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Should False Eyelashes be Applied Before or After Eyeshadow?

Sep 09, 2020
Should False Eyelashes be Applied Before or After Eyeshadow?

False eyelashes give those of us who don’t have naturally long, voluminous lashes the chance to create dramatic looks and sport beautiful, lengthy lashes whenever we want.  In many ways, the ability to apply and remove false eyelashes can be better than the real thing; you can quite literally change your lash style every day or even multiple times a day depending on your mood, outfit, or event. Eyelash enhancement is far from a trend, too.  More and more people are turning to eyelash enhancement to get the lashes they’ve always wanted. 

If you’ve never tried false eyelashes, what are you waiting for?  Nothing else creates a more noticeable look and has the ability to make you look polished and complete.  If the eyes are the windows to the soul, you’d better hang up some nice curtains! 

Doe Lashes specializes in the most comfortable, weightless false eyelashes available.  Our lashes are made from 100% fine Korean silk, which means our lash fibers are durable, yet delicate enough to mimic “doe eyes” found in nature.  Our lash bands are made from 100% cotton which means you’ll never feel the weight of a heavy polyester band that tends to slide around. 

Proper care of a great set of Doe Lashes can render them wearable for up to fifteen uses.  That’s an amazing value considering most of our lashes are under $15.00 per style.  Unlike other lash lengthening options, which can be extremely expensive and take a lot of time to apply and remove, Doe Lashes are affordable, easy, and create the same dramatic look as more expensive options. 

Once you dive into the world of false eyelashes, you’ll likely have some questions.  One of the most popular questions is when to apply the rest of your makeup; should you apply it before or after you’ve applied your false eyelashes?  Especially when speaking of eye makeup like eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow primer, it can be confusing which should come first. 

Not to worry; not only does Doe provide exquisite lashes, we also offer solid information you can trust about everything lash-related.  As such, we have your complete guide to help you figure out when and how to apply your makeup when you are also applying and wearing false eyelashes.  Spoiler alert:  You’ll want to apply almost all of your makeup (eyeshadow included) prior to applying your false eyelashes.  Once those lashes go on, you really don’t want to have to involve them in any moving around or deal with product inadvertently soiling them. 

As such, there’s a foolproof way to apply all your eye makeup prior to your lash application, without messing up your makeup or your lashes.  Follow along and we will tell you how to apply your eye makeup and your false eyelashes so that you can create the beautiful, glamorous looks you love. 


Applying Makeup With False Eyelashes


We all want to take that Hollywood look home, and wearing false eyelashes is a simple way to do it.  If this is the first time you’ll be wearing your false eyelashes, make sure to check out this tutorial so you can determine how to trim the lashes to fit your eyes and properly apply them.  In fact, it won’t hurt to practice applying them once before you get started.  You can practice applying your lashes by simply following the instructions and not adding glue adhesive to the lash band. 

Once you have trimmed your lashes to fit your eyes, you can carefully set them aside in their packaging to prepare for application. 

You can start by applying your makeup as you normally would, beginning with face primers and foundations.  There’s just one caveat; any makeup that you use near your eyes needs to be oil free. 

Oil can break down lash glue adhesive and cause it to dissolve.  When your lash glue dissolves, your lashes will detach.  That’s not a situation anyone wants to be in.   Ensuring your foundations and primers are oil free can help, especially if you use them around your eyes. 

You can apply the remainder of your facial makeup as you normally do, leaving eyes for last.  Once you are ready to apply your eye makeup, follow these helpful hints.


Applying Eyeshadow with False Eyelashes


If you are afraid you’ll have to give up your favorite shadows if you decide to wear false eyelashes, take heart, you can still wear all of your favorite shadows along with your false eyelashes.   Some cream based shadows don’t cooperate well with false eyelashes.  Not only can they include oil in their ingredient list, they can slide down to the lash band and cake onto your lash band and lashes, which can make your lashes less reusable than you would want. 

When applying your eyeshadow, you can apply it as you normally would.  You don’t need to “leave room” for your fake eyelashes down by the lash band, or avoid that area of your eyelid altogether.  Using your favorite eyeshadow and simply apply your shadow normally. 

If you want to wear mascara on your natural lashes, now is the time to apply it.  While we don’t think you’ll feel the need to use mascara on your natural lashes because your false lashes are already very dark and noticeable, it’s definitely an option.  If you are concerned your natural lashes won’t blend well with your false eyelashes, a great idea is to give your natural lashes a curl with an eyelash curler prior to application.  This can help them blend in with the curvature of the false eyelashes. 

Because you’ll likely end up getting a small amount of product on your false lashes, you’ll want to make sure that you are not using a formula that cannot be easily removed from your lashes.  If any of the waterproof mascara rubs off on your false eyelashes, it can be difficult to remove.  As such, stick to either wearing no mascara at all, or just a swipe of non-waterproof mascara. 


Can I Use Eyeliner with my False Eyelashes?


You can definitely use eyeliner with your false eyelashes, but you may want to apply this after you have attached your lashes.  In fact, the only eye makeup you will want to apply prior to attaching your false eyelashes is your eyeshadow and a coat of mascara on your natural lashes, if you so desire.  It’s important to note that if you have applied mascara to your natural lashes, make certain your mascara is completely dry prior to applying your lashes. 

Once you have applied your eyeshadow, you can then apply your eyelashes.  Eyelash application is very simple.  Once you have trimmed the lashes to fit your eyes, you’ll just need to use a lash applicator (or your fingers) to apply them to your lash line.  By carefully applying just a small amount of glue to your lash band and attaching the lashes directly to your natural lash line you can completely avoid interference with your eye makeup. 

Use of an applicator is highly recommended, as you can normally attach your lashes more precisely than you can with your fingers, which means less chance you will mess up your previously applied eye makeup.  If, for instance, you apply your lashes too high above your natural lash line you could risk getting lash glue adhesive on your shadowed eyelid, which would have to be removed.  If you have to remove the glue, you’ll likely have to remove the shadow, and redo your entire eye look. 

After your lashes have dried into place, you can apply your eyeliner.  Be sure to use only a liquid or gel eyeliner, in a non-waterproof formula.  Using a pencil or crayon eyeliner can cause you to drag across the surface of your lid or the top edge of your eyelash band, which can cause it to move or come unattached.   It’s a much better option to use a gel or liquid, which creates much less drag.  Pro tip:  If your liquid eyeliner skills are lacking, opt for the gel eyeliner, which can normally be applied with a brush, making it a little easier than the liquid option. 


Can I Use Mascara on My False Eyelashes?


No, it’s not a good idea to use mascara on your false eyelashes.  Not only will you find you simply do not need it, you can permanently damage your false eyelashes and render them unusable for any additional applications. 

Because of the natural silk fibers of Doe Lashes, using mascara can cause them to clump, and can truly take away from their voluminous appearance.  Our lash sets are dyed a deep, dark color, so there’s less  need for. 

You can definitely wear your favorite eyeshadows with your false eyelashes.  Make sure your shadows are not oil based, and that you apply them prior to your false eyelashes, and you won’t have to deal with lash glue interfering with your makeup application or worry about eyeshadow powder coating the tops of your false eyelashes.  Applying your eyeshadow prior to your false eyelashes ensures both products are able to be applied without affecting each other, creating a beautiful, dramatic look that will look great all day or all night.