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Petite Cosmetics vs. Doe Lashes: Key Differences

Nov 01, 2021
Petite Cosmetics vs. Doe Lashes: Key Differences

Fake lashes add Hollywood flair to your everyday look, but there are many options for wearing them. Falsies are available in different application types, lengths, shapes, and textures. The possibilities are endless. 

If you love false lashes, but you’re confused as to which one to try, don’t stress. Let’s compare the popular Doe Lashes with Petite Cosmetics lashes and narrow down the differences. 

What Are False Eyelashes?

First, allow us to explain what false lashes are. False eyelashes, also known as falsies, fake lashes, or strip lashes, are tiny fibers woven onto a lash band. Cotton or other materials make up the lash band. These lash fibers are mass-produced by machines or handmade. 

Lash glue or a magnetic eyeliner adheres the lash band to your upper lash line. Lashes last for different lengths of time based on the types of fibers that they possess. 

What Are Doe Lashes?

If you aren’t familiar with Doe Lashes, you’re missing out! Doe Lashes are beautiful, wispy lashes that are adhered with a unique lash adhesive. The lash adhesive is non-irritating, leaving your eyes calm and allowing your fluttery lashes to steal the show.

Doe Lashes are reusable and made from cruelty-free 100% ultra-fine Korean silk. The luxurious silk-like fibers wrap seamlessly around each fresh cotton lash band, creating a luxe-looking lash set. The lashes have a cloud-like, natural comfort.

These hard-to-resist handmade lashes are available in many lengths and densities, and there is a set for every eye shape. If you are unsure which lash to choose, take the lash quiz. The lash quiz will help lead you to the perfect set of lashes for your eye shape and lifestyle.

Doe Lashes are handmade and never mass-produced with machines. This careful attention to detail assures the highest quality and a natural-looking lash in every lash set. 

Doe vs. Petite Lashes—Lash Fibers: How Do They Compare?

Both Doe Lashes and Petite Lashes are made from 100% synthetic fibers. Each type of fiber is different, leading to a different feel and durability when worn. 

Doe Lashes: What Is Vegan Silk?

Doe Lashes fibers consist of cruelty-free, 100% sustainable vegan silk fiber sourced from South Korea. These fibers provide fluffy, cloud-like comfort for all-day wear. Synthetic silk can get wet, so if you’re stranded in a rainstorm or need to take a quick shower, don’t worry. Water will not ruin the integrity of your Doe Lashes. 

And if the weather is hot, don’t stress! Your silk lashes will wear beautifully in any type of weather. 

Bottom line: Silk lashes are more durable and require less maintenance than synthetic mink lashes.

What Is Synthetic Mink?

Petite Cosmetic lash fibers consist of 100% synthetic mink fibers. These lashes are handmade, just like Doe Lashes. Synthetic mink is more delicate than silk, so they are more difficult to apply/flimsy and cannot get wet at all. 

Mink lashes lose their curl quickly when they get wet. This curl loss is a well-known fact about mink lashes. Don’t count on your lashes to keep their form when you’re stranded in a downpour or if you sweat on a hot summer day.

Bottom line: Mink lashes aren’t as durable as silk, making them the higher-maintenance option.

What Is a Lash Band?

A lash band is a small piece of material that holds the lash fibers in place. Apply the lash band to the upper lash line with a small amount of lash glue.

Doe Lashes- Cotton Lash Bands

Doe Lashes ultra-lightweight, fresh cotton lash bands are weightlessly comfortable. The precisely cut, no-irritation lash bands are the perfect thickness for all-day wear. This band thickness keeps its shape after a dozen wears, and the band never loses its weightless feel. So, your Doe lashes feel like your natural lashes. 

Bottom Line: Doe Lashes lash bands are smooth and weightless, crafted with love.

What Is Strip Lash Glue?

Strip lash glue is a tacky substance that is applied to the lash band of false lashes. The glue adheres the lashes to the lash line for all-day wear. Lash glue is available in clear and black finishes.

