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How to Take Care of False Lashes?

Jul 16, 2020
How to Take Care of False Lashes?

Sometimes we think false lashes are too good to be true!  You can apply them, remove them, and reuse them, you can change your lash style like you change your clothes, they won’t damage your natural lashes, and they’re affordable and easy.  Lashes give you great eyelashes and beautiful eyes easily and safely and without costing you precious time and a ton of money.  Is there anything lashes can’t do?   Well, there’s one thing they can’t do, and that’s take care of themselves.  If you’re going to be a full-time member of the falsies club, you’re going to need to learn how to take care of your lashes.  Don’t worry, the Doe teamhas your back, or rather, your lids!  Here’s everything you should know about taking care of your lash extensions.   

What Are Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions, sometimes referred to as false eyelashes, falsies, or strip lashes, are eyelashes that you placeyour natural lash line with a mild but strong glue adhesive.  Lash extensions give length and fullness to your natural eyelashes, making them desirable for anyone who wants to add drama and depth to their overall eye appearance.  

Lash extensions are not permanent.  They can be removed and reapplied on a whim, and can last up to twelve hours per use.  They are also good for weeks, or approximately sixteen to seventeen uses.  This opens a whole world of opportunity to switch up your look by using different styles of new lashes for different occasions.  You can wear one pair of lashes for your day job and another pair for a night out.   

Another great feature of lash extensions is how comfortable they are.  If you buy a quality set of lash extensions like Doe Lashes, they’ll be made from material like vegan Korean silk, which seriously feels lighter than air.  The cotton lash band also sits gently on the lash line, so you feel as though you’re wearing nothing at all.    

You can get a great pair of quality lashes for about $12.00.  That’s a fraction of the price you’d pay for salon lash extensions, which can cost up to $200 for the initial application and up to $65 for touch-ups!  We’re all about having some great lash extensions, but we’d rather spend that money on a weekend getaway with our favorite friends.  Doe lashes are affordable and the highest quality available.  They’re made to mimic the lashes of female deer, so you can literally have “doe eyes” when you wear them!   

Our lashes also couldn’t be easier to use.  If you need some help applying them, you can catch our tutorial here.  It’s super easy and takes less than five minutes, and removal takes less than five seconds.  Reapply in the same amount of time.  You’ll never be short on time because of your lash application with lash extensions, so you’ll have to blame something else!  

How to Take Care of Lash Extensions

Your lash extensions are amazing, but they don’t take care of themselves.  If you want to make sure they remain as durable as possible and last as long as possible, you need to know how to properly care for them.  The first step in the proper care of lash extensions is proper application.  

Here are a few tips for properly applying your lashes to ensure they don’t get damaged or worn out.

  • Apply your makeup as usual.  Apply your lash extensions after you apply your eyeshadow and eyeliner, if you’re using any. .  Applying eyeshadow after you apply lashes can sometimes cause the lash to lift, and sometimes you’ll need to take the lash off and reapply, wasting glue and increasing the chance that you’ll have to peel off more glue than necessary. 
  • Stay away from oils.  Avoid using any type of oil-based beauty products like shadows, mascaras, primers, creams, liners, cleansers, or makeup removers on your eye area while you are using lash extensions.  Oil can dissolve the adhesive on your lash band and potentially damage your lash set.  It’s best to just shelve those products until you’re done with a set of lashes.  

The next step in eyelash extension care is to learn how to safely remove and store them until the next use.  Here is a great tutorial on how to properly remove and store your lash extensions, if you like to watch rather than read.  Otherwise, here are some helpful hints on making the most of your eyelash extensions by properly removing and storing them.  

  • Removal.  Remove your lash extensions by first gently tugging on the outer corner of the lash band.  Make sure you are only pullingthe eyelash extensions and not your own eyelashes.  It can be hard to tell if you’re grabbing one or the other.  If you meet with a lot of resistance, you’ve probably got your own natural lashes.   

Once the eyelash extensions detach from the natural lash line in the middle, begin to gently tug at the eyelash extensions on each side of your eye until they loosen and detach.  Keep going back and forth from the middle to the edges until the lash band comes completely detached.  

  • Clean the band.  Once the lash band has completely detached, you need to clean off the adhesive.  There will be a thin line of adhesive on the cotton band that is visible.  The easiest way to remove this is by using your finger.  Be sure not to use your fingernail, as your nail can crimp the lash band and potentially tear lashes from the strip.  

Using the tips of your fingers, gently rub the edge of the lash band only, pulling gently on the glue so that the adhesive comes off.  Be sure to pull straight outward, and not downward along the lash band, as that can stretch the band, cause it to lose its shape, and potentially break it.  

  • Store your extensions properly.  When caring for your lash extensions, you should always make sure you store them correctly.  Proper storage can seriously lengthen your lash extensions’ lifespan.  The first thing to ensure is that the lashes and lash band are completely dry and free from used adhesive.  Once you’ve ensured the lashes and lash band are clean and dry, you’ll want to use the original packaging to keep them protected until you use them next.  

Making sure the original packaging is clean and intact, simply fitthe lash extensions around the curved packaging.  It will naturally stick to the packaging, which helps it maintain the natural curvature in its shape.  Leaving your lashes flat can cause them to lose that curved shape, especially after several uses.  It’s important to keep them attached to the curved package when not in use so that they naturally mold back into their original shape.   

You can also keep the original box your lashes came in and use it for lash storage.  Your eyelash extensions should be kept inside something that protects them from moisture, and you should always store your lashes away from extreme heat and cold, and as far away from your sink as possible.  (Yeah, we’ve had a few lashes go down the drain!) 

  • Deep cleaning.  You may notice the adhesive and/or eye makeup or other things beginning to collect on your lashes by the eighth or ninth use.  This is completely normal and completely expected.  You don’t need to throw those lash extensions out and start a new pair.  You just need to give them a little clean.

You can clean your lash extensions by filling a small dish with warm soapy water.  Make sure the soap is mild (even hand soap is fine).  Place your lashes into the warm soapy water and let them soak for ten to fifteen minutes.  The makeup, dirt, and any remaining adhesive that you just can’t seem to remove with your fingers, should come off in the water. Place the lashes back in the lash tray to ensure they keep their shape as they dry.  You’re left with lashes that look and feel brand new. 

When to Buy a New Set of Lash Extensions

This is completely up to you and your lash personality!  We love to have a few different styles of lash extensions on hand.  Something like these great subtle lashes for the day, and these demand-to-be-seen lashes for night.  Technically, since one pair of lashes is good for up to seventeen uses, you don’t actually need more than one pair for every two weeks.  You decide how often you want to change up your lash game and add new styles.  The choice is yours. 

Eyelash extensions and how to care for them are things we know.  Owning and caring for eyelash extensions is affordable, takes very little time and effort, and gives you great results. 

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