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Light Lashes vs. Heavy Lashes: When To Wear

Jul 07, 2022
Light Lashes vs. Heavy Lashes: When To Wear

So you’ve decided you’re ready to up your eyelash game. (Good choice!) But where to start? With so many eyelash-enhancing options, picking the right lash at the right time can feel like a make-or-break decision. 

That’s where we can help you — we are Doe Lashes, after all, and we know lashes. So let us help you achieve the perfect set of lovable lashes. We’ll break down light lashes and heavy lashes and when to wear each pair.

What’s the Difference Between Light and Heavy Lashes?

When we compare light and heavy lashes, we aren’t just talking about weight. Light and heavy lashes can also refer to the density of the lash fibers themselves, which are what determine how thick the lash appears. 

To make it simple, let’s look at lash weight and density and point out the most important factors to think about when determining the proper lash for you! We know what you’re thinking — density and weight? It’s starting to feel like a science class in here — the science of looking good!

Let’s Talk Lash Weight

Choosing a lash that is not too physically heavy is important not only for your look but for the overall health of your eyes. Lash weight can be heavily influenced by the type of material they are made out of which can include:

  • Mink - Mink false eyelashes are relatively lightweight and feathery and very closely resemble natural lashes, making them a very popular choice for eyelash extensions. It’s important to note, however, that mink is the only eyelash material that is not vegan-friendly. 
  • Faux mink - Faux mink lashes are a cruelty-free alternative to real mink eyelashes if you have animal allergies or opt to not use animal products in your beauty routine. They’re often made from a polyester product called polybutylene terephthalate (omg, maybe this is a science class?)that looks and feels almost like real fur with the same lightweight fluttering of mink.
  • Silk - Silk lashes are made from the same polyester as faux mink but feature a shorter taper and a semi-gloss appearance, making them perfect for light or classic lashes. Silk is a very popular choice for false lashes as it can be even lighter than mink-based lashes. 

Doe Lashes opt for a Korean vegan silk fiber that allows for an extremely comfortable fit that’s sturdy enough to be worn again and again.

Let’s Talk Density 

Besides material weight, the heaviness of a lash can also be determined by how many lashes are being added to the natural lash line. Thicker, more dramatic lashes will usually feel heavier on the eyelid than a natural, wispy lash meant to add just a touch of length. 

When choosing a lash style, false lashes or extensions that feature volumizing lash fans (multiple lashes connected to a single root lash) are deemed denser lashes. The denser the lash, the less natural the look will appear. 

You can also increase the density of a false lash by choosing lashes of a greater diameter. False lashes typically range from 0.03 to 0.15 millimeters. The thicker the lash is, the more strain it will put on the natural lash line. 

What If I Want Lash Extensions?

Say you are interested in getting glam eyelash extensions. In that case, you will quickly discover that eyelash technicians have their own unique vocabulary for describing the different styles of lashes we’ve talked about. You’ll want to be prepared so you can tell them exactly what you want.

When talking about light lashes, your technician is likely referring to classiclashes in the world of extensions. Classic lashes are created using lash adhesive to attach a single lash extension to one natural eyelash. Classic lashes are intended to add length and shape, not fullness or volume. 

Alternatively, heavy lashes will be referred to as volumelashes by a lash technician. Volume lashes are identified by adding the signature lash fans that we mentioned previously (attaching a fan of anywhere from two to 10 lashes to a single natural eyelash).

A new style of extension has recently risen to popularity for those who want the best of both worlds — hybrid lashes. Sometimes referred to as light volume extensions, hybrid lash extensions blend the use of classic lashes and volume fans to add body and length to your natural lash. 

Hybrid fake eyelashes are incredibly unique because the lash technician can customize them to fulfill the exact level of extra fluff and length that you may desire. But we’ll be the first to warn you: Due to the level of artistry involved in the lash placement, hybrid lashes are by far the most expensive extension treatment available. 

Are There Any Other Lash Options?

We totally understand that eyelash extensions are not for everybody. As much as we love the idea of chucking our mascara into the trash and waking up camera-ready, it can be a pretty long-term commitment and a costly one too!

That is why Doe Lashes is here! DIY false lashes give you all the flair of a lash extension but with the flexibility to remove it at any time (and change up the style to suit any occasion)! 

While extensions force you to commit to a single style, false lashes allow you to switch between light and heavy styles at your leisure. False lashes are also great for maintaining a healthy natural lash line as it doesn’t put any strain on your natural lashes and rests solely on the eyelid. 

When Should I Wear Light Lashes?

Light lashes are perfect if you want the fluttery, effortless, off-duty model look. They add just enough length to make you look lively and awake and will bring out a natural pop in your eye without drawing too much attention to an overloaded lash band. 

Doe Lashes’ Really Really Lowkey and Cloud 9 lashes are some of our favorite light lashes that will have everyone wondering if you woke up fabulous. Flawless, wispy, natural lashes can improve any daytime look whether you’re headed to brunch, weekend plans with the girls, or even just to work. 

And the best part about these gorgeous, natural looking luxe eyelashes — they’re reusable! Yep, you can rewear them, and our new 2.0 fake lashes can be worn up to 20x! 

Or if you want something more cutting-edge, try out our magnetic lashes with our NEO lash collection. With these strip lashes, you can skip the sticky lash glue, pokey tweezers, or awkward remover solutions. All you need is NEO eyeliner and you’re good to go! What better reason to start practicing your cat eye technique?

It’s important to invest in lashes that are lightweight and have a soft, flexible lash band so that you can feel confident and comfortable wearing them all day long. We guarantee Doe Lashes will give you just that!

When Should I Wear Heavy Lashes?

Heavy lashes tend to be your more dramatic, voluminous styles like Doe Lashes’ Whimsical lashes. Typically a late-night staple, heavier lashes are perfect for any parties, events, date night or just going out on the town. Anywhere you want to make a statement and turn heads is the place for heavy lashes. 

Heavy lashes are some of the most fun to wear because they can completely alter your appearance and attitude. That’s a perfect reason to invest in a pair of falsies. However, these are the kind of lashes that could put en intense strain on your natural eye if you opt for a more long-term lash extension.

Boost That Lash

As a valuable indicator of health and beauty, eyelashes are essential to what makes you — you. A Doe Lashes, we take your eyes andlashes very seriously. We know how important it is to feel prepared with the knowledge to choose the perfect lash that will enhance our natural beauty

We hope we’ve provided a helpful guide so you can flaunt your natural wispies or make the right decision if you choose to reach for comfortable, bold falsies! For more lash options, feel free to check out our collection of best sellers or even a starter kit to see which set is perfect for your individual lash needs.


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