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How To Choose The Best Contact Lenses For Your Eyes 

Dec 09, 2022
How To Choose The Best Contact Lenses For Your Eyes 

As you may know, doe is most well-known for their beautiful false lashes. However, doe recently came out with their own colored contacts with LINE FRIENDS. We have colored contacts in 3 eye enhancing colors: light brown, soft grey, and a golden olive.

Obviously, there are many different factors to take into consideration when deciding which colored contacts would look best on you - so let’s do a quick rundown of some things to consider!

Colored Contact Requirements 

Before choosing your colored contacts, please make sure that you have all the requirements down. That means already having an appointment with your optometrist and having your contact lens prescription available. Make sure that you don’t try anything that could be sensitive to your eyes and be very safe when selecting where to purchase. Not all websites are FDA approved like doe!

Keep Size In Mind

As we know, there are many different eye shapes in the world. In addition, there are some eyes that are bigger than others. Make sure that when you are selecting your contact lenses to keep in mind what the base diameter size is. If it is too large, I would suggest looking for another one that would fit your eye shape. If it is too small, it might feel uncomfortable around the edges, which would cause your eyes to be irritated. Check out this link for even more information on this.

Now Lets Get To The Fun Stuff!

Skin Tone

If you have a warmer skin tone (golden, peach, or yellow undertones), try to opt for lighter browns or blues that would accentuate your features. 

If you have cooler skin tone (blue, pink, red undertones), try to aim for colored contacts that are grey or blue. 

Hair Color 

If you have darker hair, go for colored contacts that are green or brown. However, if you have lighter hair, go for blue or gray.


If you are going for something that is more subtle and you already have brown eyes, I recommend bright eyed brown - which is a soft brown. This is for someone that loves something that is more natural. 

Colored contacts are definitely a way to amp-up your makeup. It can definitely make a look pop and are just a new accessory to add to the daily. Luckily, doe already has a selection of amazing colors

We hope you love them!!

Xoxo, Kara