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LED Light in Your Bedroom: 10 Benefits

May 03, 2021
LED Light in Your Bedroom: 10 Benefits

Choosing to decorate your bedroom with LED lights is a great choice for more than a few reasons. Not only are they super versatile, but they can even flash or change colors with the touch of a button! Besides style, LED lights have a variety of benefits, from the amount of energy they use to their impact on the environment. 

You can’t go wrong with LED lights in any form, whether you choose LED light art, color-changing LED light strips to set the mood, or cool or warm white bulbs in a pendant light or bedside lamp to complement the shades of color on your walls. 

#1. Energy Efficiency

LED lights don’t produce heat the way a traditional light bulb does. Because of this, LEDs use less energy by producing light without wasting energy on heat, making them a fantastic lighting option if you’re looking to save energy. Even if you leave the light on for hours, it will never produce enough heat to be hot to the touch. They also frequently come with battery-operated remote controls, so you will be sure to turn them off more frequently when you have natural lighting, further saving energy. 

Incandescent bulbs work the opposite: the majority of their energy gets turned into heat instead of light. If you switch from incandescent lighting to LED, you’ll notice a small decrease in your electric bill. Although it is minimal, the numbers definitely add up over time. 

#2. Eco-Friendly

LED bulbs and LED strip lights eliminate toxic components like mercury, found in other types of light bulbs. Toxic components are not only damaging to the environment during manufacturing and during use, but when you dispose of them, they most often end up in landfills where those elements can make their way into the environment.  

#3. Longer Lifespan

Opting for LED lights and giving your bedroom a relaxing vibe is something you won’t have to re-do when the lights burn out. The reason for this is that LED lights have an extremely long lifespan, making them especially cost-effective. They last a seriously long time which will help you in more ways than one: no more replacing lights, no more spending money on lights, and no more contributing to consumer waste in the environment. 

#4. Shatter-Proof

Have you ever dropped a regular lightbulb? What a mess. LED lights are made with stronger, more durable materials making them better suited for harsher environments like outside or even a clumsy kid who wants pretty lights in their room. 

#5. Dimmable Features

Many lightbulbs that are LED come with dimmable fixtures that can dim as low as 5 percent. Sometimes you’ll find yourself waking up before the sun, and your standard ceiling light is too bright first thing in the morning. This is where the dimming feature comes in handy. You will also love using the dimming feature at night while you're winding down before bedtime. 

#6. Worry-Free

You left the house in a hurry and can’t remember if you turned off your table lamps. We all know the feeling—you’re filled with anxiety, wondering if you’ll come home to your house burned down? Nothing starts a good day off badly like worrying your drapes are going to catch fire by the heat of your lightbulb. With LEDs, you won’t have this problem because they don’t give off heat and aren’t a fire hazard. 

#7. Smart Bulbs

No more getting up out of bed to turn off the lights because LED lights are smart. Sync them up to your smartphone and control your bedroom light effortlessly with the touch of a button on your phone screen or with voice control. You can even set up your LED lights to be motion sensing -- which switches off lights in unoccupied rooms. 

#8. Color Changing

LED lights give you the ability to toggle easily between the color and hue of light your bulb is giving off. Between daylight, cool light, and bright light, LED lights let you choose from a variety of colors. 

You can even go wild and purchase an LED light that gives you more bold color options like green, red, black, and blue. It’s all controlled with the touch of a button—no unscrewing necessary. 

#9. Personality

Your bedroom is your safe haven to be yourself in your truest form. It is the place to express yourself behind the scenes, whether through drawing, writing poetry, or listening to your favorite music. LED lights let you express your different moods and all the different aspects of your personality with just the flick of a button to change the light’s color. 

Feeling down? Put on the blue light and listen to your favorite Taylor Swift album. 

Feeling excited? Switch to yellow blinking rave lighting and enjoy the moment with your friends. 

Play around with aiming your light sources at different locations, like the ceiling or an unexpected spot on the wall to highlight a photo, or place the lights along your bed frame or headboard for some extra oomph. You have tons of flexibility with this type of lighting.

Get as cozy as possible, pop on your favorite headband, and enjoy your bedroom as much as you can with LED lights. 

#10. Light Therapy

Light therapy can help relieve sleep issues associated with insomnia, circadian rhythm disorders, seasonal affective disorder, and depression. It takes a few days or weeks to notice the effects, but it can help regulate your sleep pattern. 

When you are out of natural daylight for an extended period of time, like during the cold winter months, this can affect your sleep patterns because your body gets confused that it hasn’t seen the light of day. By effortlessly switching your LED lights to their “daylight” color setting, you can reap the benefits of light therapy, and your sleep and overall mood may improve. 

In Conclusion

Making the switch to use LED lighting options in your bedroom decor can benefit you financially, environmentally, and in style. It’s the right lighting for you if you want to save some extra cash in your wallet, minimize your impact on the environment, and level up your bedroom aesthetic. In fact, you’ll probably like them so much that you’ll start using them everywhere, from your bedroom ceiling to your home office to your kitchen. 


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