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How to Trim False Eyelashes at Home

Sep 29, 2020
How to Trim False Eyelashes at Home

You want super long lashes that look like they go on for miles, but you also know your lashes have to be comfortable; if they aren’t, you aren’t going to wear them, and if you do wear them, you’re going to be miserable all day.  

When false eyelashes are purchased, they can be wider than the length of your actual eyes.  Attempting to apply lashes that are too wide for your eyes results in lash bands and fibers that extend far past the outer corners of your eyes and become uncomfortable.  When you’re uncomfortable, you’re not as confident as you possibly can be.  Even celebrities who seem to have it all will tell you, confidence is the key to any beautiful look, so being comfortable is super important.  

For you to feel the absolute most confident in your false eyelashes, you need the following things:

  • High-quality, affordable lashes.  You can get false eyelashes practically anywhere, but the quality of materials they are made with is important.  Not only do higher-quality lashes look more natural and give a better overall style, but they’re also usually more long-lasting and durable.

  • Comfort.  Your lashes have to be comfortable.  Some lashes claim to be comfortable, but because they’re made with heavy synthetic fibers and polyester bands, they feel heavy and hot on your lids.  Doe Lashes would never do you that way! Our lashes are made from feather light Korean Silk and attached to a 100% cotton lash band.  We promise our lashes will give you cloud-like comfort, and you’ll probably forget they’re on. 

  • The right length.  Your lashes should make you feel glamorous and gorgeous, but they should also be functional.  No one wants to feel annoyed by lashes that are too lengthy for them and drive them crazy all day.  It’s important to make sure that your lashes aren’t longer than the length of your eye.  If that happens, the lash band won’t adhere properly, and you’ll end up with a “lash incident.”

Thankfully, Doe Lashes are fully customizable to fit your particular eye shape and meet your own lash length needs.  All eyes are different, and everyone has their own preference for how dramatic they want their lashes to look.  The Doe difference is that our lashes can be trimmed and sized to fit your needs without ruining the lashes or the lash band.  

Many other false lash brands will claim to be trimmable and customizable, but if you actually trim or cut them, they fall apart easily.  Not so with Doe.  Doe lashes are made to be trimmed so you can get a perfect, customizable fit.  Here’s how.

How to Customize your Lashes to Fit Your Eye Shape

Your eye shape is unlike anyone else’s.  Because of this, there’s no possible way any one eyelash brand could ever make the perfect one-size-fits-all lash set for anyone.  What great lash brands like Doe Lashes can do is make lash sets that are made out of high-quality materials that can handle being trimmed down to fit your eye size without ripping or shedding fibers.  If you’re nervous about trimming them, don’t be.  It’s super simple.  

  1. First, take the false lash strip from its packaging and gently press the lash band onto your natural lash line.  Make sure you place the inner corner of the lash evenly with the inner corner of your natural lash line.  You will want to make sure you trim the excess length from the outer edge of your lash band, not the inner edge.  Take note of how much longer the lash band is than your eye length. 

The lash band should end where your normal lash line ends, or just slightly outside of that point, for the perfect fit.

  1. Trim the end of the lash band a little longer  than you think you need to trim it, trimming it at an angle instead of straight across, which will help your lashes look more natural when they are finally placed. Remember, you can always cut more, but you can never cut less.

  1. Place the false eyelash strip back onto your lash line.  If the lash strip matches the length of your eye, you’re ready to apply the lashes.  If it’s still a little long, you can easily remove the lash band and trim off the remaining excess.  

  1. Repeat steps 1-3 for the second lash band for your other eye.  Even though it would seem easier to simply measure the first lash band against the second and trim the second one to match, it’s important to remember that even on our own faces, our eyes are not identical.  One eye may be slightly larger or longer than the other.  

Doe tip:  Use really sharp, small scissors when trimming your lash band.  If you use scissors that are dull, you could cause the lash fibers or band to fray, and that will affect not only how your lashes adhere but also how they look and how long they last.  

Why Should I Trim False Eyelashes at Home

If you ask most users what their main concern is with wearing false eyelashes, it’s the thought of them looking unnatural or coming detached while they are wearing them.  As such, it is important to do everything possible to make sure that neither of those things happens.  Here are our top four reasons why you should trim your lashes to size.

  1. Trimming your lashes will help them adhere better.  If your lash bands are longer than your natural lash line, the band will be longer than the outside corner of your eye.  If that happens, the lash band will attach to the skin near your temple, and when you blink, the band can become loose and detach. 

Trimming your false eyelash band prevents the band from adhering to any part of your skin other than your natural lash line.

  1. Trimming your false eyelashes will make them look more natural.  Your natural lashes don’t extend past the corners of your eyes, so a lash band that extends past the corners isn’t going to make your eyes look bigger or more glamorous; it’s going to make them look awkward.  Trimming the lash band helps your lashes look like the real thing, only better.

  1. Comfort.  Nothing is worse than wearing something all day that is completely uncomfortable, and false eyelashes that don’t fit properly are just that; completely uncomfortable.  Trimming your lashes to fit your eye will ensure that while your lashes are on your lids, you won’t feel or notice them, especially if you are wearing a set of Doe Lashes.  

  1. Trimming your lashes keeps your natural lashes safe.  If your lashes are too long, there’s a high probability that the ends that are too long will curl up, leaving them exposed to accidental rips and snags that could potentially harm your own eyelashes or your delicate eyelid skin.  All it takes is for the edge of the lash band to get caught on your hand or anything else, and it can easily be pulled from your lash line, taking with it skin or lashes.  

You don’t have to spend a lot of time trimming your falsies, you can get the job done pretty quickly, and if you’re using reusable lashes, you won’t have to think about it again until it’s time for you to replace the pair you are wearing.  

Should I Trim False Eyelash Fibers?

Occasionally you may find you’ve purchased a pair of lashes that are so lengthy they touch the frames and lenses of your glasses or just interfere with your line of vision.  Although this is pretty rare, it can be downright frustrating to deal with.  

Unfortunately, it’s not really a great idea to trim the length of your actual lash fibers, because there’s just no possible way of getting them trimmed as accurately as they need to be.  You will likely end up with a lash set that is uneven on one side, slanted the wrong direction, or too short.  A better option is to just wear those lashes on special occasions or when you have on contacts, or find a pair that doesn’t bump against your glasses.  

In Summary


You can get a great, customized fit for your false eyelashes by simply taking the time to trim them and fit them to your own eyes.  Lashes are manufactured in one size, and it is impossible that the one size will fit everyone’s eyes.  Trimming your lashes makes them look more natural, as the false lash band will not hang out over the edge of your outer eye.  It also helps the lash band to adhere more properly, because there’s no chance that the band will adhere to skin that is not on your eyelid.  Lastly, trimming your lash band keeps you safe and comfortable.  

You don’t have to spend a lot of time to trim your lashes properly.  It just takes a few minutes of your time, but it is an investment that will be worth it when you’re able to apply your lashes and completely forget they’re even on once they’re applied.