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Subtle Starter Pack

Jul 20, 2020
Subtle Starter Pack

The Subtle Starter Pack is the perfect solution for your everyday lash needs, whether you’re seeking subtlety to wear on the daily or casual glam to spice up your look every now and then. This lash kit contains an assortment of five unique lash styles that range between subtle and wispy to full and lengthy, yet can all be worn every day. Also included is our signature Doe Lashes lash applicator, which makes applying lashes as easy and irritation-free as ever! Our Subtle Starter Pack provides you with all the tools you need to explore new, exciting looks to address all your needs. 

The Subtle Starter Pack includes one of each lash style listed below:


Wispy and flirtatious, these eye-catching lashes are perfect for completing your everyday look. The new dual-layer style of these lashes incorporate a fuller volume with a lightweight feel, creating a stylish, yet delicate impression.



You know those days where you want to look good, but not too flashy? Something that’s enough to make people wonder, “Did she do something new with her makeup today?” These lashes are subtle and natural with a hint of volume, making them the perfect addition to an everyday look.



These playful lashes help to highlight your eyes with a fuller volume exterior and subtle lash spacing that put the finishing touches on a refreshing look with cloud-like comfort.



The delicate volume and multilayered style of this gentle pair of lashes helps achieve a light, wispy feel with the weightlessness of a cloud. The ideal combination of subtlety and comfort.



You’ll only see the good when you're rocking the cutest lashes out there. With a tad bit more volume and length than our usual collection, Silver Lining is perfect for a casual night out or if you just need a little confidence boost.

And to top it all off, our SUBTLE STARTER PACK features one of our Doe Lashes lash applicators, which helps to alleviate the difficulty of applying lashes by hand for a less troublesome experience! 


The Doe Lashes lash applicator is a lightweight and easy-to-use tool that makes applying lashes simple and painless. Perfect for wearers trying out false lashes for the first time, or for those having difficulty applying their lashes by hand!

Our SUBTLE STARTER PACK features a handpicked selection of our signature lashes, as well as our iconic lash applicator which would normally be $64.99 USD. But by purchasing the pack, you save 20% off the original price! Not only do you get five unique lash styles (and a lash applicator!) to create refreshing new looks and expand your lash collection, you also save money!

So whether you’re trying to stay really really lowkey or have your eyes shine like the MORNING DEW, you can be sure that this lash bundle will keep you on CLOUD 9. Just sprinkle a bit of FAIRY DUST and look for the SILVER LINING, and you’ll be gorgeous all day, every-day.