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How Long Do Lash Extensions Last? 

Jun 24, 2020
How Long Do Lash Extensions Last? 

How Long Do Lash Extensions Last?

The want for fuller, longer lashes isn’t a new trend. For decades women have used different tools and methods to create the look of individual lashes that are long, soft, and slightly curled, drawing full attention to the windows of the soul. For many using a temporary solution like lengthening mascara is helpful. However, eye makeup alone cannot produce the dramatic effect that lash extensions can. Lash extensions can look and feel like natural lashes, and require just a little maintenance.
In fact, you won’t even need to use mascara or other products on them. But how long will they last? Do they need to be applied by a lash technician or pro? How expensive are they?  How much maintenance is involved?  And above all, are there other options?  What about glue on lashes?  We get it; it’s confusing.  We’re here to help you answer these eyelash questions that have confused us for years and make sense out of what’s available.  Here’s your complete guide to all things false eyelashes.

Lash Extensions

First, let’s talk about extensions. It seems as though everyone you know has their favorite “lash person,” who they see on a regular basis to get their lashes perfectly coiffed. Lash extensions are a great option for those willing to invest a lot of money in their lashes. The up-front cost for lash extensions can be upwards of $200.00 plus tip. You will also spend around $50-$65 plus tip every three to four weeks for maintenance.  You’re probably wondering “how long do lash extensions last?”
That’s a good question since the cost is pretty steep. Lash extensions last approximately six to eight weeks, or one full growth cycle of your natural lashes. Since lash extensions are applied with adhesive directly onto your natural lashes, they should stay put until the natural lash falls out, and takes with it the extension. While lash extensions are a favorite, there are a few reasons some of us just aren’t down with them. First, they’re on the expensive side of eyelash investment.
Second, they require more time than alternative methods. The initial application can take up to two hours. Maintenance appointments usually take less time but still require a salon or boutique visit. Third, once you’ve had your extensions applied you’re locked into that particular style until they naturally fall out (remember, six to eight weeks with the same style).  If you’ve got a red carpet style event and want a dramatic look, but work a nine to five every day, this might not be a great option for you.

Reusable Falsies

Fake eyelashes or “falsies” have been around for years, but until recently the options weren’t great.  The glue that didn’t work, lash bands that irritated our delicate lids, and lashes made from heavy materials that were uncomfortable and annoying. Falsie lovers, rejoice because there are now numerous options for false eyelashes that make all these problems issues of the past. Newer, lighter fibers like Korean silk or mink are now used in place of old, heavy synthetic materials. The use of Korean silk for false eyelashes guarantees the most natural-looking lashes that are both gentle on your eyelids and dramatic in appearance. Inspired by the long eyelashes of the Sika deer native to Japan, Korean silk lashes are long, soft, and beautiful to behold. Additionally, the lash band is now created from cotton and in a thickness that gives the wearer a “barely there” feel. In other words, your falsies feel like your own lashes.  Once they’re on, you won’t notice they’re there.
Falsies are a great, affordable option for anyone wanting to up their lashes without breaking the bank. A great pair of quality lashes can be purchased for less than fifteen dollars and can be worn up to fifteen times. Think about it, that’s less than a dollar per use. The best part is that you can apply these lashes in the privacy of your own home, on your own time, and without the time and pain of heading to the salon for application and maintenance. Application is super easy, and ridiculously quick.  So you can lash up, look glam, and get on with the rest of your day.
Another great feature of wearing false eyelashes is the ability to change your look and style on a whim.  With extensions, you’re locked into the style of lashes you have applied. That means for work and play, your lashes stay the same.  Not so with falsies!  You can literally wear a different pair of eyelashes for work, play, and everything in between. There’s no limit to the different styles of lashes you can wear. The ability to change your lashes like you change your clothes makes wearing falsies an even better option. No other lash lengthening option gives you the freedom to match your lashes to your mood or style.

Lash lengthening serums

Another option for longer, fuller lashes is the lash-lengthening serum. There are multiple options for serums available that claim to lengthen and/or thicken your natural eyelashes with the application. While some of these may work (and honestly, some just don’t) they are littered with problems and scary consumer warnings. From allergic reactions to permanent discoloration of the iris, lash lengthening serums don’t have the best reputation for safety.  
This could mean waiting for results from your lash lengthening serum may make you impatient or frustrated. Lash lengthening serums can take up to three months before results are visible. Additionally, some users say that once they stop using the serum, their lashes go through a phase of “stunted growth” where lashes grow in shorter than before they used the serum. The cost of a lash serum is also a concern. A prescription serum can be costly at several hundred dollars, and serums available in-store or through other online options aren’t much less expensive either.  Lastly, you won’t notice dramatic results from a lash lengthening serum.  
While your lashes may grow longer and potentially thicker (although most users do not see significant changes in the thickness of their lashes), you won’t experience a dramatic difference from your natural lash length.  On average, you can expect growth that ranges from .5-1mm longer than your natural lashes which can be frustrating considering the price.
There are numerous options for lengthening, thickening, and creating a more dramatic lash line. When considering which option is the best for you, consider how much you are willing to spend make in your lashes both financially and with your time. When asking, “How long do lash extensions last?” it may be beneficial to think more outside of the lash extension box. While they’re incredibly trendy, having your own “lash person” may not be cost-effective or time-effective for you. You also might want the option of changing lash styles day to day or even hour by hour. If so, lash extensions probably aren’t the best match. Likewise, if you are interested in creating a dramatic look, if only on a temporary basis, using a lash serum may not be the best option as the results are rarely dramatic and take a long time to be produced.
Using fake eyelashes, or “falsies,” is a great option for anyone who wants the look of longer, fuller lashes without spending their entire savings account or waiting months for a magical serum that may or may not work. Falsies are reusable, high quality, and incredibly comfortable when worn properly. They last all day and can be re-worn up to fifteen times.  
They are available in numerous styles and lengths so you can change your lashes like you change your mind. Their affordability combined with their reusability makes them the most cost-effective option; you can literally wear lashes for up to a month and pay less than thirty dollars for the look you choose.  False eyelash bands, like those from Doe Lashes, should be comfortable, durable, unapologetically eye-catching, and a great way to invest in the lashes you’ve always wanted.
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