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GRWM: Eid Morning

Jul 15, 2022
GRWM: Eid Morning

What is Eid?

Eid is an Islamic celebration which happens twice a year, once after Ramadan, and once after the completion of Pilgrimage. Eid-Ul-Adha takes place after pilgrimage and is the bigger of the two Eids. We wear new clothes, spend time with family, eat at restaurants or go to amusement parks - anything that allows us to be happy and celebrate this joyous day. The Eid mornings tend to be a little chaotic as everyone tries to get ready in hopes of getting to Eid prayer by 8:00am. We also observe fasting until after Eid prayer. 










What do my mornings look like?

Generally speaking, mornings tend to start at around 6:00-6:30am for me. I wake up using the alarm I set the night before, to ensure I’m all ready for my Eid routine. The mornings usually look like: shower, skincare, makeup, preparing food, if I’m lucky enough to get into the bathroom first. To prepare for any important day, I like to fall asleep with the doe lashes silk eye mask. I feel more alert when I wake up, especially if I warmed up my eyebag the night before, and placed it on my eyes when sleeping. After taking a shower, I immediately lotion my body with the strawberry lotion from the body shop, and do my skincare as my skin is on the dryer side.

What is my signature makeup look?

On Eid days, I like to go a lot simpler with my makeup. I love drawing flowers and clouds, but I also really enjoy soft glam looks and usually only get the chance when I am going out. Today, I decided to go for a more natural base with a more extravagant winged liner as pictured in the beginning. Before starting my makeup routine, I moisturize my face once more, usually with the Versed Gel Moisturizer, or the Freck Lil Prick Facial Oil. Using these products helps hydrate my skin again, in preparation for all the makeup I’m going to go over top with. 

These makeup products have recently been staples in my looks both on Instagram and in person. The Mac Face and Body is used as a skin tint, and I follow it up with the NYX bare with me concealer serum as it brings back a little coverage to my face. I place a bit of powder blush and bronzer on top of my base, and then on to eyes, with About Face Brow artist on the brows and KVD gel liner to start off my winged liner. Once I’m happy with the shape of the liner, I go in with mascara, and the lash liner adhesive from Velour Beauty, to help stick my Doe Lashes in Soft Bloom to my eyes. I love using the tweezers to make sure my lashes and the falsies are blending in together before adding some finishing touches to my look.

What's Next?

Usually I start my routine late, but today I finished my routine 50 minutes before everyone else in my family. I decided to help prepare some snacks to place on the table, specifically: fruit slices, candy, cake slices, dates, cookies, halwa (a Somali sweet) and finally iced coffee. I make sure everything is placed in an area where we can easily reach it, so that when we finish prayer we can go ahead and eat. With Covid cases still on the rise, we decided to do Eid prayer at home again, but hopefully by next Eid, we will be able to go back to the mosque. 

After prayer, we break our fast with dates and water, and then dig into the breakfast prepared by my mom, and the snacks at the table. We also take some Eid photos to send to other family members, and after all is done, all everyone wants to do is rest so some family members take a nap until around Dhuhr time, the noon prayer.