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Fake Eyelash Style Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Mar 22, 2021
Fake Eyelash Style Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Fake eyelashes are fun, flirty, and act as the finishing touch for that bomb makeup look you just spent half an hour perfecting. However, the last thing you want to do is ruin all that hard work by picking the wrong lash for your eye shape or style for the look. 

Here at Doe Lashes, we know lashes, and we know just how much they can work with your perfect glam look. If you’re new to the fake lash game and don’t want to fall victim to the typical rookie slip-ups, then keeping on reading.

1. Step: Find Your Eye Shape

Knowing your eye shape is key to know which lash set will work best for you (although you can wear whatever lash you want—we don’t judge). There are tons of unique eye shapes, but here are the most common ones.

Monolid Eyes

If your eyelids don’t really have a crease, you have monolid eyes. They tend to look best with top-heavy styles that are especially fluttery or have multi-layers, like these Cloud 9 lashes.

Round Eyes

If you have big round puppy-dog eyes, then lucky you! These are plenty versatile and look gorgeous regardless of your lash choice. But if you want to make sure they’re extra poppin’, then stick to voluminous lashes. They will enhance the curve of your top lid, making your eyes appear even bigger!

Doe Tip: Avoid voluminous and or over dramatic lashes. It can be overpowering and draw attention away from your actual eyes. 

Almond Eyes

When you think about almond eyes, envision Beyonce—she’s the perfect example of the almond eye shape. 

Most kinds of false lashes work with almond eyes—so if you’re blessed with almond eyes, have some fun. Go big and bold; we know you can pull it off! 

Upturned Eyes

This eye type is almond-shaped but with a natural lift in the outer corner. If you’ve always been able to kill the cat-eye look, then you likely have upturned eyes. To enhance your already striking gaze, pair your makeup look with a flared, wispy lash with a dramatic outer corner.

Doe Tip: Don’t be scared to trim down the outer corners of your lash set to get the perfect length for your shape, especially when you’re trying to achieve the half lash look. 

Downturned Eyes

Downturned eyes are slightly dipped down at the outer corner. For all you gorgeous people out there with downturned eyes, your goal should be adding some length to the outer corners and along the lash line. 

Hooded Eyes

The lid on this eye shape appears smaller due to the extra layer of skin that is over the crease. The wrong lash can pull hooded eyes down and make them look smaller. Avoid this by rocking a fluttering mixed-length lash set that is the longest right above the pupil.

Deep-Set Eyes

This eye-type makes the brow bone appear more prominent, and the eyes sometimes get a little overshadowed. To accentuate your eyes, stick to long and wispy lashes that curl up and away from your eyes. 

Of course, not every eye shape fits perfectly into these five categories, but try to find the one that best matches your eye shape and go from there. 

2. Step: Decide on Your Look

Now that you’ve got your eye shape figured out, you’ve got to decide what look you’re going for. Glam, casual, flirty, or natural? Doe Lashes are great because the options are endless, and there’s a perfect set for anyone.

While every eye shape has a style of lashes that will make those peepers look amazing, that doesn’t mean you can’t venture out and try fun, new things with your makeup—it’s all about expressing yourself. 

3. Step: Application

This wouldn’t be the ultimate guide if we didn’t cover the application process. The false lash application can be daunting, especially if you’re not super familiar or comfortable with lashes in general. But don’t worry; we’re here to guide you through the easiest lash application there is. 

1. Prepare your supplies—grab your lash glue, lash applicator, and those bomb lashes you’ve just purchased. 

Doe Tip: Some people use tweezers, but we think your best bet would be investing in a lash application tool. They’re specially curved for optimal mobility and easy application. 

2. Trim your falsies. Your lashes most likely aren’t going to be the perfect length right from the box. Trim them to your eye shape for the best results possible.

3. Carefully apply lash glue to the lash band. The key is to wait for 30-45 seconds after applying the glue before sticking the lash to your eye. You want the adhesive to feel tacky so that it won’t slip out of place.

4. Stick those bad-boys on, and then take a step back. You’ve successfully shopped, styled, and applied some bomb falsies (and looked great while doing it)!

In Conclusion

Makeup can be intimidating to a newbie, but there are tons of helpful resources out there. Here at Doe Lashes, we think everyone deserves the chance to serve some killer lash looks—despite their current knowledge of false lashes, eye shapes, or makeup application. 

You go, girl! Now you’ve got beauty and brains! The best way to perfect this new skill is with practice. It’s time to make some plans—this way, you’ve got an excuse to get all glammed up (not that you ever needed one in the first place).


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