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Glam Lash Kit

Jul 24, 2020
Glam Lash Kit

The Glam Lash Kit is the ideal lash pack for wearers looking to expand their lash collections and explore the perfect glam look.  Whether you’re seeking some extra flair to enhance your daily look, or looking for that special set of lashes to accompany your full-makeup effect, this kit has a set of lashes fit for the situation. The Glam Lash Kit contains a selection of five distinct lash styles that offer a diverse range of dramatic volume and length, which excel in accentuating the eye for emboldened, glamorous looks. Also included is our signature Doe Lashes lash applicator, which makes applying lashes easier than ever! In all, our Glam Lash Kit provides you with all of the tools you need to explore new and creative looks that’ll be sure to draw some attention. 

The Glam Lash Kit includes one of each lash style listed below:



Ideal for building a distinct look that’s sure to be noticed, features a distinct lash formation that gives the eye structure, while the extended lash fibers establish a bold volume. Even without eyeshadow or eyeliner, this lash pair can create a complete impression and produce a statement on its own.



An eye-catching lash pair that boasts a greater thickness and volume than the other pairs in our collection. Lengthy lash fibers held close together help to structure your eyes with a fullness that not only radiates brilliance, but adds awe-inspiring dimension as well.



Doe’s newest lash style, features impressive volume and length to make your eyes shine like the brightest stars in the night sky. The volume of these lashes is built upon its dual-layered style, which builds an impression similar to that of stacking two MORNING DEW lashes on top of each other, for a fuller, more complete look. While STARRY NIGHT relies on its rich volume and lengthy lashes to develop its dazzling look, the signature Doe softness and weightlessness remain.



The model pair for a wearer seeking lashes that aren’t too full in appearance, UWU still offers substantial lash length. This lash pair focuses upon a natural base with lengthy threads that add a voluminous touch. As a result, UWU is very versatile, having minimal volume that would allow for a more subtle look, as well as longer lashes that would benefit a more distinct look. Regardless of what effect you’re going for, UWU works for both!



A dramatic lash that emphasizes a rich depth and full volume which join together to create an emboldened, passionate look. With a medium-sized length and its precise spacing, this lash pair surges with elegance. In comparison to the other lash pairs in the collection, WHIMSICAL is the most dense, making it the best option to accentuate a distinctive look with no room for subtlety. This style of lashes pairs perfectly with a thicker eyeliner to accentuate your eyes.

And to top it all off, our GLAM LASH KIT features one of our Doe Lashes lash applicators, which helps to alleviate the difficulty of applying lashes by hand for a less troublesome experience! 


The Doe Lashes lash applicator is a lightweight and easy-to-use tool that makes applying lashes simple and painless. Perfect for wearers trying out false lashes for the first time, or for those having difficulty applying their lashes by hand!  

Our Glam Lash Kit features a select pick of our signature dramatic lashes as well as our lash applicator, worth a grand total of $64.99 USD. However, you can get all of those same items at 20% off the original price ($50.00 USD) by picking up the Glam Lash Kit! Not only do you get five amazing lash styles (and a lash applicator!) that can be worn for virtually any occasion, you’re also saving money!  

Be sure not to UWU without your FUCCBOI REPELLENT on to keep the bad energy away! With our Glam Lash Kit, you’ll be falling CRAZY IN LOVE with yourself as you create WHIMSICAL looks in the STARRY NIGHT.