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Easy Makeup Looks: 6 Looks Anyone Can Recreate

Mar 02, 2021
Easy Makeup Looks: 6 Looks Anyone Can Recreate

With so many different trends and methods out there in the makeup world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and inexperienced. Yes, there are tons of tutorials and videos sprawled across the internet, but those are usually for the more difficult or complicated looks. 

We want to help you look your best even when you’re rushing to work, class, dinner, or a night out—easy go-to makeup looks you can use daily, no matter how pressed for time you are. All it really takes are some bomb lashes, glowing skin, and some shadow or lip balm.

1. Glowing Skin

The first step to looking flawless in no time is by getting that skin of yours glowing. Make sure you apply a quality moisturizer before applying any primers or foundations. 

Flawless Foundation 

Quick and easy makeup looks tend to have a more natural vibe, so feel free to skip the foundation. But, if you feel more confident with it, we recommend using a lightweight foundation so that you don’t stop your natural glow from shining through. It’s super easy to use and makes it easy to get a perfectly even application.

Bonus Tip: If you aren’t comfortable going completely bare-skinned but also don’t want to deal with foundation application, consider a lightweight BB or CC cream. 

2. Easy Eyeshadow 

Eyeshadow might feel intimidating (and time-consuming), but it doesn’t have to be. Keep it simple with these two options.

A Monochromatic Look

Apply one cream-based shadow over your entire eyelid. This look is elegant and straightforward, and incredibly easy. If you have more fair skin, stick to silvers and white, and if you have medium / darker skin, champagne tones and reddish golds are your best bet. 

A Basic Four-Shadow Look

If the one-shade eyeshadow isn’t for you, we’ve got options. If you want to do an easy eyeshadow look with some more depth and dimension, consider doing a basic 4-shade look.

  1. Base shade (entire lid)
  2. Highlight (brow bone and inner corner)
  3. Matte mid-tone shade (crease)
  4. Contour shade (outer corner)

Once you have your shades picked, all you have to do is apply and head out the door.

Don’t Forget Your Lashes

We think eyeshadow and lashes go hand-in-hand. If you’ve taken the time to do your eyeshadow, you might as well pull it all together with some false lashes!

3. Rosy Cheeks and Lip Gloss

When you don’t have time or energy for anything else, a blush and a simple lip in similar shades is a great look. A rosy pink or red blush paired with a glossy lip is the perfect way to look put together when you actually spent a total of 35 seconds getting ready (shh… no one needs to know).

4. Flirty Lashes  

Hair in a messy bun, chapstick, and a coat or two of mascara. We’ve all done this extra lazy, last-minute makeup look. Yeah, It’s super easy and quick, but sometimes, mascara alone isn’t going to cut it. If you’re still feeling a little blah after you've finished getting ready, consider throwing on a pair of false lashes. This is the perfect way to add to a look without the worry of adding a bunch of complex products. 

Just make sure that you’re getting gorgeous, 100% Korean silk lashes like the ones that we have at Doe Lashes

5.  Vibrant Liner

Similar to our suggestions with your eyeshadow, less is more. Some of the biggest makeup trends right now are the ones that are simple, yet flashy. And let us tell you, you can’t get much more striking than a neon or bright colored eyeliner.

If you decide to rock this look, then go you! But if you choose to stick to that trusty ole black liner, that’s fine too. Both will bring a beautiful POP to your eyes

Don’t be shy when it comes to vibrant colors. When you’re rocking a crazy color, it makes everything about your look pop more and seems more intricate, when in actuality, it only took you three or four easy steps.

If you’re going crazy with the color, too, it might be fun to experiment with graphic shapes and styles. You can extend clean, sharp lines through your crease or even make your wing into a cool shape.

Application Tips

We suggest applying your bright liner on your top lid only and doing a wing. And don’t be worried about messing up your wing; the good thing is you won’t have eyeshadow on, so you can easily wipe it off and start afresh. 

Pro tip: If you have green or blue eyes, consider rocking a purple or light blue, and if you have dark-colored or brown eyes, consider a green or gold eyeliner. This will bring the most attention to your eyes.  

Colored Mascara

This is kind of a subset of colorful liner, but people are loving colored mascara these days too. Put on some purple or dark blue mascara, or really go crazy with a bright red or pink.

6. Bold Brows

Living in the age of bushy eyebrows is nothing but a major advantage. You could do a simple skin routine, put on some falsies, brush your brows up, and call it a day. Actresses and supermodels do it, so why can’t you?

In Conclusion

We know that makeup isn’t always everyone's favorite thing to deal with, but knowing these simple, easy looks will make getting ready feel like a breeze. Just remember to focus on mastering the basics and to never forget your lashes and lip gloss.