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House of Lashes vs. Doe Lashes: Key Differences

Nov 02, 2021
House of Lashes vs. Doe Lashes: Key Differences

Want to know which false lashes give your eyes instant flirt appeal? Let’s compare Doe Lashes vs. House of Lashes and their differences. We will give you all the deets so you can choose the Doe Lashes set that’s perfect for you!

What Are the Best False Lashes?

Doe Lashes has the best false lashes. The best falsies are the ones that make your eyes look stellar. They’re the lashes that you love to wear because you feel like a million bucks when you wear them. 

How do you find your perfect set of Doe Lashes? Not all lashes are created equal. Lash fiber materials, adhesion type, and weight make a difference. We will help you determine which Doe Lashes set is your best choice by comparing Doe Lashes with other kinds of falsies in this article. 

What Are Vegan Silk Lashes?

Our fibers consist of cruelty-free, 100% sustainable synthetic silk sourced from South Korea. Vegan silk is one of the most popular fibers used for false lashes, and these fibers make an excellent set of fake lashes for various reasons. 

One of these reasons is that vegan silk fibers closely mimic human hair fibers, providing a natural-looking, fluttery finish. These types of silk lashes work well for natural and glamorous styled lash sets. 

Are Vegan Silk Lashes Durable?

Yes. Vegan silk lashes are more durable than synthetic mink lashes. Vegan silk lashes do not lose their shape or curl when they occasionally get wet. Mink fibers, however, become limp and lose their shape when damp. This reason makes cleaning and wearing mink lashes more difficult.

What Are Synthetic Mink Lashes?

Synthetic (faux) mink mimics the delicate texture of natural mink. Faux mink is more delicate than silk lashes, and these types of lashes are woven onto cotton or synthetic band. Faux mink is designed to replace natural mink for those people with allergies.

Are Mink Lashes Durable?

Mink lashes are known for losing curl and shed more quickly than other types of false lashes. This loss of lash structure is the reason why mink lashes must remain dry. You must curl faux mink lashes often to help them keep their shape.

Which Is Better: Vegan Silk or Faux Mink?

Unlike faux mink and other synthetic fibers, your Doe vegan silk lashes are less likely to shed after being handled, removed, and applied. Durability is essential when you wear false lashes all day. Doe vegan silk lashes are the winner for durability when it comes between synthetic silk and mink lashes. 

How Do Fake Lashes Made From Human Hair Compare?

There are also false lashes made with real human hair, like those from House of Lashes. They design their lashes with a synthetic fiber blend and sterilized human hair. Don’t let the words “human hair” fool you. They do not necessarily create the perfect false lash set. 

Human hair doesn’t taper the way your natural lashes do. Lash taper is the thickness of the lash along each strand. The long hair strands used to create false lashes are trimmed by cutting across the middle of the strand. This cutting creates a blunt end, leaving the “lash” to taper the way it was cut. Strands are generally all the same length in human hair lash types. 

Vegan silk is still the most natural-looking tapered false lash option.

Glue or Magnets?

Apply false lashes in one of two ways. Use either lash glue or a magnetic liner. 

  • Lash Glue: A thick glue is applied to the false lash band, then applied to your upper lash line for adhesion. Some lash glue is available in a pen-like application system.
  • Magnetic Liner: Magentic liner is applied like traditional eyeliner, and then the magnetic lash band is placed on top of the liner. The magnetic properties attract and provide you with a firm, all-day lash hold.

Doe Lashes offers both types of lash application options. House of Lashes only offers glue lash options.

What Are Magnetic Lashes?

Magnetic lashes are fantastic because they work like magic! Apply magnetic liner onto the upper lash line just like a regular eyeliner. The magnetic liner has iron oxide and other safe ingredients that attract the magnets on the lash band. 

The magnetic lash band simply jumps onto the liner and forms a firm grip hold. Doe Lashes’ newest collection, the Neo-Lashes magnetic lashes, are now available.

Why Should You Choose Neo-Lash Magnetic Lashes?

Want to change your lash game? Doe Neo-Lashes is the newest innovation in false magnetic eyelashes. They have a no-mess application that is easy to apply. 

If you have trouble applying lash glue, magnetic lashes are the perfect alternative for you. Win-win! Not only is the liner easy to use, but it also gives your eyes a pop of lined definition.

What Are Glue-On Lashes?

Glue-on lashes are the traditional false lashes applied with lash glue. The lash glue is a thick, sticky substance that comes inside a tube. Squeeze a small amount of the glue onto the lash band and allow it to sit for about 30 seconds until it gets tacky. Next, apply the lash band to your upper lash line. The fake lashes will remain in place all day! Lash glue is available in black and clear. 

Both Doe Lashes and House of Lashes offer lashes adhered with glue, but Doe Lashes is better. Here’s why.

Why Should You Choose Doe Glue-On Lashes?

In addition to magnetic lashes, Doe also offers traditional glue-on lashes. The ultra-fine lash fibers are attached by hand to a light cotton band. The fresh cotton band wears lightly on the lash line, so you hardly know you’re wearing them. The cruelty-free, 100% sustainable synthetic silk fiber is sourced from South Korea.

Choose the Doe glue-on lash option over other brands because of the wide range of trendy lash styles. Doe offers lashes in natural design lengths so you can make a statement anywhere you go. You will always look naturally beautiful.

How Long Will One Set of Lashes Last?

Of course, we all want our lashes to last as long as possible. The Doe Lashes glue-on lashes will last up to 15 times as long as you care for them properly. Proper cleaning and storing will make your lashes last longer. 

Neo-Lashes can be worn up to 60 times before you must replace them. Make sure to clean the lashes after each daily use and store them in their original packaging for safekeeping. Proper storage helps the lashes keep their curled shape in place and bacteria away.

Earn Reward Points and Free Lashes!

Want free swag just for being awesome? Your dollar ends with your lash purchase (sad face) at House of Lashes, but at Doe Lashes, you earn Doe Bucks with every purchase! Sign up for Doe Rewards to collect Doe Bucks. 

Invite your friends, place an order, follow us on social media, and celebrate your birthday, all while earning Doe Bucks! Redeem your Bucks for awesome rewards! When you refer a friend, they get a $10 off coupon, and you get a free set of lashes when they make their first purchase!  

Smooth Sailing

You need smooth sailing when it comes to ordering your next set of lashes. The Doe Lashes website is much easier to navigate than other lash sites, making the shopping experience fun and easy! Everything you need is just a click away. 


False lashes are fun to wear and give your eyes extra glam for any occasion. When it comes to choosing the best set of lashes, the answer is obvious. Doe Lashes offers natural-looking lashes in many lengths and trendy styles. If you are unsure which set to choose, take the Doe lash quiz. The quiz recommends the perfect lash set for your eye shape in an instant!

Doe Lashes are designed to look and feel as natural as the lashes you were born with. The lightweight, fresh cotton band feels like a dream and wears as light as a cloud. Vegan silk lashes are durable and beautifully natural. Choose Doe Lashes to look and feel your best, naturally! 

There’s a set for everyone. Enhance your natural beauty with Doe.


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