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Kara's Favorite Lashes!

Dec 06, 2022
Kara's Favorite Lashes!

One of the perks of working @doe is being able to experience the different lash collections. As you know, doe has 3 lash collections: fairy, neo and 2.0. Today, I’ll be going over what lashes I love the most from each collection and why. Let’s gooooo!


The fairy collection - Crescent

At doe, we really emphasize that weightless and effortless feel to our lashes. However, these lashes are for people who are either starters to lashes or like a VERY subtle look. Since I really want my double eyelids to pop and love the cat-eye look, my personal fav are the crescent lashes. This style is great for those that have almond eyes (like me), or round, downturned, and monolids. The hair length comes from 3mm to 10mm and best of all the lash band is clear!


The neo collection - old school

The neo collection is all about the magnets - this collection includes soft glam all the way to natural styles. Personally, for me, I love lashes that stay on for the entire day. If I were to pick a daily lash, I would use Old School lashes. This style's band goes from 6.7mm to 14mm. What I love about the neo collection is that all the lashes can be worn up to 60 times. 60 TIMES?! Girl - it’s giving baddie on a budget!


The 2.0 collection - crazy in love

Ah - the first collection to exist at doe. We’ve come such a long way from 1.0. So honestly for me, I really love everyday glam lashes. However, not to the point where they look like the red carpet glam lashes - if you get what I mean. My ALL TIME PERSONAL FAVORITE IS…drumroll please… crazy in love lashes. You guys have to be crazy to not love these. 

That’s all from me loves - enjoy the rest of your week and see you very soon. 

XOXO, (also whose excited for Christmas?) Kara