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National Girlfriend Day Checklist

Aug 01, 2022
National Girlfriend Day Checklist

That's right - you read the title right - it's National Girlfriend Day. In case you didn't know, National Girlfriend Day is a time to really show your appreciation. In other words - go off on your girl. Don't worry if you don't know where to start because Doe got you covered.


Here's a checklist of what YOU can do to make your girlfriend fall in love all over again.

Study her love language and take time to learn what she wants.

Is she someone that enjoys quality time? Plan a romantic date with her filled with activities.

Is she someone that loves gifts? Buy sentimental gifts that remind you of her.

Is she someone that likes physical touch? Do a late a night cuddle sesh.

Make an appreciation post for her

Whether that be on IG or any other social media platform, make sure to post about your girlfriend and TAG her. We want to feel loved ya know <3

Send her cute gifts

Does your girl like flowers? Or is she into video games? she someone that enjoys her lashes? In that case - Doe has got you covered. Here are some styles to check out!

Did you finish taking down these notes? If you did - your girlfriend will be super appreciative of you. After all, who doesn't want to be recognized on a national holiday?