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How Fast Do Eyelashes Grow?

Mar 17, 2022
How Fast Do Eyelashes Grow?

It may seem like just when your lashes look their best, they begin falling out. Why does this happen, how can you stop it, and how fast do eyelashes grow? Here’s what you need to know.

The Three Phases of the Lash Growth Cycle

To understand how fast your amazing eyelashes grow, first, we must talk about the three cycles of lash growth.

1. Anagen Phase (Active Growth)

The anagen phase is the growth phase of your lashes. Your lashes grow for about 30 to 45 days during this phase. When your lashes reach a certain length, they stop growing. About 40% of your lashes are in the anagen phase at all times. Cool huh?

2. Catagen Phase (Transition Phase)

When your lashes reach their desired length and stop growing, they enter the catagen phase. The hair follicle becomes smaller during this second phase, lasting about two to three weeks. This phase requires the lashes to run through the entire stage before growing back. So, when a lash sheds during this time, it doesn’t grow back until the catagen cycle completes. Be patient.

3. Telogen Phase (Resting Phase)

The telogen phase lasts three to four months. The new hair begins growing from the hair follicle during this phase, pushing the old lash out. When your lashes shed during this time, it just means the new ones are coming in, so there is no need to worry. It takes four to eight weeks to replace one lash fully, so it's normal to lose a few lashes each day. Each of your lashes goes through its phase at different times.

How To Keep Lashes Healthy & Prevent Fallout

Keep your lashes healthy to prevent premature fallout by following a few simple steps:

  • Avoid waterproof makeup - Waterproof makeup is difficult to remove, causing you to rub your lashes to remove it thoroughly. The stress on your lashes may cause shedding.
  • Remove your eye makeup daily - Removing your makeup helps keep your lashes healthy because it keeps them clean and free of makeup chemicals while you get your beauty sleep.
  • Use a lash serum or lash conditioner - Lash serums and conditioners contain formulas that nourish and moisturize your lashes, and growth serums awaken the hair follicles, encouraging faster lash growth. Apply one or both to amp up your natural lash game.
  • Eat a healthy diet - A healthy, well-balanced diet containing fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean protein help keep your hair and skin healthy.

Why Are My Lashes Falling Out?

Stay calm, and don’t stress if you realize your lashes are shedding. There are many reasons why this may be happening. Here are a few.

Natural Shedding

It is completely normal to lose up to five lashes per day. Sometimes several lashes reach the telogen phase simultaneously, so they all fall out at once. 

Medical Conditions

Some medical conditions such as Trichotillomania Tangle and Alopecia Areata cause lash shedding. People undergoing chemotherapy and those with thyroid conditions also experience lash fallout.


Mascara may cause lash shedding if you have allergies to specific ingredients and begin scratching your lashes. Some mascara ingredients become adhered to the lashes and are difficult to remove especially waterproof mascara. Pulling your lashes to remove mascara is a common reason lashes shed.


Nourishing your body from the inside out through a healthy diet and water consumption leads to healthy hair. Eat a well-balanced diet consisting of lean meats and fresh fruits and vegetables to maintain a healthy body.

Sleeping in Your Makeup

Keeping your eye area, including your natural lashes clean is crucial. Oils may clog the hair follicles, cousin shedding, and possibly stunt the new lash growth. Never sleep in your eye makeup, especially mascara. Be gentle when removing your makeup, and avoid rubbing your lashes.

Bottom Line

Your eyelashes cycle through three phases to grow, and the entire process takes up to four months to complete. Losing a few lashes every day is typical, but there are ways you can encourage healthy lashes and prevent shedding. Eat a nutritious diet, wash your makeup from your eyes at night, and never sleep in your mascara.

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