Makeup remover easily removes lash glue. Use an oil-free makeup remover to preserve the lashes if you remove the adhesive from the false lash strip.

Doe Lashes: What Is Doe Strip Lash Glue?

Doe Lashes lash glue adheres to the Doe Lashes band to your upper lash line. Simply squeeze a small amount of glue directly onto the lash band and wait 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky. Then apply the lash band to your upper lash line.

The unique Doe Lashes glue formula provides you with an all-day lash hold. Your lashes will stay in place all day long! You can wear your gorgeous Doe Lashes with confidence because the glue offers a firm grip.

Bottom Line: Doe Lashes glue is used with Doe Lashes to create a firm hold for all-day wear. Doe lashes are reusable up to 15 times when properly maintained.

What Is Brush-On Lash Glue?

Brush-on lash glue is applied directly to the lash band with a tiny brush. Wait 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky, and apply the lash band to your upper lash line. 

The glue comes out of the bottle with the tiny brush. The amount of glue on the brush is sometimes difficult to control, resulting in the need to re-dip the brush or wipe excess off.

Bottom Line: Brush-on lash glue is sometimes more challenging to control than Doe Lashes glue.

What Are Lash Accessories and Merch?

Most lash brands offer lash accessories such as eyelash curlers, tweezers, and lash scissors. These accessories help you apply your false lashes more easily. 

Petite Cosmetics has a few lash accessories available, but Doe Lashes offers many lash accessories AND fun merch too! 

What Are Doe Lash Accessories?

Apply your Doe Lashes with your Doe lash applicator and other fun lash tools. 

  • Lash Compact: Safely store your Doe lashes in style inside this travel-friendly mirrored compact case. Toss the compact into your adorable cloud Doe travel bag for convenient travel. 
  • Doe Blue Mask: Wear a mask that accentuates your eyes! Our blue mask completes your look for instant added style.
  • Lash Survival Kit: Apply your lashes perfectly every time. This kit has everything you need to apply and maintain your lash expertise!

Bottom Line: Doe Lashes offers more lash accessories than other leading brands.

What Is Doe Lash Merch?

Did you know that Doe Lashes offers more than just false lashes and lash accessories? Doe Lashes flaunts awesome merch and self-care accessories such as plushies, stickers, cotton rounds, and midnight pimple patches. Use them all to enhance your daily beauty routine! You can even sip boba or juice on your lunch break from our super cute Doe milk carton bottle

Bottom Line: You need Doe Lashes merch, RN. 

Other False Lash Types

There are two types of false lashes: glue and magnetic. Petite Cosmetics only offers lash glue options, but Doe provides both!

Doe Lashes is proud to announce our newest collection, the Neo-Magnetic Lashes, and Liner Collection!

What Are the NEW Doe Neo-Lashes?

The Neo-Collection allows you to line, apply, and go quickly and easily! Lashes are easier than ever to use. The vegan silk fibers and thin cotton band provide a natural, lightweight feel. 

Each lash band holds ten tiny magnets for ultimate, all-day hold. There are two larger magnets on each end of the band to ensure a firm grip.

The highly-pigmented magnetic Neo-Liner is applied using the extra-fine brush head. Apply the magnetic liner like you apply regular eyeliner. It is easy to apply and easy to remove. 

Each pair of Neo-Lashes are worn up to 60 times as long as you care for them properly!

Bottom Line: You need to check out the newest innovation in Doe Lashes: Neo-Collection.

Summing it Up

Doe Lashes’ lash fibers consist of lightweight vegan silk. Our lashes are easier to apply than synthetic mink and other lash types. The fresh cotton band is easy to use and feels so natural that you won’t realize it’s there.

Lash glue and magnetic liner effortlessly adhere Doe Lashes to the upper lash line. The grip is strong for an all-day confident hold. 

Doe Lashes accessories help you achieve the perfect lash application. They feel comfortable and lightweight every time you wear them. Choose Doe Lashes for false lashes you can trust to fit. 


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