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Glamnetic vs. Doe Lashes: Key Differences

Nov 15, 2021
Glamnetic vs. Doe Lashes: Key Differences

False lashes are fun to wear and one of our favorite ways to express yourself! Sometimes it’s confusing to know which type of lashes to choose. Between glue and magnetic lashes, there’s a set for you. Read on to get all the deets on falsies so you can choose your best set.

What Are Fake Lashes?

Fake lashes are a makeup lover’s dream come true. They give your eyes an extra little oomph in no time. Falsies are fake lashes made of synthetic fibers, mink, or silk and they adhere to a lash band. 

The lash band is attached to your lash line with a magnetic liner or adhesive. Wear falsies all day, then remove, clean, and store them until the next use. With proper care and daily removal, sets are reusable for many days before they have to be replaced.

What Are the Different Types of False Lashes

When it comes to fake lashes, there are several varieties available. Each lash type feels and looks different when they’re worn. False lashes are made from different materials and manufactured in different ways. Some are cruelty-free and some are not. Let’s look at the different types of lashes.

What Are Doe Lashes?

Doe Lashes are beautiful, natural-looking falsies that are easy to wear and cruelty-free. The Neo-Lashes are doe’s newest additions of magnetic false lashes. Doe lashes are available in natural and bolder-looking lash sets.

What Are Doe Lashes Made From?

Doe Lashes are made from 100% sustainable synthetic silk fibers. These fibers are cruelty-free and sourced from South Korea. The handcrafted Doe lashes are super fluffy and cloudlike, leaving you with an angelic feel every time you wear them. The lightweight cotton band feels virtually weightless, leaving room for you to bat those lashes at any time!

Because Doe Lashes are handmade by artisans (never mass-produced), they are designed with extreme care and attention to detail. The result is a beautiful, luxurious false lash set that looks flawless. Our Neo-Lashes have 10 strong built-in magnets that keep the lashes from lifting. They have a soft and comfortable band that’s ultra-lightweight. 

How Long Can You Wear Doe Lashes?

Strip lashes from Doe last up to 15 wears if they are properly maintained, while magnetic Neo-Lashes from Doe last up to 60 wears. When the lashes are correctly cleaned and stored, they will keep their shape and fluffy texture for the full amount of wear. That saves money in the long run!

How Do You Apply Doe Lashes?

Doe Lashes are easy to apply with the specially formulated Doe Lash adhesive

The Doe lash adhesive works to provide an all-day hold for your Doe Lashes. Apply Doe Lashes in just a few easy steps.

  1. Curl your natural lashes with an eyelash curler so that they blend well with the false lashes. 
  2. Remove the lashes from their box by gently pulling them by the lash band away from the packaging. 
  3. Hold the lashes up to your eyes to ensure they are the correct length. If the lashes are too long, carefully trim them from the outer corner of the band. 
  4. Apply the Doe lash adhesive along the lash band, paying close attention to the corners. Allow the glue to sit for about 30 seconds until it is tacky. 
  5. Look down into a mirror and apply the lashes as close to your upper lash line as possible. Finally, press your natural lashes into the false lashes and band to blend. 

Yes, it’s that easy! You’ll wear your falsies with confidence when you use the Doe lashes and adhesive together. Best of all, a mini lash glue sample is complimentary with any lash purchase! 

If you want to apply our Neo-Lashes, steps one to three from the above list are the same. The only difference is you line your eye with the neo-liner and then apply the false lashes (with no glue and no mess!). 

How Do You Remove Doe Lashes?

Removing Doe Lashes is easy! Always wash your hands before removing the lashes to avoid the spread of bacteria into your eyes. 

Gently tug the lash band (not the lashes) away from the lash line, starting at the outer corner to remove the lashes. Remove the lash band entirely by continuing to pull the lash band across the lash line. It’s that easy!

How Do You Care for Your Doe Lashes?

Carefully remove the lash glue remnants from the lash band with your fingers. Clean the lash band by soaking a q-tip in an oil-free makeup remover and gently rub it on the lash band. Make sure to use oil-free cleaner because oils will damage the lashes.

