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How To Find Your Style and Solidify Your Look

Dec 10, 2021
How To Find Your Style and Solidify Your Look

Looking and feeling your best isn’t about the latest and greatest trends. You need to remain true to yourself and find your own personal style to feel confident in what you are wearing. We will share the scoop on how to find your style and create your own unique look.

What Is Personal Style?

Let’s begin with the basics. What is personal style? Your personal style is the way you express yourself through the way you do things. The way you write, draw, and the clothing you wear all reflect your personal style. If you are unsure of your personal style, let’s look at some ways to find your style.

Ways To Find Your Style

Developing a sense of self helps you discover your own personal style, not molding to conform to trends and fads. Your style will change over time as you grow and age as a person. Here are some strategies you can use to discover your likes and dislikes in style. 

Clean It Out

Begin your journey to self-expression by cleaning out your closet. Donate clothing you don’t wear, have outgrown, or no longer need. Donating is a wonderful way to help others discover their style through your clothing donations, and it will help you make room for the new you.

Make a Fashion Board

Gather images of clothing styles you like from magazine pictures or the internet. Paste them onto a poster board to discover the styles you like. When you do this, you find that you favor certain types more than others. 

Do you have lots of pictures with skinny jeans, red t-shirts, or boots? The more pictures you collect, the better idea you get for what styles you appreciate. Take a picture of the top three photos that represent your main aesthetic style. Use those photos when you go shopping.

Trust Your Gut

Your instinct will never lie to you. Don’t talk yourself into a style you don’t like just because someone said it looks good. Don’t buy something because it’s on sale. Building a wardrobe takes time, so don’t rush it. Keep a list of items you know you can’t live without and only purchase from that list. When you find that perfect list item, your gut will tell you, so buy it then.

Start With the Basics

Fill your closet with clothing items you can build on. A classic white t-shirt, black trousers, and a pair of skinny jeans are all great examples of staple items. Think of the colors too. Neutrals, basic denim, black, and white are buildable base colors.

Styles To Try

If you are still unsure which style you like, because, let’s face it, there are many options, here is a list of some basic style blueprints. See if any of these resonate with you.


Sporty styles are athletic wear worn as everyday clothing. Think leggings, oversized sweatshirts, and tennis shoes.


Think college prep school meets crisp collar and Polo. Polo shirts, oxfords, boat shoes, blazers, and pearls are examples of preppy styles. Cardigans, argyle sweaters, and khaki also make the cut.


Boho styles grab their eclectic name from the 1960’s gauzy flowing dresses, flowers, bell-bottoms, fringe, and suede. Natural fabrics and worldly accessories like bangles and necklaces layered are also boho chic. 


Classic is a style that is appropriate for office wear. Crisp white button-up shirts, pencil skirts, trousers, and khakis are all classic styles. Red lipstick is a classic look as well.


Casual styles incorporate weekend wear like t-shirts, jeans, flip flops, boots, or hats. This style mixes other styles with it. For instance, a preppy casual look would be an untucked polo shirt with blue jeans and flip flops, or boho casual is jean shorts with a gauzy tank and sneakers.


This style is fun to dig find on the racks of thrift stores. The grunge style of the late 80’s and 90’s grunge rock bands inspires this trend. Ripped jeans, plaid, tights, thick-soled shoes, and messy hair are examples of grunge styles.


Roses are red, violets are blue, think of lace and flowers, and this style is for you. Ruffles, flowy dresses, pastels, and minimal jewelry are romantic styles. This romantic style is a softer, minimalistic style.


Artistic styles lean toward bold prints and bright colors. Shiny statement jewelry and bold, modern pieces shine with artsy styles.


No, you don’t have to live on a ranch to wear the Western trend. This style incorporates denim, button-up shirts, boots, wide-brimmed hats, and leather. 

Stick With What You Love

Creating your unique style is as simple as mixing what you love with an existing style. Don’t be afraid of pairing sneakers with a blazer and skirt for a casual style if you love them. Sneakers also look good worn with some maxi dresses and capris. Mix and match until you feel comfortable in the design you create.

Summing It Up

Finding your style is as easy as out with the old and in with the new. Donate clothing you no longer wear and begin building your new wardrobe from basic items such as classic colored shirts and pants. 

Match your new clothing with a pair of new lashes in your style for a whole new look. Lashes add drama and make you feel fabulous. Never change yourself to conform to what other people think you should be. Be uniquely you, and your style will follow.


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