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Eyelash Extensions vs Strip Lashes: What’s the Difference?

Jul 16, 2020
Eyelash Extensions vs Strip Lashes:  What’s the Difference?

There are so many ways to enhance your real lashes it can be hard to decide the best way to get the job done.   We understand; you just want luscious lashes that look great, feel like you aren’t wearing anything at all, and look like Kim K.’s.  That’s definitely not too much to ask for in our opinion.  We did the research, tried out different methods of eyelash enhancement, and made a decision for ourselves about eyelash extensions vs strip lashes.  Here’s everything you need to know about the differences between the two, and which has our heart.  

Eyelash Extensions - Everything You Need to Know

All your friends seem to have a “lash person.”  Your favorite Instagram influencers swear by their stylist-applied extensions, and with the results you see, it’s clear to see why.  Eyelash extensions have taken the world by storm and everyone seems willing to  fork over half their paychecks to pay for them.  We wanted to know if eyelash extensions were really worth all the hype, so we did a little digging to find out everything we could about salon-grade eyelash extensions and how they compared to strip lashes.  

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are individual fibers of long lashes that are applied with an adhesive to your individual eyelashes by a professional in a salon or other professional setting.  Because they adhere to your actual eyelashes, they have the potential to last as long as it takes your natural lashes to grow out.  Essentially, the eyelash extension should last until the natural lash it is attached to falls out, taking the extension with it.  As such, eyelash extensions, unlike strip lashes, require regular salon maintenance.  You will need to visit your lash person every three to six weeks to have new extensions placed.  Think of it like getting upkeep on highlights in your hair.  When the hair grows out, you’ll have to go back to get the highlights redone.  Here are some other fun facts about eyelash extensions: 

  • Eyelash extensions cost anywhere from $100-$550 for the initial application, plus tip.  Upkeep and eyelash maintenance costs anywhere from $55-65 plus tip every three to four weeks.  If you want your eyelash extensions to stay as thick and full as they were when they were first applied, you may need to get touch ups and maintenance sooner than three weeks.  Your mileage may vary depending on how fast your eyelashes grow and how pleased you are when the extensions began to naturally fall out.
  • Eyelash extensions come in different materials.  Some of the most popular are synthetic, silk, and faux mink.  The highest-end material is faux mink.  While these lashes are feather-light and last the longest, they also come with the highest price tag for a full set.  A year’s worth of these babies can cost up to $1500-$2000, excluding tip for refills.  That’s a lot of money to spend on lashes! 
  • You’ll need to avoid water the first twenty-four hours after you get your eyelashes done or touched up.  Water can affect the way the adhesive bonds to the natural lash during this time period, so don’t plan any pool parties or long bubble baths! 
  • While there is no real proof that eyelash extensions will hurt or damage your natural eyelashes, some users have reported that they’ve experienced damage or allergic reactions from eyelash extensions that were improperly applied or from adhesive that contained formaldehyde.  Pro tip:  Always make sure your eyelash adhesive (whether eyelash extensions or strip lashes) is free from formaldehyde.  This is a known irritant and isn’t healthy for your eyes or the delicate skin that surrounds them.  
  • Eyelash extensions stay on your eyes 24/7.  Once they are applied, eyelash extensions are a permanent fixture on your face.  That means you really need to be hyper-aware of rubbing or tugging at your eyes.  Any trauma you cause to your eyes, with a makeup brush, a finger tug, a reflex action of itching your eye, can all cause your lashes to fall out, along with your natural lash.  Considering the expense, you definitely want to be as careful as possible so this doesn’t happen.  

What Are Strip Lashes?

Strip lashes are lashes that are attached to a fabric band, which is adhered to the skin just above your lash line in one piece.  Unlike eyelash extensions, strip lashes are removable and can be reapplied and worn numerous times before they are no longer good.  Strip lashes are also referred to as false eyelashes, falsies, glue-on, or stick-on lashes.  You won’t have to visit a salon to get strip lashes put on as you do with eyelash extensions.  You can apply strip lashes at home, remove them at home, and reapply them at home.  Here are some of the fun facts about strip lashes. 

