we wanted to take the stress away from gift-giving and help you check off everyone on your list. So sit back, relax, and let us do all the work for you so you can spend more time being with your loved ones. 

For the skincare lover 

Bundle up our reusable cotton rounds, newly released pimple patches, and comfy headband for a perfect lil pamper kit. 

For the night owl 

Hook them up with the Cloud Baby light as a fun way to illuminate their space for those late night good vibes.

For your lowkey instagram famous friend 

Give the gift of our Influencer Bundles curated by social media stars who know a thing or two about taking the perfect pic and engagement analytics. 

Left to right @er.cakim, @helenpenggg, @official.ibtc, @nanababbbyy bundles


Curated for those like her with monolids—the lash styles range from subtle to glam and are perfect options for those who want to wear lashes without weighing down their eyes.



A combination of Helen’s favorite lashes along with a Doe’s LED Baby Light! This bundle is perfect for gifting or to just keep for yourself! 



This bundle allows you to experiment with different styles, and experience easy applications with a cute lash applicator! It also comes with reusable cotton pads which is great for sustainability.



Nana’s bundle has all the lashes for your beauty needs, plus a super cute light! The perfect gift for someone who loves to switch up their look often.


For the extra AF friend

You know, the one who takes an hour to get ready for a trip to the grocery store? Don’t let her lash game be short of her glamorous fits.


For the effortlessly cool friend

She just rolled out of bed not too long ago, but shows up to her zoom class lookin fresh-faced and pulled together. This is the perfect everyday lash kit to enhance her signature everyday look. 

Stocking Stuffers

Doe Midnight Pimple Patches 

Leave your skin feeling and looking as good as new. This is the perfect solution for those pesky little breakouts. 

Reusable Cotton Rounds

Instead of using single-use cotton rounds to remove your glam for the day, choose to do good by the planet AND by your skin! It’s a win-win situation :)

Deer Headband

The softest accessory for all your makeup and skincare needs, you can never go wrong with this essential getting (un)ready item.



The perfect gift for any glam looks, this style will sure make any wearer’s eyes sparkle in the moonlight. 

Fairy Dust

These fluttery beauties are great for an everyday look, or for a soft-glam, Insta worthy vibe and guaranteed to last you a “fairy” long time ;)


Starry Night

Dramatic and sultry, this exquisite lash set is guaranteed to turn heads at any event and for every occasion!

Doe Mask

Stay safe- but make it cute in our signature Doe blue face mask!  


Lash Applicator 

Elves are to Santa as lash applicators are to false lashes. This convenient tool will make applying false lashes an absolute breeze. 


New Year, New You 

Featuring: Cloud 9, Silver Lining, Really Really Lowkey, Midnight Pimple Patches, Doe's Reusable Cotton Rounds, and Doe headband

Give them a head start to 2021 with this fun bundle featuring our top best selling lashes and a couple of Doe’s newest self care items. 

Mood Setter

Featuring: Glam kit, LED light

Set the mood for the rest of the year to be glam and filled with light. 

Everyday Essentials 

Featuring: SSP, headband, face mask

When in doubt, go back to the basics! Everyone appreciates the simple things in life 😌


And finally....

Doe Vault

Featuring: SSP, GSP, Midnight Pimple Patch, Reusable Cotton Rounds, LED light

The ultimate gift for all beauty lovers. If you get this for anyone, they will love you us on this one.



There you have it..Doe's ultimate gift guide for your beauty loving friends (or self...I mean look at that Doe Vault). You can shop everything on our site here. Still not sure about our bundles? No worries! We have a custom 3-pack here, and you can even take our lash quiz to find the perfect lash here

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