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How to Clean False Lashes

Aug 12, 2020
How to Clean False Lashes

Absolutely nothing draws more attention than a great set of lashes.  False lashes draw attention to the eyes, add shape to the face, and open the eye so it appears more visible.  If you weren’t born with lashes that demand attention, there’s no need for FOMO.  You can get the same great long lash look with a pair of gorgeous false lashes.

False lashes are a great way to get the look you want without having to commit to lengthy amounts of time in a salon chair or giving away half your paycheck.  Salon lash extensions are expensive, time-consuming, and semi-permanent.  They are semi-permanent in that once you select a style, you’re committed to it 24/7 until the natural lashes fall out, taking the salon lashes with them.  This means if you want to wear a more subdued pair of lashes for work but change to a more voluminous, lengthier, even glittery pair for the evening, you’ll be stuck with the style you chose.  Whatever the lash technician applies is what you will have for the duration of your natural lash cycle.  We’re way too indecisive for that! 

False lashes allow the user to style and restyle their looks through different lashes constantly, serving as a key look-changer to any  makeup artist.  One set of false lashes for the day, one for workouts, one for evenings--you get to decide how many lash-changes you do per day!  You can experiment with different styles and decide which ones work best and which ones you can’t live without.  Because some false lashes are reusable up to 15 times, you can build an entire lash wardrobe and pick and choose your style on a whim.  We like to think of our lash wardrobe akin to our shoe wardrobe; you can never have too many pairs. 

As a reusable product, you will need to know how to properly clean your false lashes.  They will rarely feel dirty or look soiled if you care for them properly, wash your hands before applying, and wear them as directed. Practicing proper lash care ensures you get the most use out of a set of lashes, When your lashes get funky, they don’t apply welland won’t stay on your natural lash line for the duration of time they should, leaving you frustrated and with a possibly embarrassing situation, not to mention the possibility of eye infection if your lashes have the wrong kind of germs. 

If you’re ready to build a beautiful lash collection, we’ve got your guide to keeping your lashes looking as new as the day you received your little pastel box of Doe Lashes in your mailbox.  If you follow these steps, you can safely and effectively clean your false lashes, restore them to new, and get even more wear out of them.  It’s important you’re also taking good care of your lashes when you apply and wear them daily, and as such, we’ll go over a little information on how to best apply, remove, and store your fake lashes so that you don’t need to clean them very often.

How to Clean False Eyelashes

Most of the time, you won’t find a need to clean your false lashes.  Wearing false lashes prevents you from having to wear mascara unless you absolutely want to, and if you are careful with your eye makeup, you won’t really find that the makeup builds on the lashes.  However, you will need to remove the false eyelash adhesive every time you remove your lashes.  This not only prevents leftover glue from building up on the lash band, but it reduces the risk of makeup attaching to the lash band as well. 

To clean the band, remove your false lashes completely from your natural lash line--using a pair of tweezers or just pinching between your fingers is easiest.  The band is 100% cotton, and you should be able to easily see the thin line of lash adhesive that remains on the band.  Removing this is very easy, and the best method of removal is using your index finger and thumb, though you can use a cotton swab or Q-tip if you prefer.  Using these fingers, gently rub the adhesive from the lash band in a circular motion and pull downward gently.  Do not pull your fingers across the length of the lash strip, as this can compromise the integrity of the lashes, or even break them. 

Once the remaining glue has been removed, you’re all done.  Unless your lashes have become super soiled, that’s really the only “cleaning” you should need to do for your falsies.  If, however, your lashes are a little funkier than normal, fear not.  There is a method for deep cleaning your false eyelashes that you can use to restore them to their original awesomeness.  Some reasons for deep cleaning your lashes may be:

  • You forgot to remove the adhesive after removing your lashes…more than once.  This can cause the excess glue build up, in which case you may want to deep clean.
  • You’ve gotten makeup on the lash band or lashes themselves. Whether you put mascara on the lashes, or accidentally got glue or eyeshadow on the lash,this can cause the lashes to lose their shape.  Additionally, makeup that stays on the lash band can interfere with your lashes bonding properly to your lash line.  It can also affect your current look and make your current makeup look messy. 
  • You’ve spilled something on your lashes, left a set in your purse, on your car seat, in your desk drawer, or any other place where they may have gotten a bit dirty.  We get it--no one is perfect, and we’ve all been known to “misplace” a lash set from time to time. 

Deep cleaning is super simple.  Once you’ve removed the lashes and attempted to remove the adhesive using the finger rub method, fill a small dish with soapy warm water (not hot!).  Use a mild soap like face wash or even a mild shampoo or hand soap--don’t use cleansers or makeup removers.  Place your lashes in a small bowl of the soapy water and soak them for five to ten minutes.  The dirt, makeup, adhesive, and any other debris clinging to the lash fibers should come off easily in the water. 

Once you have cleaned your lashes, it’s important to set them in a safe, dry place to dry.  Your clean false lashes should dry very quickly, but if you store them on the same package insert in the original box in which they came versus just setting them on a paper towel, you can ensure they will dry to their original, curved shape.  That’s it, that’s really all you need to do to clean your false lashes!  To make sure you don’t have to clean your lashes any more than necessary, be sure to keep reading.

How to Take Care of Your False Lashes

You shouldn’t need to clean your false lashes more than once every eight to nine wears.  In other words, for a single pair of lashes, you can expect them to need cleaning once before it is time to replace them.  If you are gentle with your application and removal process, you can definitely get up to fifteen uses per pair without needing a replacement before that time. 

The best way to care for your false lashes is to start by keeping the original packaging.  Keeping the original packaging gives you a dedicated spot to place your lashes when you take them off, and in our experience, this is the most important (and most often abused) step when caring for your lashes.  Keep that plastic insert and the box, and when it is time to remove your lashes at the end of the day (or the end of your mood) simply reattach them to the original packaging so they maintain their curvature and are protected from anything else on your counter like water, makeup, and sprays. 

Another tip for caring for your false lashes is to avoid oils of any type when wearing them.  Oil is common in beauty products; oil-based eyeshadows and primers and oil-based makeup removing products can all damage your false lashes and cause them to become non-adhesive.  Check your product labels and if your product contains oil, look for a substitute, or just avoid that product while you wear lashes. Oil-free makeup remover is definitely your friend.

Coating false eyelashes with mascara is not only unnecessary, but it can also really shorten the lifespan of your false lashes.  If you want to use mascara, do so by applying a coat to your natural lashes, not your false lashes.  You can curl and apply mascara to your natural lashes before applying your false lashes, which may help false lashes blend better, but applying mascara or curling false lashes are not generally recommended.  The mascara can weigh down the delicate lash fibers and cause them to stick together.  There’s also little chance of getting all the mascara off the fibers once they’ve been thoroughly coated.  You shouldn’t feel the need to coat your false lashes with mascara, as they are already dark and dramatic enough on their own.  We promise, you simply don’t need that mascara tube!

False lashes are a great way to enhance your eyes and change your style and look on a whim.  Keeping them clean is a breeze, provided you care for them correctly and store them properly.  Cleaning your false lashes is as easy as removing the adhesive from the lash band and occasionally washing them in warm, soapy water.