  • Strip lashes are budget-friendly.  Although you can definitely spend a lot of dough on strip lashes, there are plenty of styles and quality finishes that are very affordable.  You can expect to pay anywhere between $10-$60 for a pair of strip lashes.  Keeping in mind that strip lashes are reusable, that makes the average cost per wear about $.50-$3 per wear.  
  • Strip lashes last a long time.  Not only do strip lashes last up to twelve hours per application, but they can also be removed and reapplied up to two weeks or seventeen times per pair.  That means two sets of lashes could essentially last you all month.  For about $50 you can have great lashes for four weeks!
  • Strip lashes are easy.  It only takes about five minutes to apply strip lashes.  The application process is super simple.  You can watch a tutorial here.  The strip lashes need to be trimmed, then the glue should be applied, and the lashes should be adhered to your lash line.  Removal is simple.  Gently pull or tug starting at the outer end of the lash band, and working your wayto the  inner corner of each lash.   
  • There’s no wait time with strip lashes.  Because you can easily remove and reapply them, you don’t need to wait for glue adhesive to cure before going swimming, taking a shower, or anything else.  You also can easily remove your strip lashes prior to working out, which will save their integrity and make it easy for you to wipe any sweat away without ruining your eyelashes.   
  • Quality strip lashes are handmade.  Although you will be applying them yourself, quality strip lashes, like the ones offered by Doe Lashes, will have a salon-like feel because they are hand-crafted and made by experts.  Doe Lashes are made from the highest grade, feather-light, Korean silk, which is the lightest, most comfortable lash available.  

Eyelash Extensions vs. Strip Lashes - Which Are Better?

For our time and money, this really isn’t even a question.  We’re at-home lash babes all day long.  If you’re still thinking salon lashes are the way to go, maybe we can convince you to try a great pair of strip lashes with these comparisons.  Here’s how eyelash extensions compare to strip lashes.  

Price:  This is a no-brainer.  Eyelash extensions are simply more expensive than strip lashes.  Although you will need to purchase numerous pairs of strip eyelashes, you’ll still save money compared to paying for eyelash extensions.  On average, the strip lashes offered by Doe Lashes cost about $12 per pair.  If you spend approximately $12 per pair of strip lashes compared to lash extensions which cost $200 plus tip for initial application and $50 plus every three weeks for maintenance, you’ll end up saving $100-$200 initially and $25 plus tip every month.   

Eyelash extensions vs. strip lashes on price final answer:  Strip lashes for the win!

Time:  We love a trip to the salon as much as the next person, but we’d also rather be out living life than spending hours at the salon getting our lashes done.  Initial application of eyelash extensions can take several hours, and maintenance can take half to a full hour every three weeks.  Doe Lashes strip lashes can be applied in five minutes at home and removed in about five seconds.  Reapplication takes the same amount of time.

Eyelash extensions vs. strip lashes final answer:  Strip lashes for the girl on the go! 

Looks:  This is a close call.  Both eyelash extensions and strip lashes can create great, natural-looking eye looks.  Eyelash extensions may seem like a more natural-looking choice because they adhere to individual lashes, but strip lashes blend very well with natural lashes; especially if you curl your natural lashes first.  The trick with strip lashes is to make sure you buy a quality product and know how to apply it.  If you aren’t applying your strip lashes correctly (which is super easy) they can look unnatural.  False lashes can look artificial and out of place if they are applied improperly as well.  They can actually cause damage if they aren’t done correctly, so it’s important to find a professional if you choose to go this route.  

Eyelash extensions vs. strip lashes on looks final answer:  Tie, but there are fewer risks with strip lashes.  

We made our decision; we’re #teamstriplash all the way.  And since strip lashes are more affordable than eyelash extensions, you can give them a try without risking a lot of time or money.  We’re sure you’re going to love them.