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Fake Eyelashes: What Are They Made Of?

Sep 09, 2020
Fake Eyelashes:  What Are They Made Of?

For so long we’ve been obsessed with big, doe-like eyes.  Eyes that have soft, long, wispy lashes a mile long that make the eyes look even bigger than they actually are.  And now that every celebrity, influencer, and girl next door is wearing them on the daily, they’re more popular than ever.  Fake eyelashes can give you noticeably more dramatic eyes.  Especially important to wear if you have a photoshoot or special event, fake eyelashes can draw attention to the eye and make it look much more noticeable than an eye that simply has eyeliner and mascara.  In fact, with the use of fake eyelashes, you’ll likely end up using less eye makeup.  You won’t really need mascara! 

If you're wondering about which fake eyelash products might be right for you, we can help.  Doe Lashes creates handmade lashes in numerous styles to fit your every need; be it a special occasion, or a trip to the grocery store.  Our lashes are the most comfortably worn because of our 100% cotton lash band and Korean silk lash fibers.  This makes for a fake eyelash strip that feels completely weightless.  You won’t have to worry about feeling like you have heavy eyelids; once Doe Lashes are applied, you can simply forget about them.  Application and removal of Doe Lashes is very easy.  You don’t have to be experienced to be able to apply them properly.  You simply need to be able to follow a simple tutorial and be patient with yourself. 

Fake eyelashes can be made of different types of lash fibers and constructed in numerous different ways.  Everyone knows Beyonce is famous for flaunting her 100% mink fur lashes, but if you are looking for a vegan, cruelty-free option, are there any available?  Can you get the same look for less and without risking the lives of animals?  If you do opt for synthetic fibers, can you be sure they’ll actually look good, or will you run the risk of having “spider lashes;” lashes that look like tarantula legs and do not look natural at all. 

Today we will look at the different materials that make the fake eyelashes we love so incredible.  There are three classifications of fake eyelashes, and within these three groups, different fibers and styles.  Fake eyelashes are normally made from mink fur, silk, or synthetic fibers.  We will take a look at how each of these types of lashes are made, how much they cost, and what the benefits (and drawbacks) are of wearing each type.  You will know everything you need to know about the differences between lash fibers, including where you can find some of the highest quality lashes available. 

If you have questions about lashes, Doe has your answers.  We not only offer high-end lashes, we offer lash industry information that helps you decide where to shop, what to buy, and how to get the lashes you want for the best value. 


All About Mink Lashes


Your favorite celebrities can’t leave their homes without them.  The influencers you follow are trying to persuade you to buy them with their discount code.  What are they?  They’re fake eyelashes made of 100% mink fur.  Known for their wispy, natural lash-like qualities, mink is the Rolls Royce of fake eyelash fibers.  They are usually shinier and silkier than human hair, and are therefore highly sought after. 

Mink lashes come at more of a cost than you think, though.  Obviously, mink lashes are taken from the fur of actual mink animals.  Minks are wild animals that belong in their natural habitat.  While some mink lashes are taken from the fur of minks that have been shaved or even killed, many sets of mink lashes will say they are cruelty-free.  This is simply not true.  According to PETA, mink lashes that are harvested “only after minks are brushed” or collected from them when the hair falls, are not cruelty free.  These minks are kept in small, unsanitary cages and are subjected to terrible treatment simply for the production of mink false eyelashes.  That’s not cruelty free in our book.  If you wouldn’t buy a mink fur coat, why would you consider wearing mink eyelashes? 

In addition to never being cruelty free, mink eyelashes are pricey.  A set of mink lashes can cost anywhere from $30 and can go up depending on the brand and how many fibers each lash strip contains.  Be wary of supposed “real mink” eyelash strips that retail for less.  Normally, you won’t actually be getting mink fur, you’ll be getting a synthetic version.  While we think a synthetic version is better for animals, you don’t know what type of fibers you are getting, which makes it a bad option.  You always want to be certain you know what type of fibers make up your fake eyelash strips.   


All About Silk Lashes


If you’re team #nomink, you’ll definitely want to consider silk lashes as the superior option.  Silk is a synthetic fiber that is the most closely crafted after mink hair fibers.  In fact, Korean silk, in particular, has an incredible amount of shine, remains silky and wispy, and mimics the beauty of mink lashes, but without any cruelty.

Silk is the lash fiber of choice for Doe Lashes.  We don’t create any lashes that aren’t made of 100% Korean silk fibers.  All our lashes are handmade, which means you can count on amazing quality.  Silk lashes are also buildable.  This means you can wear a lash band that has hundreds of fibers to make it look incredibly voluminous, or you can use a lash band with fewer fibers for a less dramatic look. 

The benefits of wearing silk lashes are:

  • Silk lashes are lightweight, natural looking, yet durable.  Your silk eyelashes will last for up to fifteen wears if properly cared for and stored correctly. 
  • Cruelty-free.  As long as you know the company that supplies your lashes does not test on animals, silk lashes are typically vegan and cruelty-free.  Doe Lashes’ Korean silk lashes are always vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Silk lashes are natural looking.  Unlike some synthetic fibers which can look artificial when curled, silk lashes provide a natural look that mimics the curvature of your natural lashes more effectively than other synthetic lashes.
  • Cost effective.  Silk lashes won’t break your budget.  Many sets of high quality, silk lashes are less than $13.00 per set and are reusable up to fifteen times.  This is an incredible value for someone who plans to purchase numerous styles of lashes and build a true lash wardrobe. 
  • Easy to apply and remove.  Silk lashes are incredibly easy to apply and remove, and even though they are beautiful and look very delicate, they are incredibly durable.  This means you don’t have to worry about ripping out the fibers from the lash band when you remove them.  The more durable a lash set is, the longer you can wear and reuse it.


All About Polished Acrylic Lashes


When we refer to other types of synthetic lashes, we are usually referring to polished acrylic.  Polished acrylic lashes are a type of lash fiber that is generally thicker and stiffer than mink or silk.  These lash fibers are naturally more dense than mink or silk, simply due to their material.  As such, they create a highly dramatic look. They are often more uncomfortable on the eyes than mink or silk lashes. 

Another drawback of synthetic lashes is the weight.  Synthetic lashes are the heaviest of all, so when wearing them, users sometimes say they are always aware they are on, or that their eyelids feel “heavy.”  You won’t experience this weighed down feeling with a great pair of silk lashes; the fibers are simply too lightweight. 

Acrylic lashes are a good fit for users who want a set of lashes that last one wear and then are ready to be tossed.  They don’t generally last very long and are incredibly inexpensive.  These types of lashes are the ones that have been in drug stores since the 1960’s.  If you are looking for a pair of lashes to wear for a costume party or for a single event, these would probably work, although keep in mind that the weight of their fibers make them not only heavier, but more susceptible to coming detached from your natural lash line while you wear them.  Even if you use a glue that claims to work better or help you lashes stay put longer, you could end up with a sticky situation on your hands, or worse, a lash that comes unattached at the most inopportune time.

Fake eyelash strips are made from numerous different materials, including the fur of innocent animals.  Even though their fur may make a beautiful set of lashes, it is never cruelty-free to wear a set of mink lashes.  A better option is to wear Korean silk lashes.  These lash fibers are closest in texture and look to mink fibers, are cruelty-free, and more cost effective.  Wearing Korean silk lashes is also extremely comfortable.  These lashes are much lighter than their synthetic alternatives and also give a more natural look.