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Halloween costumes you need to try!

Oct 10, 2022
Halloween costumes you need to try!

Hey doe bbys! 

It’s officially been one week into Spooky Season -  which means that we need to get hyped up about Halloween. After all, Halloween only comes once a year. Whether that be decorating your dorm room or preparing your costumes, doe has decided to make your Halloween a little less stressful. That’s right, we’ve come up with a small list of what you can wear for Halloween. Enjoy!


Dressing up as a bunny is definitely a cute look.  It’s easy and simple. All you really need is a white dress, white bunny ears, and a pink cotton ball stuck to the dress. If you really want to spice up your look - try wearing cloud 9. These lashes will definitely emphasize that cute effect you wanna go for. 


Whether you grew up watching Tinkerbell or Winx, dressing up as a fairy is definitely easy. Just choose any dress in your favorite color, throw on some DIY wings, and call it a day. You can pair this costume with some sultry lashes. Our personal fav: angelic from our fairy collection.


If you’re the type of person that loves Vampire Diaries, partying, and dramatic makeup - this is the costume for you. You may need a black shirt, leather jeans, fangs, and a long cape to match this look. You can even try wearing moonlight lashes.

Mad Scientist 

If you want to do something spontaneous on Halloween night and you’re the type to love fun - try the mad scientist look. All you need is a lab coat, some goggles, and an evil laugh. If you feel even more *mad* try these crazy in love lashes

We hope you have fun on your Halloween night. Feel free to tag us with your lashes and costumes!