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Natural Makeup Look

Mar 02, 2021
Natural Makeup Look

These days, a lot of us are putting on less makeup, and the natural look is becoming everyone’s go-to. It keeps your routine quick and focused on skincare, giving you a lovely, healthy glow. 

Yes, achieving a natural no-makeup makeup look might sound silly, but you have to admit—it’s a nice break from going full glam every morning (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Plus, when the rest of your makeup is lowkey, you can go bold with your lashes, accessories, or outfits. Doll-like flirty lashes are the best way to look naturally beautiful. 

It Starts With Your Skin 

When it comes to the natural look, all eyes are on your skin. And the easiest way to achieve the perfect no-makeup makeup glow is to have dewy, luminous skin. It’s hard to feel confident with no makeup on when your skin isn’t up to par. Nailing down your perfect skincare routine will be the first step. 

The Ultimate Glow 

To get the ultimate glowing skin, start with your skincare routine. To figure out the perfect skincare routine for you, you’ll first have to figure out your skin type and which products and ingredients to look out for.

  • If you have dry skin, go for oil-based products.
  • If you have oily skin, go for light, water-based products.
  • If you have mature skin, go for oil-based products.
  • If you have sensitive skin, go for natural products, like aloe vera.
  • If you have normal or combination skin, go for a light, water-based product. 

Knowing where to start is the hard part, but once you do, flawless and glowing skin is just around the corner.


It’s no secret that the key to healthy skin is making sure it’s always moisturized. Moisturizer creates a barrier for the skin, keeping it extra healthy and hydrated. 

Healthy Diet 

Dull skin can also be corrected in the kitchen. That’s right; you can eat healthy foods like mangoes and tomatoes to get your skin looking on point. 

Stress Management

Managing your stress properly can help with your skin health. Don’t be scared to treat yourself every once in a while, run a bath, and have an at-home spa day to help you rewind. 


Primer should never be skipped, whether you’re doing a natural look or full glam. It’s just a matter of finding which one works best for your skin type.

Some primers smooth and fill your pores without clogging them, making them great for when you’re having a rough skin day or just recently had a breakout. An illuminating primer adds that extra glow, which works perfectly for a no-makeup makeup look. 

Lighter Coverage Foundation

It’s time to ditch that heavy-duty foundation, because natural is the goal for this makeup look. BB and CC creams will become your new best friend. They’re super lightweight, so your gorgeous skin and cute freckles can still peek through without leaving you completely bare-faced. 

Concealer (If You Need It)  

Everyone gets unwanted blemishes from time to time; we get it! Sometimes a light BB or CC cream just isn’t going to be enough. That’s when a lightweight concealer can come to your rescue.

Cream Everything 

The natural look is all about the glow, and using cream-based products will help with that. Cream-based products are super blendable and tend to look more natural than powder products.

In particular, a cream or liquid blush will give you a gorgeous flushed look without adding a ton of weight from extra products. The same goes for a cream highlighter that you can gently dab on the high points of your face. Go forth and glow, babe! 

Skip the Eyeshadow

No eyeshadow is needed today; skin and lashes should be the star of the show. But, if you do decide to put a little something—consider a creamy, neutral shade. The cream will add to the dewiness of the look.

Natural Lashes

If you’re trying to achieve a natural look, you definitely don’t want to go overboard in the lash department. Consider light mascara and a lowkey wispy and flirty false lash

Since you’ve kept it so light everywhere else, even a subtle lash is going to make this look pop off. 

Bushy Brows

Yes, you read that right. The best part of this whole natural look thing is that bushy eyebrows are back in style. Instead of spending hours plucking, waxing, and threading, just brush those brows down and call it a day. 

Glossy Lips 

You’d think that lips would be out of the question for the look, right? Well, we’re here to tell you that you need a lip with this look. A light pink or rosy lip will be the sprinkle on top that ties this whole look together. Make sure it’s sheer and glossy; you want that sweet, “I woke up like this” look.

In Conclusion

Now that you know all the dos and don'ts when it comes to achieving the perfect no-makeup makeup look, it’s time to put this knowledge to the test and start rocking your natural glow. So pop on your natural look, a beautiful set of lashes, and get living!