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How To Maximize Cyber Week Deals

Nov 22, 2022
How To Maximize Cyber Week Deals

We all know and love Black Friday. It’s a day (or celebration) where you can shop whatever you want with unlimited deals. As someone who loves Black Friday, I’ve decided to list how you can maximize the best deals. Here we go: 



The simplest way to find out what places have the best deals is to go to popular news organizations. This can range anywhere from Wirecutter, CNN, The New York Times, and etc. They suggest a wide variety of products ranging from home goods to beauty accessories. 



I usually love to create a long list of my favorite shops/stores *doe being the top of the list of course.* After you make the list, go to each one and see if they already have sales. Most companies have already started their Black Friday deal and will later increase as the holiday comes closer. Be careful not to buy too much before Black Friday as you want to maximize the amount of deals you get. 



Another channel that’s great for Black Friday deals includes email. Although some can be a little repetitive, these newsletters can keep customers in the loop of what’s going on. Take doe for example - our emails are *chefs kiss*.



Another great way for companies to raise awareness about their deals is through their social media platforms: Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. These seem to be the most promising ones. Make sure to check companies’ stories as well as their feed daily. You never know what you might miss out on. 



If you want to save $$$, make sure to download Honey or another browser add on. These allow you to save even more money even when you don’t know what the promo code is. You can save up to 30% sometimes - it depends on each store!


That’s all for me loves. I hope you have a great Black Friday and don’t forget to shop with us. We’re having a 30% off deal right now :)


Xoxo, Kara