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False Lashes: 5 Types to Know About

Sep 09, 2020
False Lashes:  5 Types to Know About

When you were younger, selecting a pair of false eyelashes was as easy as going to the drug store and picking up the single pack that they carried.  Those single styles didn’t fit well, had glue that got clogged on the lash band, and lash fibers that looked anything but natural.  Essentially, when we purchased a pair of big box specials, we knew what we were getting and didn’t set our expectations very high.  If those lashes lasted more than a few minutes, we usually wore them for Halloween or some other costume-party event. 

Now that false eyelashes are better than they once were, we can set some pretty high expectations about how they should look, how they should feel, how long they should last, and how easy they are to apply.  We can wear them anytime, day or night; what was once something used almost exclusively for custom wear or special occasions only is now standard wear for every day.  This is because there are numerous different types and styles of lashes from which to choose.  Additionally, there are different types of false lashes to choose from.

Doe Lashes was created to bring false lash users the most comfortable, wearable, and long-lasting, reusable lash-wear available.  Our 100% cotton band ensures you won’t ever feel the weight of a heavy set of lashes on your natural lash line or feel like you can’t blink your eyes.  Our natural Korean silk fibers make all of our lash sets the most natural looking available, which means you’ll have people wondering if the dramatic eye looks you wear are really falsies or not. 

Besides different styles of eyelashes, false eyelashes are also available in several different types.  Which types you prefer depends on your lash applying ability, personal preference for lash enhancement, and budget.  Doe Lashes offers high-end quality lashes for under $15.00 per pair, and each pair is reusable up to fifteen times with proper care.  As such, you can have a great pair of lashes that costs you pennies each application.  In comparison with other lash enhancing methods (like extensions or eyelash growth serums) you can potentially save hundreds of dollars.

Additionally, wearing false eyelashes is a huge time saver.  Unlike the application process for eyelash extensions, which can be extremely tedious and time-consuming, false eyelash strips go on quickly and remove easily; the entire application and removal process takes less than five minutes.  Speaking of saving time, false eyelash strips are the definite choice for impatient people who don’t want to wait for a couple of months for an eyelash serum (which may or may not work) to take effect. 

False eyelash strips are our fave, so today we will talk about the different kinds available, including full strips, individual flares, individual lash fibers, mink lashes, and magnetic lashes.  We will also learn about different styles and which ones are great for day and night.  If you’re ready to learn all things false eyelashes, read on. 


Full Strip Lashes


Full strip lashes are by far our favorite choice, mostly so because they are the most versatile, most dramatic, and easiest to apply.  Full strip lashes consist of some type of thin band, which individual lash fibers have been adhered to.  The entire strip can be cut to custom fit the wearer’s eye.  Typically, these full sets of lashes come in a variety of different looks.  From very lowkey lashes that look and feel completely natural, to big, dramatic, voluminous lashes that demand attention, full strip lashes create an entirely new eye look. 

Full strip lashes are the easiest to apply, as they can be applied with your finger or with a lash applicator.  If you aren’t a seasoned professional with eyelash application, an applicator can really save you a lot of headache and time.  Applying your full strip lashes is easy; you simply trim them to fit, apply glue to the lash band, and gently press them to your natural lash line. 

move the lashes, removal is easy too.  Gently pulling the false lashes out and away from your lash band releases the adhesive and allows you to pull the entire strip out and away.  Once you’ve removed the excess adhesive from the back of the band, you can store the lashes right back in their original packaging.  False eyelash full strip sets are reusable up to fifteen times with proper storage and care.


Individual Flare Lashes


Individual flare lashes refer to tiny “clusters” of lashes fitted to a small, dot-sized poly-fiber end.  These individual lash clusters are applied to the user’s lash line, typically directly in the area where their natural eyelashes grow.  This means the chance for getting adhesive in your eyes is higher, so you must proceed with extreme caution. 

Another popular method of individual flare lash application is to adhere the flares to the user’s natural lashes using two week lash glue.  The lash glue is guaranteed to adhere the lash flare to the user’s eyelash for up to two weeks.  This presents a problem, as the natural lash usually comes out along with the false eyelash flare, and natural lashes should last much longer than two weeks.  This means you could potentially damage your natural lashes by using flares. 

Flares are popular with makeup artists and other professionals who want more creative license over their clients’ lash looks.  For the average user, application of these types of lashes will be extremely difficult to master and can end up causing harm instead of enhancing their natural lash line. 


Individual Lash Fibers


These are the lash fibers typically used by salon professionals who apply lash extensions.  Attempting to apply these at home is wrought with problems and should be avoided altogether.  The individual lash fiber application process is pretty tedious, too.  You’ll spend several hours in a salon chair while a lash professional uses a commercial-grade super glue to glue each individual lash fiber to one of your own natural lashes. 

The individual lash fibers will remain intact until your natural lashes fall out, taking with them the false lash fibers.  While this may be a viable option for some, many people who use individual lash fibers for extended periods of time can develop a condition that prevents their natural lashes from ever growing back. 

Additionally, salon extensions cost a lot of money.  You can expect to pay up to $300 for your first set of lashes, and $50-$100 per fill.  You will need a fill at least every three weeks; potentially sooner depending on how quickly your natural lashes fall out. 


Mink Lashes


Mink lashes became all the rage when celebrities started sporting them to red carpet events.  We love to look like our favorite celebrities, and as such, we wanted to find out what mink lashes were and if they’d work for us, too.  We were surprised when we found out that mink lashes are made from the fur of minks, which are regularly raised and “farmed” for their silky coats.  Even mink lashes that claim to be “cruelty free” and claim the fur they use for the lashes are “brushed” off the animal aren’t safe.  Minks don’t actually need to be brushed, and are wild animals that should be left, well, in the wild.

Opt instead for a synthetic material that mimics soft mink, like Korean silk.  Korean silk is fine and lightweight like mink fur, but without the danger to the animal.  You’ll get the exact same great look without harming any innocent animals. 


Magnetic Lashes


A newer trend on the scene are magnetic lashes, which are attached to the wearer’s natural lash line with an iron-oxide eyeliner. These are typically full set strip lashes which have small magnets on the back of the lash band.  Once the user applies a liquid eyeliner to their lash line, they can clip the magnetic lashes to the band magnetically. 

This presents a really big problem if you aren’t great at applying liquid eyeliner.  If you mess it up, you could end up getting your lashes snapped on somewhere they shouldn’t be.  Additionally, the magnets on the back of the lash strips can weigh down the lash band and feel heavy to the user. 

You’ll also need to invest in a special cleanser to safely remove the iron oxide eyeliner, as some commercial makeup removers aren’t capable of effectively removing it.

False eyelashes are a great way to get the long, voluminous lashes you want, with very little long term commitment.  Glue adhesive strip lashes are a great way to get lengthier lashes when you want or need them for a special look, and remove them when you don’t.  Other lash enhancement methods are great for some, but for the most efficient and cost effective way to get longer lashes, strip lashes are the way to go.  A great set of false eyelash strips can last up to fifteen times before they need replacing, meaning you can wear your false lashes for virtual pennies.  False eyelashes let you change your look as often as you want without commitment. 



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