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How To Apply Magnetic Lashes With Liner

Jun 07, 2022
How To Apply Magnetic Lashes With Liner

Magnetic lashes are fun, fluffy, and sassy, but if you apply the liner incorrectly, it causes serious setbacks. To ensure a firm magnetic lash with all day hold, follow our step-by-step guide on applying magnetic lashes with liner. Believe it or not, it’s much easier than you may think.

Before You Get Started

Here are a few things to know before you begin applying your lashes.

Choose Your Lash Set

Have you chosen your favorite Doe magnetic lash style yet? Our lash styles range fromfrom a simple natural everyday look all the way to a going out glam look, so there’s a set for everyone — you and your besties! Get ready to flaunt those fluttery lashes! You cn choose from Doe Neo-magnetic lashes which are easy to apply, and they stay put all day.

Should You Trim Your Falsies?

Magnetic lashes are usually ready-to-wear, but trimming may be necessary if your eyes are on the smaller side. Hold the magnetic lash band up to your eye, and if the band extends out past your eye, you need to trim the lash band. Grab your lash scissors and cut the band from the outer corner. Always snip less than you think you need to first because you can always trim more later.

Test for Sensitivities

Performing a patch test ensures that your skin around the delicate eye area isn’t sensitive to the magnetic liner. Sensitivities may cause mild irritation, and while this is very uncommon, in small cases, it may occur. So, it’s best to run a simple patch test before applying your magnetic lashes. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Swipe a thin layer of the Neo-magnetic liner onto the back of your hand or inner arm.

2. Allow it to dry for a few minutes.

3. If you don’t notice any redness, itching, or other irritation, you have the “all-clear” to apply the lashes.

Doe’s Neo-Liner contains iron oxide, the common ingredient in all magnetic eyeliner. The liner is safe for use around the eyes, and it is paraben-free and cruelty-free.

Do You Have Naturally Short Lashes?

If your lashes are naturally short or sparse, use a lash curler to curl your lashes before applying the liner and your falsies. Curling your lashes adds volume and texture to your lashes, blending them more seamlessly with the false lashes.

You may also use a very thin coat of mascara to your lashes before applying the liner and falsies. Just make sure you allow it to completely dry before continuing with the lash application and don’t use waterproof formulas. Waterproof mascara requires oil-based makeup remover, and remember that oils damage falsies. Never apply mascara to your false lashes.

Do You Have Naturally Long Lashes?

Do you have naturally long lashes? Lucky you; curling isn’t necessary. If your lashes interfere with the liner application, simply hold them down and out of the way while working with the liner. People with long lashes don’t need to apply mascara, but if you choose to wear it, make sure it's a thin application and allow it to dry completely. Apply mascara after applying the liner while it dries.

Apply the Neo-Magnetic Eyeliner

Gently shake the bottle of your Doe Neo-Liner for about 10 to 15 seconds. Doing this activates the magnetic properties in the liner. Let’s begin the lash application!

1. Begin by applying the Neo-Liner to your upper lash line. The liner’s width should be as thick or thicker than the width of the tiny magnets on the lash band. The liner is the “glue” that holds your lashes in place, so make sure you apply enough. Apply it in a straight line or create a cat-eye winged effect; it’s entirely up to you! Work slowly, and with practice, you’ll become more efficient. Allow the liner to dry down to about 80%.

2. While the liner dries, you may apply mascara to your natural lashes. Allow it to dry completely.

Apply Doe Neo-Magnetic Lashes

Gently remove the Doe Neo-Lashes from their packaging or your lash compact by gripping them by the lash band, not the lash fibers.

  1. Position yourself in front of a mirror.
  2. Apply one lash strip at a time. Grab the lashes by the lash band and line them up with the magnetic eyeliner line you just applied.
  3. Make contact at the inner corner of your eye and attach going across to the outer corner.
  4. Gently press the lashes' tips toward the lash line's base to reinforce the connection and “set” the lashes.
  5. Make sure the eyelash band is secure by performing a gentle pull test. Slowly and carefully tug on the falsies to ensure they do not disconnect or move.

Voilá — your Neo-Lash look is complete!

How To Remove Falsies

Removing and caring for your magnetic lashes is easy. Carefully grab the lash band by the outer corner and peel it away from your lash line. Make sure to grasp the lash band and not the lash fibers. After removing the lashes, simply clean the lash band with a cotton swab dipped in an oil-free makeup remover. Place them back in their original box or your lash compact and store them in a cool, dry, and dark place. Remove all remaining makeup and never sleep in your falsies.

Flaunt It

It’s that simple! You’re ready to bat those posh magnetic lashes. Our inspiration comes from the gentle nature of the female deer (Doe), reminding you that falsies should always be soft, lightweight, and comfortable. Snag a pair of our ultra-fine silk fiber lashes. They’re easy to apply and remove, plus they’re super fun to wear!


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