Around the eighth use, soak the lashes in lukewarm water and pat them dry with a towel or allow them to air dry. Doing this will help refresh the lashes.

Store the lashes in their original box, making sure the lashes keep their natural curve. As long as you care for your Doe Lashes properly, you can wear them up to 15 times. Our Neo-Lashes have the same care instructions, but they can be worn up to 60 times!

What Are the Pros of Doe Lashes?

Doe Lashes have many positive assets! When choosing your next false lash set, consider Doe because:

  • Doe Lashes are lightweight
  • Natural-looking
  • Easily applied with adhesive
  • They have a comfy cotton lash band
  • Reusable up to 15 times
  • Doe Neo-Lashes are magnetic and durable and available in four styles

What Are Glamnetic Lashes?

Glamnetic lashes are falsies that require an iron oxide magnetic liner for adhesion. These lashes are available in a variety of bold lengths and high densities. Synthetic fibers make up Glamnetic lashes.

How Are Glamnetic Lashes Applied?

Apply magnetic liner to the upper lash line to adhere to the magnetic lashes. Draw the liner onto the upper lash line, just like traditional eyeliner. The liner is visible when the lashes are applied, leaving you with a wildly exaggerated eye makeup look.

Lay the magnetic lash band onto the magnetic liner. These lashes are magnetically attracted to the liner and provide a firm hold. 

How Are Glamnetic Lashes Removed?

Glamnetic lashes are removed by gently tugging on the lash band from the outer corner. Pull the lash band across the lash line to completely remove the lashes. 

How Do You Care for Magnetic Lashes?

Carefully pull the lash band from the outer corner inward to remove the lashes. After removing the lashes from your lash line, carefully remove the bits of remnants of the magnetic liner from each magnet on the lash band. The magnetic liner will stick to the magnets and can be difficult to remove.

Use a q-tip soaked in oil-free makeup remover to clean the lash band. Store the lashes in their original packaging until the next use.

How Do Doe Lashes Differ From Glamnetic Lashes?

One of the main differences between Doe Lashes and Glamnetic lashes is their adherence to the lash line. Doe Lashes require adhesive and our Neo-Lashes are magnetic, and Glamnetic requires a magnetic liner. 

Apply magnetic liner to the upper lash line like actual eyeliner. The adhesive is easier to use than a magnetic liner because it doesn’t have to be applied in a perfectly straight line, and it is clear. It is also visible, just like traditional eyeliner. If you make a mistake when using the liner, it must be removed and reapplied. At times, it is messy.

The magnetic liner looks heavy and dramatic, so a natural lash look is virtually impossible. The adhesive used with Doe Lashes dries clear, so it looks completely natural and flawless. Our magnetic Neo-Lashes provide a no-mess experience that allows for precise application.

Why Choose Doe Lashes Over Glamnetic?

Doe Lashes are more natural-looking than Glamnetic lashes. You will look like you were born with long, beautiful lashes anytime you flaunt Doe Lashes. Plus, the cotton band makes the lashes sit delicately on your lash line. You will hardly know you’re wearing them!

Glamnetic lashes are very long and dramatic, so they don’t look natural. The liner used to apply Glamnetic lashes is challenging to apply and clumpy. These lashes require a magnetic liner. This liner creates the look of heavy eyeliner on the upper lash line. The magnetic liner, along with the large falsies, looks overdone when you wear them together.

To Sum It Up

False lashes make your eyes look glam, and they give your look a polished vibe. There are a variety of false lashes available on the market today. Lashes adhere with either lash glue or magnetic liner. Both provide a strong hold, but Doe Lashes are less messy and lighter in weight. Glamnetic magnetic liner is clumpy and sometimes has difficulty drying.

Doe Lashes are inspired by the gentle nature of the female deer. The subtle cloud-like feel of our lashes is so comfortable because we make comfort and style a priority. Doe Lashes do not irritate your eyes and always look beautifully natural. You’ll be glad you did! Try one of our many on-trend styles to complete your look.


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