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How To Remove Eyelash Glue & Extensions

Mar 22, 2021
How To Remove Eyelash Glue & Extensions

Eyelash extensions are all fun and games until half of them have fallen off, and you’re walking around with ragged lashes with no time to get them professionally removed. Unlike false lashes that you can glue on for a night out and then take off when you get home, extensions can be a hassle to remove. 

Here at Doe Lashes, we know how important it is for you to feel your best, so we’re here to walk you through the best methods for eyelash extension removal. The last thing we want is for you to damage those gorgeous natural lashes you’ve already got. If you want to avoid unwanted breakage or brittleness, then keep reading!

First Off, Never Pick or Pluck

The last thing you should do to your lash extensions is to pick or pluck them out. This can cause damage to your natural lashes and lash bed. The goal is to keep those natural babies as healthy and luscious as possible. 

Take a Hot Shower

Take a hot, steamy shower. This should help loosen up the lash glue before you head in there with the oils, gels, and cleansers.

Use Natural Oils

Natural oils like castor oil and lash extensions do not mix well. That’s why they are the perfect candidate for your at-home removal process. The oil affects the glue that holds the lashes, which results in the lashes falling out early. 

Before applying any oils, you’ll first want to expose the binding glue by steaming your lashes. The best time to do this is in the shower. Make sure you steam them for at least 10 minutes.

Olive Oil

Some people swear by using olive oil to remove their lashes. After you’ve adequately steamed the lashes and you feel like the glue is sufficiently loosened up, take an oil-soaked cotton pad and place it on your eyelid. Leave for 3-5 minutes, then brush through the lashes with an oil-soaked q-tip. 

Coconut Oil

Like olive oil, coconut oil is another natural oil you can use to remove your eyelash extensions. 

The process is easy and quick, and you use it in about the same way that you’d use olive oil.  Start with placing an oil-soaked cotton pad on your closed eye for 3-5 minutes. Next up, take an oil-soaked q-tip and brush that along the length of your eyelashes downward (away from the lid), easing the extension away from your eye. 

Don’t be frustrated if they don’t come off immediately after the oil-application process; the majority will come off the next morning when you wash your face. 

Doe Tip: Don’t force the stubborn lashes; if you have a few stragglers, just continue the oil method for a few days until they fall off on their own. 

Oil-Based Cleanser 

If the coconut oil route isn’t speaking to you or just hasn’t been working, then consider an oil-based cleanser. While we’re sure your lash tech initially told you to avoid oil-based cleansers at all costs to keep your lashes looking fierce, it’s a different story when you’re trying to remove your lashes.

During your night routine, take your cleanser and give some extra attention to your lash area. Work the cleanser in slow circular motions to help loosen those lashes up. 

Lash Glue Dissolver

Lash glue dissolver is considered the big guns of lash removal. While natural oils and hot showers work great to loosen up your lashes or remove a super old set, a lash glue dissolver is the most efficient option. 

Professional grade lash glue dissolver attacks the glue and immediately starts dissolving it. Unlike false lashes, lash extension glue is similar to super glue, so it can be very easy to damage your natural lashes.

While lash extensions may be a bit more convenient for your day-to-day life, you can never go wrong with the perfect falsies. Plus, the removal is much easier (and a lot more satisfying). 

Post-Removal: Natural Lash Care

The side-effects lash extensions can have on your natural lashes can be frustrating. Sometimes a break from the extensions is all your lashes need to get back to their full and luscious selves. 

First things first—restore hydration. Your lashes are most likely more thin and brittle now—that’s just the way it goes. It’s important to restore that hydration, and natural oils are great for this. 

  • Petroleum Jelly, Castor Oil, and Aloe Vera

These are all great products to help restore hydration and promote growth. Apply a small amount of your product of choice to your lashes before going to sleep, and then rinse it off in the morning. 

  • Green Tea

Apply cold unsweetened green tea on a cotton pad daily.

  • Eyelid Massage

You heard that right; massaging your eyelids can promote lash growth. Just be sure to be very gentle, as you don’t want to mess with your natural lash integrity. 

Doe Tip: Don’t be sad as you say goodbye to your extensions; even if your lashes need a break, that doesn’t mean you still can’t look bomb in some killer falsies like the ones from Doe Lashes. 

In Conclusion

Eyelash extensions are very glam, but sometimes your natural lashes need a chance to breathe. The removal process can be costly if it’s done professionally, but it’s even more costly to your natural lashes if done wrong at home. We’ve listed off your best option for at-home lash extension removals that will leave your natural lashes gleaming and glowing just as they should be. 


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