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How to Choose the Best False Eyelashes for your Eye Shape

Oct 06, 2020
How to Choose the Best False Eyelashes for your Eye Shape

One of the best things about our faces is how unique our features can be. We all have definitive differences and quirks that make our faces memorable and uniquely ours. One of these features that hold the biggest impact on our overall appearance is our eye shape. Let’s learn how to accentuate your eye shape with false lashes and make your eyes really pop without hiding them!

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes are eyes that hide a portion of your eyelid when open. This is one of the most common eye types since it occurs to a varying degree on different people. Often, people with these eyes seem to have smaller eyes and accent their looks with bold lips or other attention-drawing facets. That being said, this does not have to be the case!

Using lashes that are shorter, natural, and longer in the center can open up the eye and give shape without making them look heavy or smaller. Celebrities like Emma Stone, Blake Lively, and Jennifer Lawrence all have hooded eyes and often use this tip to make their eyes really stand out.

Naturalistic styles like Fairy Dust and Really Really Lowkey can help you achieve this look, as they provide volume and lift without being over the top or taking away from the overall eye look.

Almond Eyes

As one of the eye shapes that are flattered by most liner and shadow styles, almond eyes are extremely easy to work with and generally do well with a lot of different styles and types of looks. This eye shape is defined by the fact that when looking straight ahead, the white around the iris cannot be seen on the top or bottom of the eye. Sometimes, a bit of the iris is covered as well.

Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Scarlett Johannsen have almond eyes and can get away with almost any type of lashes, though evenly distributed, fluffy lashes look the most polished and flatter their eye shape the best.

Something like Silver Lining would look amazing for most applications and if you want drama, Fuccboi Repellent would really amp up any night out or big event look!

Deep-Set Eyes

If you have deep-set eyes, you can compare yourself to the likes of Cameron Diaz and Kim Kardashian. This eye shape is characterized by the quality of sitting further back under the brow bone. Due to this shape, they can sometimes become lost in a makeup look, especially if it is a more intense one, so really big, dramatic lashes suit this shape perfectly.

You could use something like Whimsical or Starry Night to really add volume and drama to this shape and bring your entire look together. Plus, while some lashes can feel heavy, especially if they are the big, bold lashes that deep-set eyes favor, these Doe Lashes are lightweight and unbelievably comfortable due to their unique Korean silk materials and superior construction quality.

Mono-lid Eyes

Most common among Asian ethnicities, mono-lid eyes are eyes where there is little to no visible crease. This can sometimes make the eyes look small or closed off, but is still an absolutely beautiful shape that lends itself well to many different liner shapes and wing types. Celebrities like Red Velvet's Seulgi and Ahn Sohee look absolutely beautiful with or without lashes.

When they do wear lashes, they typically opt for something fluttery, wispy, and crisscrossed or shorter with a natural shape to open up the eye and create a lined shape. Crazy in Love and UWU Lash are two Doe Lashes with the perfect shape for accenting monolid eyes!

A Note on Self Love

While these tips can be beneficial for those looking for a starting point or go-to lash, makeup is extremely subjective. Due to this, there are so many different things you can do and different lash styles you can choose from. If you like a different lash shape, wear it! You know what feels and looks best on yourself better than anyone else and can absolutely play around, mix and match, and create your very own perfect look. With the possibilities being as endless as your imagination, there is no reason not to experiment and find your dream lash shape, even if it does not fit these guideline recommendations!

This is especially true since there are other factors that contribute towards whether a lash suits you, including your clothing and makeup style, the cut of your hair, and the other features of your face. Due to this, limiting yourself to just one style because someone else says so is not beneficial.

Use these tips as a guide to start your lash obsession and play around to find the perfect style! If you're not too adventurous, but still want to try us out, you can also take our lash quiz

You just might surprise yourself with what you end up liking!

About Doe Lashes

Doe Lashes is a natural lash brand that works to provide comfortable, lightweight lashes that can last through multiple wears and events. The durable but incredibly easy to wear products are suitable for a wide range of eye types and looks and are designed to provide the best wearing experience possible. Causing no irritation, you get a smooth and unforgettable wearing opportunity that makes using lashes easier than ever before!

We feel that the quality of these products speaks for itself and invite you to try them out. We’re sure you will absolutely love them!